Local SEO Strategy 2012
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Local SEO Strategy 2012

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Local SEO is getting more and more attention from Marketers. The local based marketing is the new venue where they spend their dollars. In order to rank and attract traffic from local searches,......

Local SEO is getting more and more attention from Marketers. The local based marketing is the new venue where they spend their dollars. In order to rank and attract traffic from local searches, claiming and managing local listings can be complex.
This part strategy focuses on how to build links for Google Places Pages, build citations for locations and conduct a social strategy in order to optimize SEO rankings on local results from Google. To read in depth my analysis, please visit Mediative Blog :

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  • 1. Local SEO Strategy Mohammed ALAMI - 8/16/2012 – Mozalami.com
  • 2. • 01. Introduction • 02. Google changes • 03. Ranking Factors • 04. Onpage optimization • 05. Onplace optimization • 06. Linkbuilding • 07. Citations • 08. Reviews • 09. Social • 10. Mobile • 11. Semantic • 12. Citation finder Tool 2 AGENDA
  • 3. Local SEO Introduction There are 3 definitions for local search, according to ClickZ: 1. Local search is any search aimed at finding something within a specific geographic area. Example: "hotel in downtown denver." 2. Local search is seeking information online with the intention of making a transaction offline. Example: "atm denver tech center." 3. Anything that you would traditionally look for in the printed yellow pages becomes a local search when it is conducted online. Example: "dry cleaner on colfax avenue."
  • 4. • Comscore defines local search as geo modifiers or using a local search engine of an Internet yellow pages site. • Customers either add a geographical location to their search term, such as "Toronto dentist," or use a yellow pages-style search engine that provided results based on a specific zip code and the search term or category. 4 Local SEO - Introduction Source: Comscore State of Local Business Search - July 2011
  • 5.  Local Web Search Portals; Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL:  Local Portals; Google Places, Bing Maps, Yahoo! Local, MapQuest:  Internet Yellow :  General Directories:  Local Directories:  Social Networks:  Review Sites: 5 Local SEO - Introduction
  • 6. Local SEO Google changes • There have been 3 major changes: 1. Google places became Google plus local : May 30, 2012 2. Merging Google+ Local and Google+ Business Pages : availiable for those under category « local business ». 3. Custom URLs for profiles and pages: short, easy to remember web address that links directly to profile or page on Google+.
  • 7. 7 Local SEO – Google changes Before Now
  • 8. 8 Local SEO – Google changes Before Now
  • 9. 9 Local SEO – Google changes Before Now https://plus.google.com/11 0937137992985950150
  • 10. Local SEO Ranking factors There are 3 main factors that impact rankings in local search: 1. Distance from Centroide : Having a physical address in the city of the search matters. 2. NAP consistency and accuracy : Name, Adress, Phone information over all mediums. 3. Prominence of page : score may be generated based on a set of factors that includes: Reviews, Citations and Links.
  • 11. • Distance From « Centroide » : the geographic center of the area searched. • New geolocation tools based on user IP addresses and mobile apps delivering hyper-local results could have future implications on this factor. 11 Local SEO - Ranking factors
  • 12. • NAP Consistency and Accuracy 12 Local SEO - Ranking factors Business Name, Phone #, A business name, a phone number and a domain that NEVER change are at the core of a SMBs online identity. Name, phone and domain; these elements are the glue that allows for both branding, and for the value of that branding to come back to the business. Pick them well and make every effort to retain them forever. N.A.P. The acronym for Name, Address and Phone number. The whole of the local ecosystem uses these basic identifiers to keep track of the business listing and identity. Changing them, for whatever reason, risks confusing the many directories and search engines that are tracking the specific business location. It ultimately risks confusing the customer as well. Web equity BY Mike Blumenthal : owning your local web presence
  • 13. Page Prominence : • To calculate the local prominence of a business, Google use the information they find online. Each web page with business information they discover is called “local citation”. • They look at both the quality and quantity of these citations. • Generating user reviews on a Places page improves credibility and, in turn, prominence. 13 Local SEO - Ranking factors
  • 14. 14 Local SEO – Ranking factors David MIHM - June 2012 Participants were asked to rank 90 possible positive factors and 18 possible negative factors that drive Google's Local Search algorithms. Source: Local Search Ranking Factors by David MIHM, June 2012
  • 15. Bizible - April 2012 • During March, there was Google Venice Update “Improvements to ranking for local search results”. • Here’s report including changes : • Bizible confirmed the importance of search category, physical address and city visible “at a glance” on places. 15 Local SEO – Ranking factors
  • 16. • These terms, located in the "At a glance" section on Google Places listings, are a distillation of all the information that Google can find about a business, in as few words as possible. They can be from reviews, web pages, articles -- from just about any content on the web. Our algorithm tries to select a good description for each place, leaning towards what is interesting, specific, and unique. 16 Local SEO – Ranking factors About ‘At glance’ section Dec. 2011, Google Places introduced words “At a glance” next to the “descriptor snippets”:
  • 17. • Onpage : there still needs to be descriptions and text; at least 300 characters so that the content will interact with the search engines. • Matt Cuts of Google corroborated this when he stated that 2 to 3 sentences for each locality on site would be sufficient. 17 Local SEO – Onpage Optimization
  • 18. 18 Local SEO – Onplace Optimization This optimization shall provide the place page on Google+ local the base to meet best practices and align with website page info to have accurate NAP (Name, Address, Phone).
  • 19. 19 Local SEO – Linkbuilding/Citations
  • 20. • Article 2.0 properties digged locally: posted to some 2.0 properties such like Tumblr, Blogger, Wordpress… linking to locations pages. • Local targeted news website: local business directories, local newspapers and local bloggers hosted on local servers (IP based). • The vendor network: identify local vendors that have a website and may add review of properties or listings on their site. 20 Local SEO – Link Building News • Links IP based • Article marketing Directories • Links to website • Unique description Blogs • Guest blogging • Comments Contractors Resellers Installers
  • 21. 21 Local SEO – Citations Source : The Local Search Ecosystem in Canada
  • 22. 22 Local SEO – Reviews
  • 23. 23 Local SEO – Social/Mobile
  • 24. • Shema markup Local businesses : • KML Sitemaps : • Wikipedia articles : • Freebase local organizations : 24 Local SEO – Semantic optimization
  • 25. 25 Local SEO – Page prominence
  • 26. 26 Local SEO – Page prominence
  • 27. Citation finder Tool White spark 27