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MedicYatra provides the safe Genu Valgum (Knock knee) treatment and Surgery at its affiliate & trusted hospitals & clinics in various metro cities of India, like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune etc.Our Associate Board certified doctors are extensively trained and vastly experienced and have performed hundreds of such cases at our state of the art JCI accredited hospitals & Clinics. Our aim is to provide you the best of the services at the most affordable costs. Don't forget to say hi at

Genu Valgum Treatment & Surgery

  1. 1. Email: Knock Knees Genu ValgumCopyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  2. 2. Email: DEFINITION• Defined by position of knees such that, when standing with knees together, the medial malleoli are not touching. Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  3. 3. Email: Normal Development• Most children are “bowlegged” from birth until around 3 years old, then become “knock kneed” until age 4 to 5, and straighten towards adult alignment by age 6 to 7. Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  4. 4. Email: CAUSES Unilateral Bilateral• Asymmetric growth: • Physiological: common • Metabolic: renal1-Trauma. osteodystrophy, rickets, h ypophosphatemia.2-Infection. • Neuromuscular: cerebral palsy. • Haemotological:3-Tumor to tibia. myelodysplsia • Skeletal dysplasia: congenital dislocation of patella Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  5. 5. Email: Presentation• Knees touch each other while standing.• Legs are curved inwardly.• Too much distance between feet. Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd Copyright @ Forever
  6. 6. Email: EXAMINATIONIn the consultation room:1- Always compare the two knees.2- Watch the patient walk.3- Looks at the knees whilst standing. Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  7. 7. Measurement of intermalleolar Email: distance• intermalleolar distance is a Distance between two malleoli when the knees are gently touching with legs in adduction.• Up to 3 and a half inches (9 centimeters) with child lying down is acceptable. Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  8. 8. Email: Possible Complications• Difficulty walking (very rare).• Self-esteem changes related to cosmetic appearance of knock knees.• If left untreated (for patients with intermalleolar distance which is more than 9 cm and for age group 7 years), knock knees can lead to early arthritis of the knee. Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  9. 9. Email: Management RAPRIOPCopyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  10. 10. Email: Reassurance1- Most parents are happy to be reassured that their childs deformity is within normal limits and will disappear.2- Some may need their confidence boosted by returning for fresh measurements to be made six-monthly until they are convinced it is disappearing.3- For those who are still sceptical, radiographic examination may be sufficient to alleviate their anxiety with or without the addition of an orthopaedic opinion. Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  11. 11. Email: Advice• To measure natural improvement, Advice Parents to take photographs of the child in standing with their kneecaps pointing forward every 6 months. Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  12. 12. Email: Prescription (Treatment) Non-Operative Operative• Special • Epiphysiodesis shoes, exercise (physeal stapling) of programs, splints and medial side, or braces are not corrective osteotomy recommended, as in children 10 years these conditions old with intermalleolar usually correct and distance 10 cm. improve over time with normal growth. Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  13. 13. Email: When to Refer ?• Age > 7 years with knock knees.• Unilateral problem i.e Asymmetry of legs.• Intermalleolar distance > 3.5 inches (9 cms).• Associated symptoms e.g Pain, Limp. Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  14. 14. Email: Investigations X-rays Laboratory tests• No X-ray required until • CBC, phosphorus, creati 18 months of age, then nine and alkaline AP and lateral standing phosphotase may be full leg length views. ordered if a systemic or metabolic abnormality is suspected. Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  15. 15. Email: Observe (Follow Up) • Observe the patient every 6 months.Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  16. 16. Email: Prevention• There is no known prevention for normal knock knees. Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  17. 17. Email: • .Thank youCopyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd