Pharma parties and the youth


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Pharma parties and the youth

  1. 1. Pharma Parties and the Youth Throughout the civilized world, the youth of our nations have found a new kind of party. So called “Pharma parties” are events where each participant in the party brings their household stash of legal drugs. Often, the next step is to put all of the drugs into one big pot or hat or something and for everyone to draw a random drug, which will take them into a different world, psychologically. Because legal drugs are written by prescription for specific people or they are standard over the counter pharmaceuticals are meant for pain relief or decongestants, each individual body will react differently…and randomly…to each drug that is brought to the pharma party. When the youth of our nation has made a mockery of legal drugs, you can only imagine what they think of illicit drugs. Perhaps low-impact illicit substances are not effective in their minds anymore. Instead, they are looking for ways to increase their highs and lows when they take drugs. They are looking for other chemical means to find adventure. Onsite drug and alcohol testing is a testament to how many young adults have grown up from this culture and continued to abuse substances. Workplace drug testing laws protect high hazard industries, but not really anything else. Fortunately, businesses can just choose to begin utilising drug screening, and this dramatically reduces the number of workplace incidents, accidents, and fatalities which are connected to workers abusing illicit substances. The jobsite should be safe and enjoyable. The workplace should have a minimum amount of reassurance that each individual employee is not in danger from the behavior or mental stability of his or her coworkers. What started out as these “pharma parties’ has concluded in a rather nasty set of circumstances in the workplace, where businesses really must use workplace drug testing just to make sure that their employees are safe and protected from each other and from their subordinates and superiors. The whole affair can become quite messy and dangerous, otherwise. Mediscreen brings onsite drug & alcohol testing right to your place of business. This is a regular and standard treatment of this subject which you can use over and over, with full confidence that your employees are being provided for as well as possible. This article has been taken from :