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How to meditate



Learn how to meditate & discover healing meditation that soothes mind, body & spirit. Get more information on how to meditate @

Learn how to meditate & discover healing meditation that soothes mind, body & spirit. Get more information on how to meditate @



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How to meditate Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Healing Meditation That Sooths the Soul, Mind, and Body
  • 2. If you suffer from day to day stress, or perhaps you are trying to aid in your own recovery, healing meditation is for you.
  • 3. When performed right, this form of meditation can help you reclaim control over your body and help you perform self healing.
  • 4. Many people have reported healing meditation practices helped them recover from illnesses and stress, and helped keep them balanced afterwards.
  • 5. It is important to know the right way to perform meditation of any type, or you may be not getting the best results or wasting your time.
  • 6. Once you have mastered the techniques of healing meditation you will be able to confront the stresses of life with a rejuvenated spirit, and find that many of your old problems have gone away.
  • 7. What is Healing Meditation?
  • 8. Healing mediation is a type of meditation that focuses on healing the soul, mind, and body altogether.
  • 9. It uses specific breathing techniques and mental images to help you calm yourself.
  • 10. There are many different other processes when can intertwine with their healing meditation, as long as it gives you a calming sense of self.
  • 11. Once you have reached this state it is easy to focus on your goals and forget about your troubles.
  • 12. When you spend a certain amount of time each day in your meditation you will get results within a short amount of time.
  • 13. How Do I Start Healing Meditation?
  • 14. Getting started with healing meditation is quiet easy.
  • 15. It doesn't require any tutors or expensive equipment, just your dedication and a little quiet time alone.
  • 16. To get started, find a time and a place that you can go to every day when no one will interrupt you.
  • 17. This is very important because you want your exercise to leave you stress free.
  • 18. You can try lying down on your bed or sitting out on the porch.
  • 19. Start with a few breathing exercises.
  • 20. There are some breathing exercises that can be tailored to your exact mood and those that can create an overall calm regardless of what mood you are in.
  • 21. If you would like a simple exercise to start with try this exercise.
  • 22. • Focus your mind and feeling to the point at the end of your nose and the top part of your upper lip.
  • 23. • Slowly breathe in and hold your breath for 10 seconds.
  • 24. • Slowly release your breath for ten seconds, and repeat for a few minutes.
  • 25. To center in more on your emotions try focusing on your chakra.
  • 26. Your chakra is known as the "center energy" inside of you.
  • 27. There are seven different parts of your chakra, and each one can be thrown out of balance by day to day stress.
  • 28. Try working on some mental images to help you overcome this stress.
  • 29. Think about pleasant music, floating colors, and happy moments.
  • 30. Avoid thinking about the things that upset you more.
  • 31. Spend at least 5-10 minutes each day at the same time performing your healing meditation.
  • 32. After a few weeks you should start seeing improvements in your attitude and stress levels.
  • 33. There are many more techniques you can use for healing meditation, and you should do some more research to find the ones best for you.
  • 34. Resource Box
  • 35. Some other types of healing meditation you can use include writing journals, listening to music, and painting.
  • 36. When you write a journal, go back and read what you wrote about a month later to gauge your progress.
  • 37. Healing Meditation That Sooths the Soul, Mind, and Body
  • 38. Get FREE meditation tips available @