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MedlinePlus Grant Powerpoint
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MedlinePlus Grant Powerpoint


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  • Transcript

    • 1. This project has been funded by the National Library of Medicine under Contract No. NO1-LM-6-3503 with the University of Illinois at Chicago, Library of the Health Sciences.
    • 2. GRANT TEAM
      • Mary Jane Clark , Co-principal investigator/chari of BHCHI advisory committee/member of BFCHI steering committee/enhance stability of the project/publicize grant activities to the health community
      • Heather Richmond, Participate on steering committee/educate university students & faculty/professional development seminars for community health professionals/liason to nursing department
      • Phyllis C. Self, Co-principal investigator/ Chair Steering Committee/Project Mgr.
      • Felix Chu, Steering Committee Participant/Community Mtg./Develop Publicity Materials/Evaluate Project & Prepare Final Report
      • Sean Cordes, Steering Committee Participant/Develop publicity materials/Provide instruction/evaluate project & prepare final report
      • Jeff Matlak, Provide instruction/participate in project evaluation
      • Linda Zellmer, Participate on steering committee/assist with development of and delivery of training sessions/identify federal & state government information resources of interest to the general public/assist in project evaluation & preparation of the final report
      • Kitty Pope, Participate in steering committee/enhance sustainability of the project through Alliance Library System publications & programs
      • Melinda Whiteman, Participation on advisory board/participate in initial professional development seminar/disseminate information to Eagle View Community Health System staff & partners/provide ongoing information about MedlinePlus, GoLocal after the completion of the subcontract
    • 3. GOALS
    • 4. Training Topics
    • 5. PARTNERS
      • Bushnell Public Library
      • McDonough and Henderson County Health Departments
      • Eagle View Community Health System
      • Henderson County Public Library
      • Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs
      • McDonough County Housing Authority
      • Macomb Public Library
      • McDonough District Hospital
      • Salvation Army, Macomb
      • WIU Beu Health Center
      • WIU Libraries
    • 6.
      • Consumer Training
      • Bushnell Community Center  
      • Eagle View Community Health System  
      • McDonough County Health Dept
      • Henderson County Health Dept
      • Beu Health System--Students
      • Salvation Army
      • Henderson County Public Library  
      • McDonough County Housing Authority
      • McDonough District Hospital
    • 7. Consumer Training
      • Using your library to locate heath information.
      • How to locate health service information in your area.
      • Locating, using, and understanding health information using reliable Internet resources.
      • Clearing the air: How to talk to your doctor and other information professional about your health care questions.
    • 8.
      • Healthcare Professional Training
      • McDonough County Health Dept
      • McDonough District Hospital
      • Eagle View Community Health System  
      • Spoon River College
      • Carl Sandburg College
    • 9. Health Professional Training
      • How to help patients locate information on specific medical conditions related to them.
      • How to help patients locate understand information about drug side effects and interactions related to patient after care.
      • How to identify the need for and deliver targeted health information related to specific groups including Ethnic groups, Age groups.
      • How to locate and deliver information on sensitive and critical topics including, nutrition, flu prevention, AIDS/HIV, and genetic diseases, including support information in multiple languages.
    • 10.
      • Library Personnel Training
      • WIU Libraries
      • Macomb Public Library
      • Bushnell Public Library
    • 11. Library Personnel Training
      • Training Session One -Locating and Accessing Appropriate Resources
      • Determine the requirements of a patron’s information need including the depth and scope of information needed.
      • Locate information on specific medical conditions.
      • Locate and understand information about medical terms, drug side effects and interactions.
      • Locate health information related to specific groups including Ethnic and Age groups.
      • Locate information on sensitive and critical topics including, hear care, nutrition, flu prevention, AIDS/HIV, and genetic diseases.  
    • 12. Library Personnel Training
      • Training Session Two-Training the Trainer
      • Understanding the responsibility and difference between the role of health information provider and medical practitioner.
      • Making medical terminology understandable for the layperson.
      • Sensitivity to age, gender, and culture, and timeliness when providing health information.
      • Assisting International and English as Second Language speakers
      • Strategies for providing health information services in a variety of modes such as email, phone and instant messaging.
    • 13.
      • If you think of any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact Karen at 309-298-2785, ext. 8 or email the group at
      • Karen is in the office 9am-2pm Monday –Thursday.