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Buy meditation & learn how can you easily cope with stress through anxiety meditation. Buy meditation resources available @

Buy meditation & learn how can you easily cope with stress through anxiety meditation. Buy meditation resources available @

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  • 1. How You Can Easily Cope With Stress through Anxiety Meditation
  • 2. A powerful technique that can be used for anxiety meditation is your coping skills.
  • 3. This can also be looked at as the ability to refocus your attention.
  • 4. Since, in times of anxiety, your attention is focused almost entirely upon your own self-created thoughts of despair.
  • 5. The refocusing of your attention will bring a welcoming relief.
  • 6. The idea is to find a mental activity that will distract you from your anxious way of thinking.
  • 7. This exercise can be as simple as counting the tiles on the floor in the room where you are sitting, or thinking of names of people in your family.
  • 8. It does not matter what form of distraction you use although the more mentally challenging the activity is, the more focus it will take.
  • 9. This will in turn relax you during your anxiety meditation.
  • 10. Anxiety meditation may take even a different form.
  • 11. You may want to try to use a strong mental distraction such as that of a videogame or a game like chess.
  • 12. That activity always took a great deal of mental concentration for me as well as physical coordination concentration.
  • 13. The idea behind all of the refocusing techniques is distraction without escape.
  • 14. Do these or create and apply your own distractions any time that you feel anxious.
  • 15. This will give you immediate relief, help to prepare you for positive self-talk and begin to recondition your responses to stressful situations.
  • 16. Thinking about Meditation?
  • 17. Choosing anxiety meditation can be a relaxing yet invigorating activity, you can learn self control and self exploration with release of anxiety.
  • 18. Study after study has shown meditation, when done correctly, to be a very successful form of stress reduction.
  • 19. There is really nothing mystical or mythical about it.
  • 20. The primary cause of anxiety is an over active or out of control imagination.
  • 21. Effective anxiety meditation will slow down your thought process and help reduce your anxiety.
  • 22. The first step to anxiety meditation is to find a comfortable position.
  • 23. Many people choose to sit with good posture in an upright position.
  • 24. I suggest preparing yourself by first doing a few minutes of diaphragmatic breathing and muscle relaxation exercises to relax you physically, inhaling and exhaling slowly to calm yourself some.
  • 25. Next you should try closing your eyes.
  • 26. Studies have shown that by simply closing our eyes during anxiety meditation that we can rapidly reduce our brain activity.
  • 27. You may at this time start to become aware of your own thoughts.
  • 28. Let the thoughts flow through your mind and go away.
  • 29. The idea here is to have as few thoughts as possible, but don’t become anxious if you cannot eliminate your thoughts altogether.
  • 30. Simply let them go each time you recognize yourself drifting into thought during your anxiety meditation.
  • 31. Resource Box
  • 32. When performing your meditation you may want someone to be there in the room with you to be able to watch, and in case you do have a panic attack help calm you down and bring you back into focus of what you were doing.
  • 33. Having this person in the room for some may help greatly, but for some may just be too much of a distraction.
  • 34. How You Can Easily Cope With Stress through Anxiety Meditation
  • 35. Get FREE meditation tips available @