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The Meditour is a Medical Tourism Company in India; it is managed by experienced medical doctor and IT professionals with vast experience in healthcare services. Our mission is to deliver medical tourism services based on a commitment to patient safety and exceptional service quality at affordable rates. We have network of hospitals in India to provide service to patient worldwide.
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The meditour: Medical Tourism

  1. 1. The Medical Tourism The Meditour
  2. 2. What Is Medical Tourism?Travelling across internationalborders to obtain health care ismedical tourism.
  3. 3. About The Meditour • Managed by experienced medical doctor and IT professionals with vast experience in healthcare services. • Specially focused on best quality, affordable cost and prompt treatment. Our partner hospitals and medical centers are amongst the largest, most trusted and internationally accredited. • Telemedicine tools: We help patient to decide the best and suitable service provider, treatment option and medical advices during treatment and follow up. • Personalized Services during stay.
  4. 4. Advantage – The Meditour• Founded and managed by experienced medical doctor and IT professionals with vast experience in healthcare services.• Tools of Telemedicine, ehealth, web conferencing which works for us and make the process more secure and fast.• Provide trained manpower to carry patient right from his country.• Air Ambulance services available to lift and carry patient to suitable hospitals.• Post treatment follow up using telemedicine tools.
  5. 5. Other ManagementDr. Sanjeev Mehta•25 years of experience in medical practice.•Trained and worked at Tata Memorial Hospital, India; Memorial Sloan’s CateringCancer Center, USA; Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, USA.•Founder and director of Medisurge Hospital•Pioneering work in in rural telemedicine.Devendra Patel•13 years experience in healthcare IT field. Pioneering work in healthcare IT, ehealthand telemedicine field.•Founder & director of Medisoft Telemedicine Pvt. Ltd.(
  6. 6. The Meditour - Services• Medical Services: Leading hospitals and doctors in our panel. Pre- treatment and follow up using telemedicine tools.• Travel Services: Providing visa, flight, insurance and local condition advice.• Personalized Service: Patients are greeted upon arrival at the airport by The Meditour executive. Air-conditioned transportation, accommodation, local conveyances etc. are provided for the duration of the stay.• Insurance: Arrangement with corporate and government agencies can be made to provide cash less medical services.• Leisure: We offer multiple options for your leisure.• Value added services: like Laptop, Internet, Mobile etc. We can also convey Patient’s health status to relatives and friends back home.
  7. 7. How MT Works• STEP 1: Visit thoroughly• STEP 2: Find out more information : Send us questions asking for more information or any clarification.• STEP 3: Registration: Register as a patient. There is no charge for it.• STEPS 4: Submission of Medical Data and reports• STEP 5: Interpretation of your medical data; receive our expert’s opinion.• STEP 6: Case discussion with our affiliated hospitals• STEP 7: Online consultation with the doctor using Telemedicine tools
  8. 8. How MT Works - 2• STEP 8: Decision making• STEP 9: Your Itinerary; we will confirm your procedure(s), consulting doctors, hospitals and hotel accommodation and submit an itinerary for your review and finalisation.• STEP 10: Pre-travel information: we will provide you information which will help you plan and execute your trip properly.• STEP 11: Arrive in India: Personalised service by our executive• STEP 12: Consultation with medical team• STEP 13: Treatment• STEP 14: Rejuvenation/ travel• STEP 15: Return home: We will follow you up for medical follow up.
  9. 9. India Advantage• Cheapest of any of the world medical tourism destinations• Equal or better of the other major destinations in terms of quality• In recent years Indian hospitals invested heavily in infrastructure, equipments to make it globally competitive• Many hospitals are accredited by JCI, ISO, NABH etc.• English is widely spoken and understood in India• Convenient, inexpensive non-stop or one-stop flights to India• Hub for various alternative medicines like Aurvedic and Homeopathic medicine• Numerous rejuvenate centers, exotic spas and yoga center• India is popular and exciting destination for tourism.
  10. 10. Cost Comparison…SURGERY USA INDIA Singapore Thailand Heart Bypass 144000 8500 13500 24000 Angioplasty 57000 5000 11200 13000 Heart Valve 170000 9000 12500 11000 ReplacementHip Replacement 50000 5800 9200 12000 Hip Resurfacing 50000 8000 12100 16000Knee Replacement 50000 6200 11000 10000 Spinal Fusion 100000 5500 9000 7000 Dental Implant 2000-10000 700 2900 3000 Lap Band 30000 7500 12000 12000 Breast Implants 10000 4500 5400 4500 Rhinoplasty 8000 3500 2700 3400 Face Lift 15000 5000 5000 6600 Hysterectomy 15000 2300 6000 4500
  11. 11. Contact us Dr. Sanjeev Mehta, md, Chairman & MD Ph: +91.99252 23244 Mr. Devendra Patel, Director Ph: +91.98980 04098 Regd Office: 8, Malay society, Near Shreyas Cross Roads, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad – 380015 Ph: +91.79.4008 6213 Email: URL: