Fibromyalgia treatment with guided meditation audios


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Treatment for Fibromyalgia using guided meditation MP3 audios. Play, share, and download the free mp3 trial audios in

The meditation for Anxiety treatment is a MP3 audio ready to be listened with any MP3 player, smart-phone, computer, or tablet. We used brainwave entrainment technology to create this audio. You should know that brainwave entrainment is a technology that helps to heal your mind and body just by listening to sounds. The goal of this meditation is to reduce the anxiety symptoms.

To use this Fibromyalgia treatment, you just need to find a comfortable and silent place, free of distraction. in a couch or lying down, and start to listen the audio. For better success, after starting the meditation, close your eyes and try to relax.

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Fibromyalgia treatment with guided meditation audios

  1. 1. Fibromyalgia?A natural alternative treatment
  2. 2. Contents• Fibromyalgia symptoms• Fibromyalgia causes• Fibromyalgia traditionaltreatments• Fibromyalgia alternativetreatment• Fibromyalgia alternativetreatment benefits• Location of the guidedmeditations
  3. 3. Fibromyalgia symptoms• Fibromyalgia symptoms are notrestricted to pain but those aregenerally common:– Chronic widespread pain– Allodynia (a heightened and painfulresponse to pressure)– Fibromyalgia syndrome for thecondition– Debilitating fatigue– Sleep disturbance– Joint stiffness
  4. 4. Fibromyalgia causes• The exact cause of fibromyalgia isunknown• It involves psychological, genetic,neurobiological and environmentalfactors.• But, there is evidence of thefollowing:– Environmental factors– Genetics– Depression disorders– Neuro-chemical imbalances– Brain abnormalities that results inaltered pain perceptions
  5. 5. Fibromyalgia treatment• There is no a universally acceptedtreatment or cure for fibromyalgia• Treatment typically consists ofsymptoms management, whichmay include:– Medication prescription– Behavioral intervention– Exercise– A combination of those above
  6. 6. Fibromyalgia alternativetreatment• Guided meditation through mp3audios is a proven treatment tofibromyalgia• It is a good complement to thementioned treatments• Guided meditation treatment worksby exposing the patients brain tosub-delta frequencies (around 1Hz)• This exposition has soothingeffects on the limbic system: theamygdala and hypothalamus
  7. 7. Fibromyalgia alternativetreatment benefits• Guided meditation treatment withMP3 audios has the followingbenefits:– Reduction of pain perception– Muscle relaxation– Sleep improvement– Medicines ingestion reduction– Hospital trips reduction– Improve work productivity– Its cheap– Its non obtrusive– In the long-term you wont need theaudios
  8. 8. Location ofguided meditation MP3 audios• Where to find Guided meditationmp3 audios?• Go to:–– Click on the fibromyalgia link
  9. 9. Location ofguided meditation MP3 audios• Try the therapy audios online• You can also download the trial 5’mp3 audios and listen to themoffline• All the alternatives audios are thesame therapy but with differentflavors• If you feel the effects buy the 35’complete therapy• Remember the more time andfrequent you listen the audios thebetter the effects
  10. 10. Conclusions• Guided meditation with mp3 audiosare:– Effective– Easy to use (just listening)– Affordable– Non-obtrusive– You can use them everywhere(do not use when driving or handlingmachinery)– Good complement to medicaltreatments
  11. 11. A courtesy ofMeditaudios.comNatural treatment alternatives
  12. 12. What are you waiting for?Try online now