Timing is All Important
Have you ever had a perfect day or party or event planned, but it went off horribly because it was...
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Timing is all important


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Mediscreen™ - NATA accredited collection agency providing onsite drug and alcohol testing services nationally. Our health testing service combines our visits saving you time and money.

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Timing is all important

  1. 1. Timing is All Important Have you ever had a perfect day or party or event planned, but it went off horribly because it was just the wrong time to do it? ThisTiming is All Important can apply to many different areas, such as things which are interrupted by or are enhanced by our circadian rhythms, someone else’s plans, or just how things seem to move along fluidly and smoothly or with many difficulties and many forced movements. Timing is all important. The best laid plans with the best people and the best set of circumstances are all laid waste when the time is not right. And yet, when the time is correct, even bad employees, makeshift patch jobs and underestimated scenarios can suddenly swing into full bloom and all of a sudden there is a fluidity and flow. There is genuine candor and relationship building. Rather than having to manage people, people are easily talked to and dealt with. Things like weather and public attitudes and general mayhem or calm in the air can all contribute to this so called “good” or “bad timing.” Whatever the case, you have a very real case for being flexible with your plans when you understand how important and how awesome correct timing really is. Drug and alcohol testing is brought in when employees are being tested for illicit behavior either on or near the workplace environment. Even showing up to work under the influence is really harmful and can still lead to injuries, fatalities, broken client relationships and lowered morale on the whole. Workplace drug testing laws only exist in high hazard industries, so companies which are not under these laws must look ahead to their own specific needs and see if employee drug screening is a good idea. In many cases, it is a great idea! Mediscreen provides onsite drug testing and alcohol screening to business in every part of Australia. Onsite testing guarantees that your worker screening is done right at your place of business and is done quickly and efficiently. Now that is what we call good timing. Any form of saved time to the benefit of all is good timing. This article has been taken from : http://www.mediscreen.net.au/timing-is-all-important/