No way home from here


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Mediscreen provides onsite drug and alcohol testing services to businesses all over Australia.

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No way home from here

  1. 1. No Way Home from Here Have you ever abused drugs or alcohol? Have you ever done it long enough that you just don’t feel the goodness from it like you used to, so you had to increase your self-medication? Well, we will inform you of something really interesting. Nobody knows their way home. It’s just that alcoholics and drug addicts typically never knew that, in their lives when they were sober, no one else knew the way home, either. No one knows what’s going on. Nobody knows what will happen next. We can do our best and prepare for disasters, and there will be plenty of time and opportunity for using these things if all goes well, but if things go wrong, you may feel that you should have been paying attention. Well, yes, you should have been paying attention, but you don’t need to know for sure what will happen next. Things may be okay and they may not be, but you will face the future when it gets here, no matter what, and only you can determine what attitude you will bring to solving any problems you encounter. Mediscreen provides onsite drug and alcohol testing services to businesses all over Australia. We are NATA accredited for medical testing and we are proud of our mobile drug testing program. On top of that, our drug testing equipment is solid and one hundred percent reliable, as far as human exactness can go anyway and that’s a lot. We are the leading collection agency in Australia and we here at Mediscreen would like to welcome you to our client list. And as for your lost employees, remember that they only perceive that there is no way home from here. That is their perception, but it is not their reality. They can find a way back and the only thing you can do to help them is to recommend counseling, refer them to your EAP if your business has one, and then just screen them regularly. You and all of your employees should be regularly screened for drugs and alcohol. Mediscreen is the company to come to. This article has been taken from :