The Story Of My Life


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This is my task for the final round of Grow's Got Talent to create a portfolio of my pet's life using all the pictures used in the previous rounds of the task.
I've turned the portfolio as a diary of Jay citing the important events of her life and including the pictures as well.

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The Story Of My Life

  1. 1. Welcome To Jay’s Portfolio<br />The Story Of My Life<br />
  2. 2. Aug 5 2010<br />Dear Diary,<br />Today is my birthday. I was born on Aug 5 2009 on this day. When I woke up this morning I felt so happy as I remembered my first homecoming celebration in this house. My owner a girl called Tas brought me home and threw a grand homecoming party for me. She decorated the entire room with lights and filled it with lots of toys and invited so many people who brought me many presents and they later became my friends. <br />Home coming celebration<br />
  3. 3. I thought today would be a grand day too and she would wish me first thing it was 0 hour. I waited and waited but she did not come.  She isn’t usually like this.<br />Unlike other pets I’ve never been sad that I did not know my parents and was given up for adoption because the girl who adopted me takes care of me soo well. When I was just a baby she gave me this cute bedroom done in pink stripes and filled my room with toys. I knew I was well cared for and loved. She is also very fun to be with, and she would dress me up and take pictures of me and I would be gleeful.<br />My baby room<br />
  4. 4. Me all dressed up in baby clothes<br />
  5. 5. Aug 6 2010<br />Dear Diary,<br />I’m very happy right now. Guess what happened. I just celebrated my birthday. Tas did remember my birthday after all. I was so sad at first that she had forgotten but she did come through and threw a big party for me and dressed me up and even invited my friends. I had so much fun.<br />My Birthday Celebration<br />
  6. 6. Aug 8 2010<br />Dear Diary,<br />Today I did something quite naughty. Remember the clown who came at my birthday party? Turns out he has a crush on me and he has been stalking me. It gives me the jeevies so I did something to get rid of him. I found this spell book and uttered the incantation at a graveyard when I saw him and it zapped his brains fried with thunder lightning. He is soo creepy, even my neighbors complain of him all the time so I’m not so sorry that he is gone. I just hope he stays that way.<br />
  7. 7. Aug 10 2010<br />Dear Diary,<br />Tomorrow is a very important day for me. It is my graduation day. I can’t believe all those months passed by so quickly after I first enrolled in school.<br />I still remember my first day at Pet School. I was so nervous to even go to school in the morning but Tas, my owner and friend, she told me school is important and I would make even more new friends there and that it would be the best years of my life and you know what, she was right, I made some really nice friends there and learned so much which will help me build up my career.<br />My first day at school<br />
  8. 8. And school wasn’t just all about learning, we also had fun. One event I had loads of fun was The HP Wizardry Competition. We were each assigned to a house, me being assigned to Hufflepuff and were asked to cosplay as a favorite character from that house. Next we were supposed to do a role play of any favorite teacher of Hogwarts. For the first part I chose Cedric Diggory cause well I like Robert Pattinson and also I thought his character was justified in being a Hufflepuff as he was always so just and fair and nice to Harry Potter.<br />For the second part of the competition I chose to play Severus Snape because he is one of my favorite characters in HP. He was so brave to go against the Lord Voldemort and he died saving Harry Potter. <br />Me cosplaying as Cedric Diggory of Hufflepuff<br />and as Severus Snape in his potions class. <br />
  9. 9. Aug 11 2011<br />Dear Diary.<br />I finally did it. Today was my graduation day, and I’ve earned my degree with distinction. I’m sure I’ve made Tas very proud today when I received my certificate from the Mayor in front of everyone.<br />Now I have to think of the bigger picture of where I want to go ahead with my career. Eversince I was li’l I always wanted to do something to help others to either fight crimes or teach young minds or be a nurse and care for others. In fact I love my nursing part time job I took up in my first year of college in Pet Society Hospital but I also dream of opening a restaurant and now that I’ve come to this point I think it is time to pursue that dream.<br />
  10. 10. Aug 13 2011<br />Dear Diary,<br />Today I went to the Pet Society Bank to get a loan for that restaurant that I want to open. It was hard to get an appointment with the Mayor but I finally managed it and the Mayor liked my idea and gave me the loan, so that means I can now fulfill my dream of opening a Pet Society Diner in the heart of London that would be renowned for its food and service all over Pet Society.<br />Me at the Mayor’s Bank<br />
  11. 11. August 16 2011<br />Dear Diary,<br />After a lot of hard work in the opening of my restaurant, today was the grand opening and it was quite successful I must say. I had invited the Mayor in the opening and he came. I could tell he was impressed by my efforts and enjoyed the meal we had. And we also received great customer response too. I’m looking forward into making this business a success and already enjoying what I’ve accomplished so far. <br />
  12. 12. Aug 19 2011<br />Dear Diary,<br />I had a very bad day at work today. The hospital I work at for part time gave me a really hard day. I was already tired since I came home really late last night and today when I went to the hospital it was so crowded and buzzing with Mayor’s fans. The news is that he had a heart attack and he was admitted in our hospital and as if my day was not bad enough the senior doctor assigned me his nursing duty. Who knew the Mayor had so many fans? I thought everyone hated him but it did not seem so from all the balloons and chocolates and get well soon cards he received. It was a hard time to keep the swarm of fans and reporters away from the room and do my job peacefully, so now at the end of the day I’m tired and cranky which is not a good combination at all.<br />One of his fans took the picture from outside the window<br />
  13. 13. Aug 23 2011,<br />Dear Diary,<br />I have a date…with the Mayor. I know it sounds insane, right? In fact I don’t even know what made me say yes to the date. He got discharged today and before leaving he asked me to dinner. I was taken by surprise as I was not expecting this. I guess I was trying to be polite as he did help me out in some occasions like granting me my loan, coming to the opening of my restaurant and over the last couple of days I realized he isn’t as bad as most including me tends to think. I know it is still weird but well over the years with all my work and stuffs I did not have much time for dating so now since he asked me out I figured why not. Who knows may be it won’t be so bad.<br />Ps. Im home. Surprisingly I quite enjoyed his company, he took me to a fancy dinner that had my favorite singer as a guest singer on stage, I wonder how the Mayor knew that. And the food was also good and we talked about a lot of stuffs he even asked me how my own restaurant business is going. Who knew I would have such a good time with the old scrooge. <br />
  14. 14. Aug 28 2011<br />Dear Diary,<br />Today was my second official date with the Mayor but we have been seeing each other every day since our first date as he comes to my restaurant everyday. I must admit it is kind of flattering to have Mayor as the admirer. <br />And today he took me by complete surprise as I entered the beautiful backyard garden of his filled with candles and roses and music and when I found the ring in my red wine I was speechless as he proposed to marry me. I was really shocked and asked to know why the hurry as it felt out of the blue to me. But he explained it was because of his old fashioned way of life and that he wanted to spend what was left of his life with me by binding ourselves in the holy marriage. I was touched and did not hesitate to say yes. The Mayor looked happy enough to have another heart attack, luckily he did not have it. So we set the date for the wedding day after tomorrow . I know it is a short span of time but he said not to worry as he would make all the necessary arrangements and I smiled. <br />
  15. 15. Aug 30 2011<br />Dear Diary,<br />Today is the big wedding day of my life. I woke up in the morning feeling happy, nervous, excited all how a bride to be feels in her life on this day. The Mayor made all the arrangements like he promised. The venue of the wedding was at the beautiful Rose Garden. The Mayor hired the Li’l mouse the renowned pianist and the White Rabbit the renowned cellist of Pet Society, he also ordered the most delicious, largest wedding cake from the Pet Society Bakery shop. And the decorations was just beautiful. My best friend Christine was also present. She is the one who helped me dress up and with my make up and all, and of course she was my bridesmaid.<br />This is us taking our vows in front of the Father. I was a happy bride, happily married..that too to the Mayor. I can’t say we will live happily ever after as I know life has both ups and downs but it is important to be happy in the present which is what I intend to do-live happily in the moment without caring about the “ever after”.<br />The End<br />