Most Advanced Surgery Hospitals for Epilepsy Surgery in India


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Epilepsy surgery in India is a very good option for abroad patients seeking low cost and safe surgical treatment for the correction of their disorders. Medical tourism in India provides very good assistance to international patients for their comfortable treatment in India. Significant option for curing epileptics. For neurosurgery, patients must find surgeons who are appropriately trained. Another factor to consider is cost and reimbursement. Typical cost for epilepsy surgery can vary, and many insurance companies will only provide partial coverage, or even no coverage, since they still consider the surgery experimental. And finally, patients need to be aware that like any new medical technology, this surgery carries with it a certain level of unknown technical risks. Since epilepsy surgery it is still a relatively new procedure in India with a certain level of risks. The cost of Epilepsy surgery in India is very less compared to that of its cost in other developed countries. Most advanced surgery hospitals for Epilepsy surgery in India are in most prominent cities of India.y.

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Most Advanced Surgery Hospitals for Epilepsy Surgery in India

  1. 1. Most Advanced Surgery Hospitals for Epilepsy Surgery in India Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us :
  2. 2. Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : Epilepsy is the most common serious neurological condition. One in every 200 to 300 adults and children have epilepsy. Upto 70% of patients with epilepsy can be controlled well with the available anti epileptic medication. In the remaining group, patients keep getting frequent seizures in spite of optimum doses of anti epileptic medication intake. Some people’s epilepsy is caused by a specific structural problem in one part or parts of the brain. This may have resulted from some form of head injury in child hood, or from focal lesion in the brain like a scar, slow growing tumor or developmental abnormalities. What is Epilepsy ?
  3. 3. Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : Why is Epilepsy surgery required? Epilepsy surgery has proven to be successful in reducing and even eliminating seizures in patients who did not respond well to the epilepsy medications. It is important to get the treatment for epilepsy, repeated seizures may result in: •Irreparable Brain damage from repeated seizures •Sudden death, a rare complication •Injuries from falling / driving during various activities
  4. 4. Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : Types of Epilepsy •Partial Epilepsy •Complex partial seizure •Simple partial seizure •Generalized Epilepsy •Absences •Generalized tonic clonic seizures •Myoclonic epilepsy •Partial is becoming generalized
  5. 5. Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : Advantages of Epilepsy surgery Surgery for epilepsy is advancing continuously with new techniques, new equipment and an increasing number of neurosurgeons interested in delivering this service. There are a steadily growing number of people undergoing this surgery and many of those people going on to enjoy a much better quality of life. The success of modern surgery for epilepsy has caused a widespread interest in this type of treatment, with people accepting this preferable to a lifetime being on medication. In children with uncontrolled epilepsy there is a delay in milestone and language development and poor scholastic performance. Early surgery in children with uncontrolled epilepsy helps not only in the control of seizures but improves the quality of life of children by improvement in their IQ, memory functions and improvement in milestone development.
  6. 6. Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us : Why should you choose to get Epilepsy surgery in India? •Indian doctors are known all over the world for their skill and knowledge and have the experience of studying and working at the best neuro surgery hospitals in the world. •Neurosurgery Hospitals in India are equipped with the latest and high end technology. •Doctors, nurses and hospital staff are English speaking, and thus no language barrier. Translators are available, if you cannot speak or understand English. •Hospitals in India are designed to provide complete patient care and care for the attendants- coffee lounges, money changers, travel desks, wi-fi zones etc. •Best Medicines and drugs are produced in India and exported all over the world. The cost of thus best medicines and drugs in India is thus much less. •Cost of epilepsy surgery in India at best brain surgery hospitals in India is very low as compared to the cost at best hospitals in America or UK with the same level of care and services. Most advanced Technology Infrastructure - Blood Bank with 24 hour apharesis facility, advanced laboratory and microbiology (infection control) support, advanced cardiology, DSA and
  7. 7. Get the MedWorld India Advantage Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us :
  8. 8. MedWorld India ! Call Us : +91-9811058159 Mail Us :