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definition of approach …

definition of approach
Types of approach
How to customize your sales approach

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  • 1. Approach
  • 2. Positive, step by step proposition developed by a firm or a salesperson to win a favorable response from the prospects. Sales approach is what, in essence, distinguishes a professional from an amateur.
  • 3. 1-Feature And Benefit 2-Selling against your competition 3-Soft sell 4-Selling on Price 5-Solution sell 6-Hard sell 7-Consultive Sell 8-Consumer Personality
  • 4. What is it that salespeople offer to Customer? Products and services, yes. But Customer don't purchase products and services. They buy features and benefits..  you Job will be to help specific customers understand how these features relate to benefits they need or want.
  • 5. Your product or service doesn't have to be the best in the world. It only has to meet the buyer's needs better than your competitors do.
  • 6. Many customers appreciate the soft sell approach when they just need some guidance in deciding on a selection. The seller can use gentle persuasion or suggestion to convince the Customer. it. No pressure is used. You state facts and allow the Customer to decide.
  • 7. The old business maxim is: If all else fails, sell on price. Unfortunately, too many salespeople apply this rule too quickly in the sales process BUT its Unsuccessful approach. So, Don’t sell on Price Sell on value, Value is worth, Your product or service costs more because it is worth more.
  • 8. Solution selling defines the problem by asking relevant questions and listening to the customer. Some salespeople depend on talking to sell, Salespeople have a tendency to talk more than listen, . As much as possible, ask a question for every one that you answer..
  • 9. Most buyers don't respond well to the hard sell. Hard sell is an aggressive sales technique that relies on fear and intimidation to push buyers to a preselected decision. Methods range from bullying to manipulation.
  • 10. It's based on reputation and uses problem- solution techniques to help the buyer make informed decisions. The primary difference is that consultive selling requires more time to develop the authority and trust needed to offer the Customer valued advice
  • 11. Sales customization involves tailoring promotions, packaging and pricing for different customer requirements. Segment the market by customer needs.This may help you allocate your resources to the most profitable customer groups. Make an effort to convert all of your sales leads even if some do not appear to be good fits.