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  • 1.  
  • 2. Apollo Hospitals Group, the largest private healthcare network outside the United States now adds to the Pride of Gujarat with ‘Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad’. This 400-bed multi-speciality quaternary care hospital will further strengthen the healthcare infrastructure in the state, emerging as benchmark in quality standards in healthcare delivery.
  • 3.
    • Patient Services
    • MHC
    • Pharmacy
    • Front Office
    • Nursing stations
    • OPD Waiting Area
    • Sample collection
    • Single/Sharing Room
    • Presidential Suite
    • LDR
    • Infrastructure
    • Cardiac
    • Neurology
    • Orthopedics
    • Cathlab
    • MICU
    • NICU
    • Dialysis
    • Recovery
    • Post Operative Wards
  • 4.
    • Diagnostics
    • Radiology
      • MRI
      • CTScan
      • X-Ray
      • Mammography
    • TMT
    • Echo
    • EEG
    • Endoscopy
    • LABS
      • Biochemistry
      • Microbiology
      • Hematology
      • Histopathology
    Emergency Physiotherapy Blood Bank Audiometry Ophthalmology Dental General OT
  • 5. Medical Health Cheq One of the most comprehensive Health Screening Programmes in the country, the Apollo Health Cheq offers you the convenience of all the tests under one roof and immediate treatment if called for. Apollo Health Cheq offers you a wide range of Screening Programmes to suit the individual needs.
  • 6.
    • The Packages available are
    • The Apollo Health Cheq TM
    • The Apollo Executive Health Cheq TM
    • The Apollo Heart Cheq TM
    • The Apollo Whole Body Cheq TM
    • The Apollo Well Woman Cheq TM
    • The Apollo Child Health Cheq TM
  • 7. Front Office-Reception Please see us at the Main Reception for the initial Registration on your first visit to the Hospital, then proceed to the specified OPD. The Receptionist will guide you through the process of meeting the consultant(s) of your choice. 10 Acres of landscaped estate land
  • 8. Registration, Admissions & Billing Area Routine admissions are done through the Admissions Desk near the Main Reception round the clock. Our main objective is to accommodate you according to your choice as comfortably as possible. Our range of rooms varies depending on their facilities. In case we can not t meet up your expectations for the desired room category at the of admissions, we will accommodate your request on availability. 400 Bedded Super-Speciality, Quaternary Care Hospital
  • 9. Sample Collection Customised Health Cheq Packages Walk in any morning by 8.30 am on an empty stomach and carry a stool sample.
  • 10. MRI & Console Room
    • MRI is a non invasive method of mapping the internal structures of the body without the use of ionizing radiation using radio frequency signals in magnetic field.
    • Most "patient friendly" 1.5 Tesla MRI
    • High patient comfort with a choice of in-bore/channel music
    • Total Brain scan within 5 minutes
    • Whole body screening within 2 minutes
    • Neuro Applications
    • Functional MR
    • Perfusion
    • Diffusion (to detect early infarcts)
    • CSF flow
    The only 1.5 Tesla MRI of Gujarat
  • 11. MRI
    • Epilepsy protocol to rule out medial temporal sclerosis
    • Neuro Angio
    • Venous
    • Arterial
    • AVM malformation
    • Carotids
    • Neck vessels contrast enhancement studies
    • Cardiac Applications
    • Coronary
    • Aorta
    • Heart with LV Functions
    • Functional/Interactive scans
    • Contrast enhancement studies
    The only 1.5 Tesla MRI of Gujarat
  • 12. CT Scan
    • These are a few new applications that can be performed on the SOMATOM Emotion.
    • Neuro Applications
    • 3-D reconstruction of extra-cranial and ultra-cranial blood vessels.
    • CT Angiography
    • 3-D CT for Trauma cases
    • Perfusion CT for detection of early stroke
    • 3-D reconstruction of the spine
    • 3-D reconstruction of the face
    • Chest & Pulmonary Applications
    • CT Angiography of the Thoracic Aorta
    • CT Angiography of Pulmonary embolism
    • Virtual CT Branchoscopy
    • High Resolution CT
    Multi-slice Spiral CT Scan
  • 13. CT Scan
    • Lower Applications
    • CT Angiography & 3-D reconstruction of Iliac, Femoral, Popletial and Tibial vessels CT Angiography
    • Abdomen Applications
    • CT Angiography & 3-D reconstruction of Abdominal Aorta Coellac, Renal and Superior
    • Masenteric Arteries
    • Multiphase Studies of Liver, Pancreas & Kidneys
    • Virtual CT Colonscopy
    • CT Fluroscopy
    • Real time CT guided biopsies providing safe access to deep seated lesions with a better yield rate.
    • CT Bone Densitometry
    • Dental CT
    Multi-slice Spiral CT Scan
  • 14. X-Ray With standing bucky, floating table and Auto Processor. The Department of diagnostic and imaging offers advanced diagnostic techniques to supplement the primary diagnosis of the patient. The department of imaging sciences includes high-end MRI, CT scanners, Gamma Camera, X-ray units, Ultrasound scanners.
  • 15. Dialysis Machine The Department of Nephrology is a new unit with a professional team, equipped with skilled, dedicated doctors and paramedical staff. The Dialysis unit is equipped with the latest computerized dialysis machines. Ours is one of the largest dialysis centers in Gujarat. We have the latest water treatment facility with reverse osmosis and micron filters to provide pure and safe water supply for dialysis. At present we do only single use Dialysis with no reuse. The Hepatitis patients are allocated dedicated machines.
  • 16. CRT-Continuous Renal Treatment
  • 17. Blood Bank-Laminar Airflow & Centrifuger The Hospital is well supported by the Department of Transfusion Medicine providing blood, blood Components and performing laboratory investigations on blood group serology. "Life is precious............... Should be cared and saved " Be a blood donor and save a life. The Only Private Blood Bank
  • 18. Blood Bank-Tapping Unit BR 400 GOLD & COMPOSE To keep Whole Blood & Red Cell Component, at strict temperature range of 2°-6° C to maintain the viability & quality of blood components. ML-280 -To keep reagents at strict temperature range of 2°-8° to maintain the quality of reagents. All the blood bank refrigerators are provided with alarm system, digital display of temperature & battery operated temperature recording continously. The Only Private Blood Bank
  • 19. Blood Bank-Microscope Nikon Microscope Facilities for phase contrast, fluorescent microscopy is also available with the Nikon series of microscopes. The full range of biopsies (endoscopic, needle and excision biopsies) and resection/ amputation specimens are processed and retorted on. Immunohistochemistry is also used, particularly for diagnostic oncology The Only Private Blood Bank
  • 20. Histopathology-Tissue Processing The pathology laboratory comprises two sections, Histopathology and Cytopathology, and is equipped with the latest generation automated equipment including the Leica ASP 300 tissue processor (first in Gujarat), Leica EG 1140C Histoembedder, Leica autostainer-xl, Rotary microtome Leica 2145 and the Leica CM 1550 Cryostat. Electro Physiology, Audiometry Urodynamic
  • 21. Histopathology-Auto Stainer Automatic staining machine -stains all the slides according to staining program.
  • 22. Microbiology Lab-Bacteria, Blood & TB Culture The Microbiology Laboratory at the Apollo Hospitals, serves for diagnosis of a vast variety of Infectious Diseases of Bacterial, Fungal, Viral, Parasitic or Tubercular nature, by using state-of-art fully automated systems many of which are installed for the first time in Gujarat. The fully automated blood-culture system (BACTEC 9000 series) performs cultures for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, fungi and mycobacteria for patients suffering from life-threatening bacteraemia/ septicemia. The reports are available in hours compared to several days by conventional methods. Biochemistry, Hematology
  • 23. Microbiology Lab-Bacteria, Blood & TB Culture The infective organisms detected by automated systems or conventional methods are subjected to identification and antimicrobial susceptibility by an automated system (MINI -API system) that provides accurate results in 4-6 hours compared to 24 hours required for manual methods. Thus, the final report for an infectious disease can be available 24 hours earlier and may be life saving. Histopathology
  • 24. Microbiology Lab-Mini API It is designed for automatic identification and susceptibility testing of ID 32, rapid id 32 ATB & rapid ATB strip computer assisted interpretation of API strip. Analytical module for test strip reading, management of result & data, Densimat densitometer to standardize the turbidimetry of bacterial suspension, Electronic pipette to dispense required amount of bacterial suspension into each couple of identification & susceptibility test strips. MRI, Mammography
  • 25. Biochemistry-Auto Analyser The lab is equipped with (1) Hitachi 912 fully, automated random access analyzer, the first of its kind in entire Gujarat capable of performing not only the routine biochemical tests but also specialized tests like therapeutic drug levels and specific proteins by immunoturbidometry and hormones. (2) VIDAS PC fully automated immunoassay analyzer based on the most sensitive technology 3) Immuno Fluorescent fully automated random access immunoassay analyzer with
  • 26. Biochemistry-Auto Analyser enhanced chemiluminescence that makes possible to detect substances present in the blood at very low concentrations. (4) AVL electrolyte analyzer based on the most precise ISE technology. (5) Semi automatic arterial blood gas analyzer for determination of oxygen levels in blood. The sophistication of the available technology is properly matched by trained people with right kind of attitude handling these machines, who have complete control over the machines operated by them.
  • 27. Biochemistry-Immuno Analyzer First in Gujarat, multi parameter system for immuno analyses and nucleic probes & detection. Entry of patient data 7 analysis via keyboard and can be generated in form of reports. Multiparametric system for immunoanalysis and nucleocin probes detection, management of calibration, control and patient data memory. Advanced Ultrasound Machines
  • 28. 5 Part Blood Cell Counter(Haematology)
    • Transasia namely Sysmex KX-21 and Coulter AC T5
    • Following services are provided by the lab.
    • Complete haemogram / full blood count
    • Peripheral blood smear
    • Reticulocyte count
    • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
    • Absolute eosinophil count
    • Absolute neutrophil count
    • Bone marrow examination
    • LE cells
    • Rapid malaria test
  • 29. Video EEG(Neurology)
    • Well equipped with world class computrised-digital EEG machine.
    • Special features apart from regularly EEG
    • Sleep EEG with polysonography.
    • Video EEG for exact diagnosis and classification of epilepsy.
    • Video Telemetry with capacity to perform EEG testing for 48 hours.
    • The machine is patient friendly as this allows quick data aquisition with facility for viewing the EEG recorded in any montage later.
    Gamma Camera
  • 30. MICU-Emergency Ward Emergency room is unique, Professionally skilled staff stands in the fore front, receive the sick and needy and treats the patient. On call consultants in the respective specialties are available round the clock. 24-hour Clinical Laboratories
  • 31. MICU-Emergency Ward 75 Bed Critical Care Units
  • 32. Emergency Nursing Station It is different from the rest, because with a central nursing station every cubicle could be utilized as a observation area which reduces the patient's mobility. 24-hour Emergency and Trauma Care
  • 33. Physiotherapy
    • Physiotherapy in sports injuries, geriatrics, orthopaedics, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, liver/kidney transplant, management of hypertension, osteoporosis, diabetes and other endocrinal disorders
    • Cryotherapy and
    • Electro current therapy
    • Static and intermittent traction
    • Paraffin wax bath therapy
  • 34. Physiotherapy
    • Laser therapy
    • Emg-biofeedback
    • Cardiac rehabilitation
    • Chest physiotherapy
    • Neuro rehabilitation
    • Stroke rehabilitation
  • 35. Semi Private Room(Twin Shared) These air conditioned rooms consist of 2 patient beds in one room with a shared toilet and a common Television, Telephone connection to each bed as well as an easy chair is provided for the attendant. 24-Hour Doctor on Duty
  • 36. Single Room(Private Room)
  • 37. Super Deluxe Rooms These are air conditioned rooms with more space consisting of a comfortable sofa cum bed for the attendant. Facilities like a Television, Telephone connection, Fridge, Wardrobe are included in these rooms.
  • 38. Suite Room The suite rooms are air- conditioned and are divided into the patient area and a well laid lounge for the visitors. The visitors area has a refrigerator and separate toilets as well as other amenities included in other rooms.
  • 39. Suite Room
  • 40. Labour-Delivery-Recovery(LDR) Room
    • One of its kind multiutility computerised deluxe delivery bed to provide extra comfort
    • Consultant Obstetrician’s presence throughout the delivery
    • Presence of expert Pediatrician during delivery
    • Round the clock presence of Resident MDs
    • Cardiac Tecography and monitoring during delivery
    • Baby Resuscitation facilities
    • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the room
    • All Life Saving Drugs stored in the room
    Five Star Luxury
  • 41. Phototherapy Unit, Neonatal Ventilator Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with state-of-the-art ventilators and other equipment like photo therapy unit, radiant warmers etc. A fully trained team of doctors and nurses will attend to new born babies.
  • 42. Labour-Delivery-Recovery(LDR) Room
    • Delivery in presence of your partner or dear ones
    • Choice of Birth plan : Natural or Painless.
    • Clinically Hygienic & Safe
    • Fully airconditioned
    • Home like Ambience with microwave oven, television and music system
    • Swedish rocking chair
    • Pick up Services available
    Five Star Luxury
  • 43. Recovery Room-Gynaecology
    • Gynaecology Service
    • General Gynaecological service
    • Adolescent Gynaecological Clinic
    • Cervical Smear and Colposcopy Clinic
    • Menopause Clinic
    • Minimally Invasive gynaecology surgery
    • Gynaecological cancer surgery with chemotherapy and radio surgery
    • Counselling servics for family planning,
    • contraception and sexual problems
    • Infertility Clinic
  • 44. Cardiac OPD with Reception
    • Facilities Available
    • Diagnostic Services
    • Electocardiography
    • Holter Monitoring
    • Treadmill Test (TMT)
    • Echocardiography
    • Stress Echocardiography
    Apollo Cardiac Cheq
  • 45. Echo(Cardiac OPD) This is a high performace digital ultrasound imaging system. The system provides image generation in 2 D(B) mode, color doppler, power doppler (Angio), M-Mode, Color M-Mode, PW & CW Doppler Spectra, Tissue velocity imaging & contrast applications. The fully digital architecture of the VIVID7 allows optimal usage of all scanning modes & probes types throughout the full spectrum of operating frequencies. Cardiac Catheterization Labs
  • 46. TMT(Cardiac OPD) The table top takes the lesser space and gives less vibration.
  • 47. Cardio Thoracic-Operation Theatre
    • Pacemaker Implantation
    • Closure of Atrial Sepat Defects
    • Coil Closure of Patent Ductus Arteriosus
    • Balloon Valvuloplasty
    • Cardiac Surgery in Congenital Hear Diseases
    • Valve Surgery
    • Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)
    Cardiac Catheterization Labs
  • 48. Cardio Thoracic-Post Operative Ward
  • 49. Digital Cathlab The Apollo Hospitals, has the most modern cardiac catheterization lab in ahmedabad, INTEGRIS made by Philips Medical system. This is mono plane fully digitized system for diagnostic and interventional procedures with a ceiling suspend Poly DIAGNOST G stand with excellent quality image recording and image playback facility. Coronary Angioplasty Primary Angioplasty Cardiac Catheterization Labs
  • 50. Ortho & Neuro Operation Theatre 10 Operation Theaters
  • 51. Endoscopy Advanced Ultrasound Machines
  • 52. Board Room
  • 53. Apollo Pharmacy 24-hour Pharmacy 24-hour Pharmacy with Free Home Delivery
  • 54. Emergency Hospital on wheels has a wider coverage which touches the nooks and corners of the city for the emergency medical attention. Hospitals on wheels earn are ready to pick the emergency patient from any part of the city with a call from the needy. 24-hour Emergency and Trauma Care
  • 55. Ambulance(ICU on Wheels) Emergency has ten cubicles all of them are equipped with the bed side monitors and has a good area for the staff to work on the patient with comfort and ease.
  • 56.