Brain boosters


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Brain boosters

  1. 1. There are many activities which will keep ourbrain in top condition. Playing games that stimulate brain Reading Exercise Meditation Listening to music Writing, painting Food & supplements Rest and sleep
  2. 2. Play games that challenge & stimulate your mind, such as:* Picture Puzzles Playing SUDOKU* Strategy Games found to improve* Crossword Puzzles brain power,* Card Games particularly in old people.* Deduction Games(such as Clue)* VisualizationPuzzlesOptical Illusions
  3. 3. Reading stimulates the brain as it activatesyour imagination Helps with memoryretention and problem solving, reading amystery self-help books stimulate your brainby helping you to think for yourself, as wellas find solutions in your mind.
  4. 4. Exercising helps circulate blood that carriesoxygen to your brain Exercise over a longperiod is proven to increase brainpower andeven create new neurons .Deep breathing for as little as 10 minutesdaily delivers more oxygen to the brain andimproves its functionality Walking allows youto clear your mind and thoughts. Not only isit good exercise for your body, walking givesyour brain a chance to wander freely, clearingit of any troublesome thoughts.
  5. 5. Stimulate your brain with meditation. Duringmeditation, people typically rest in a quietlocation and focus their mind on a particularthought or activityMeditation increases IQ, relieves stressPromotes a higher level of brain functioningStimulates the pre-frontal cortex, the area ofthe brain, which is responsible for advancedthinking ability & performance Alleviatesphysical problems, like controlling pain andsymptoms of chronic diseases
  6. 6. It is proven that listening to musicstrengthens the right hemisphere of the brainand changes its structure. People who listento music are shown to be more emotionallyintelligent than those who don’t.
  7. 7. • The Mind Institute • • 1993 - College students who listened to the Mozart Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major (K.448) • Short-term subsequent enhancement of their spatial-temporal (ST) reasoning (making a mental image and thinking ahead in space and time, as in chess, music or math). • 1997 - 3 year-olds given piano keyboard training for six months showed long-term ST reasoning enhancement.• The Mozart Effect Resource Results of Research ◦ Evidence has been reported in 26 of 27 studies that were done to duplicate the effect. ◦ Effect is cross-species (occurs in rats brains as well), ◦ Music impacts neural firing patterns in epileptics as demonstrated in PET scans (improved spatial reasoning) ◦ Effect present in preschoolers and not dependant on musical talent ◦ EEG Studies demonstrated enhanced synchronization of neuronal firing activity of the right frontal and left temporal-parietal areas compared to students listening to a story.
  8. 8. Writing articles, blogs, or journal entriesimproves memory and thought expression. Itstimulates thought processes, which alsoenhances brain function. Painting is shown to bean effective brain booster. It sparks the creativitywithin you. Even if you’ve never tried paintingbefore, give it a shot. You’ll find that you feelmore creative and may actually enjoy it.Draw a picture. Like painting, drawing stimulatesthe creative side of your brain. So get out somecolored pencils and start boosting yourbrainpower.
  9. 9. Starting the day out with a good breakfast has beenproven to supply energy to the brain and body forthe whole day. When you skip breakfast, you’remissing out on a powerful edge, both physicallyand mentally.Drink a serving of pure fruit juice. Fruit juicecontains nutrients that revitalize and refresh thebrain. Juices to drink are pomegranate, blueberry,and cranberry as they deliver more focus andenergy.Caffeine stimulates activity in the brain, whichproduces better focus and thinking ability.Taking fish oil supplements is literally likemembrane material for the brain. The two primarycomponents in fish oil, DHA and EPA, strengthenthe emotional center of the brain and boost focus.
  10. 10. Sleep clears out brain clutter and reducesbrain fog. When you don’t get enough sleepat night, your memory and normal brainfunction suffers.Staying up all night reduced students’ abilityto cram new facts by nearly 40 %-Brainregions effectively shut down by sleepdeprivation.After-lunch nap for an hour boosts learningability.
  11. 11. Exercise 1 : Read the wordsExercise 2 : Read the colors of the words asfast as you can