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Abdelkodoos Meena Portfolio May09 1

  1. 1. mya3@njit.edu 551-655-1661 meena abdelkodoos
  2. 2. studio for industrial designers shin + tomoko azumi st t retreat by the hudson 2ND YEAR
  3. 3. NARRATIVE The clients arrive together promptly at 6:00am each morning. They enjoy breakfast together while over looking the Hudson, and at certain times of the year, overlooking the sunrise. After breakfast they would break for independent reflection and thought. It would start with a slight separation in the research area. They would share the same collection of books but had separate reading areas in the library. After some research they would move to the sketching and writing area they would be in two separate rooms who share one wall that would be translucent, to only allow them to view one another’s shadows. As they continue their day they move to completely separate spaces where they can do small scale modeling, which will be the last stop before they meet again for lunch. When they meet for lunch they begin to discuss their research, studies, ideas, and findings. After lunch they can join each other in a joint thought facility, where they can further discuss their morning findings. After deciding what ideas they would like to pursue, they then go through motions of refining ideas, together. They then work side by side in a joint facility that contains a drafting center, model testing area and a review area. After ending their joint exploration they can review the activities of the day by walking through a deteriorating corridor that releases them on the shore of the Hudson.
  4. 4. Shin + Tomoko Azumi Both the Azumis were born in Japan: Shin in Kobe in 1965 and Tomoko in Hiroshima in 1966. They met at Kyoto City University of Art, where they studied product design and environmental design respectively. After graduating in 1989, Shin worked in the personal computer department of NEC, the Japanese electronics group, and Tomoko joined Kazuhiro Ishii’s architectural practice. In 1992, Shin won a place on the industrial design course at London’s Royal College of Art. In 1995, they formed Azumi. They concentrated on pieces which could be economically produced in small quantities such as the simple, but conceptually ingenuous wooden Table = Chest and 1998 Wire Frame chairs and benches made from a ready-made industrial material inspired by supermarket baskets and 3D wire frame computer images.
  5. 5. N Site Plan +100 +90 +80 +70 +60 +50 +40 +30 +20 +10
  6. 6. Cross Section Plan South Elevation Section
  7. 7. mya3@njit.edu 551-655-1661 meena abdelkodoos
  8. 8. apartment/studio/gallery/retail area for industrial designer studio in jersey city 2ND YEAR
  9. 9. ms rit y Syte Secu Ware are Hard Hardw Plus Value V u 100% 100% enta il nter Resid less Ce Wire ore BBB Sto il enta Resid n rti C.H, Ma iture Frun MIlano 80% 80% p Chea Sleep e Polic Shoes Fabco Public Intensity Public Intensity ’ Deli Moe’s Stroe Natures re unt Sto l Disco Nationa 60% 60% Bar ou se Fire H ic pract Chiro al tu Agent ton Mu Travel Washing 40% 40% Nails Zion New eam t $.99 Dr Marke Fruit 20’ Push or Pull 10’ Push or Pull 20’ Push or Pull 10’ Push or Pull y Land Beauut Store 20 Drug 20% 20% Palace re Kids Sto n Lot Ope age Mortg t es turaun OX R 100% 100% 100% 80% 80% 80% Public Intensity Public Intensity Public Intensity 60% 60% 60% 40% 40% 40% 20% 20% 20% 20’ 10’ 2 40’ 30’ PUSHPULL tems ems s rity Sy rit i y Syt Secu Secu Ware Ware re Public are Hard are Hard Hardw Plus Hardw Plus Value V Value V u 100% enta il nter enta il nter Resid less Ce Resid less Ce Wire re Wire re BBB Sto BBB Sto il il enta enta Resid Resid n rti n rti C.H, Ma C.H, Ma iture iture Frun Frun MIlan MIlano 80% p p Chea Chea Sleep Sleep e e Polic Polic s Shoes Fabco Shoe Fabco Private Semi- Public Intensity ’ Deli Deli ’ Moe’s Moe’s Stroe Stroe Natures Natures re re unt Sto unt Sto l Disco l Disco Nationa Nationa 60% Bar Bar a ou se ou se Fire H Fire H pract ic ctic Chiro r ra Chirop tual tual nt Agent ton Mu ton Mu l Age Travel Washing Trave Washing 40% Private Nails Nails Zion Zion New New eam eam t t $.99 Dr Marke $.99 Dr Marke Fruit Fruit y Land y Land Beauut Beauut Store Store Drug Drug 20% Palace Palace re re Kids Sto Kids Sto n Lot n Lot Ope Ope age age Mortg Mortg t t es turaun es turaun OX R OX R
  10. 10. 3 5 First Floor Plan (Day) 1 Second Floor Plan 2 4 4 1 First Floor Plan (Night) 2 3 5 South Elevation Section A East Elevation
  11. 11. 3rd Floor Plan 4th Floor Plan Section B North Elevation 3D Axo
  12. 12. 3D Axo
  13. 13. mya3@njit.edu 551-655-1661 meena abdelkodoos
  14. 14. housing for young professionals and starter families 3RD YEAR urban living in newark
  15. 15. 1 2 Original Master Plan 3 3 4 1 4 2 Site Plan N ExposedStructrue URBAN HOUSING DEVELOPEMENT newark
  16. 16. A 2nd and 6th Gro Flo und o r Flo 13, or 000 17, sq. 860 f t. sq. f t. North Elevation Transverse Section A
  17. 17. B 3rd and 4th 7 th and Flo 8th or Flo 10, or 200 10, sq. 600 f t. sq. ft. East Elevation Longitudinal Section
  18. 18. Unit Distribution 5th and 9th Flo o r 12, 600 sq. f t. 1 bedroom flat 700 sq. ft 2 bed room flat 1400 sq. ft. 2 bed room duplex 1400 sq. ft. 3 bedroom duplex 1600 sq. ft Units unit type 3 bedroom 2 bedroom 1 bedroom Separate Room Plans Circulation Cores Room Axo
  19. 19. mya3@njit.edu 551-655-1661 meena abdelkodoos
  20. 20. office building/warehouse summer internship revit DN DN DN building 550
  21. 21. PLAN 1 2 3 4 6 5 7 22 12 13 14 8 9 10 11 21 23 DN 20 19 DN e 18 17 16 15 DN DN DN DN 0 ELEVATION
  23. 23. mya3@njit.edu 551-655-1661 meena abdelkodoos
  24. 24. office interiors conference rooms/hallway decals revit summer internship