Mediawijsheid in Finland door Rauna Rahja

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Vree Mediawijze Dag, 28 januari 2014, KVS

Vree Mediawijze Dag, 28 januari 2014, KVS

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  • 1.       Finnish  Perspec,ves  to       Media  and  Informa,on  Literacies     Rauna  Rahja   Finnish  Society  on  Media  Educa4on     Vree  Mediawijze  dag  /  Brussels  /  28.1.2014    
  • 2. Finnish  Society  on  Media  Educa,on     •  Associa4on  opera4ng  na4onwide  in  two  main  languages  (Finnish   and  Swedish)   •  Aims  to  develop  and  promote  the  field,  research  and  prac4ces  of   media  educa4on  and  media  literacies  in  Finland   •  Founded  in  2005  by  Finnish  researchers  and  professionals  on   media  and  media  educa4on   •  Funded  by  Ministry  of  Educa4on  and  Culture  and  its  members   •  Over  200  personal  and  student  members,  50  community   members    ‫•  ‏‬  
  • 3. Finnish  Media  Educa,on  in  brief   •  Small  country  with  a  vivid  field  of  media   educa4on  –  wide  variety  of  actors   •  ”The  promised  land  of  associa4ons”     –  but  also  a  bunch  of  various  projects…   •  Changing  media  landscape  and  growing  use  of   media  challenges  media  educa4on   •  New  actors  and  policies  evolving   •  Co-­‐opera4on  and  mul4professionality  is  the  key!     •  Different  views  but  a  same  common  goal  to   improve  media  literacy  in  Finland  
  • 4. Source:  KAVI,  2014  
  • 5. Poli,cal  decision  making  and  media  literacy   Child and Youth Policy Programme (2012-2015) Responsible ministries: Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Transport and Communication and Ministry of Social Affairs and Health National Knowledge Society Strategy (2007-2015) Responsible actors: Ministry of Education and culture, Finnish National Board of Education, Ministry of Justice/democracy unit, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Finnish Broadcasting Company Act on the Finnish Centre for Media Education and Audiovisual Programmes 2011 -> Act on Finnish Audiovisual Institute 2014 New National core curricula on basic education (2013-2016), followed by the core curricula in upper secondary school education in 2016 Responsible actor: National Board of Education Good Media Literacy: National Policy Guidelines 2013-2016 Responsible actor: Ministry of Education and Culture
  • 6. ‘Good  Media  Literacy’  Guidelines     ‘Good  Media  Literacy’  –   Na4onal  Policy   Guidelines  2013–2016   (Ministry  of  Educa4on   and  Culture     in  co-­‐opera4on  with   other  actors)   hep://    
  • 7. What  is  good  media  literacy  then?   •  Not  only  about  informa4on,  skills,     competence  and  mastering  the  use  of  media   •  Involves  par4cipa4on,  being  ac4ve  as  a   ci4zen,  cri4cal  thinking,  crea4vity  and  self-­‐ expression     •  Approaches  ML  in  a  broad  sense   •  Is  acquired  in  many  different  senngs   •  Links  many  sectors  of  society  
  • 8. Char,ng  the  challenges     of  Finnish  media  educa,on     (Actors  in  the  Finnish  field  of  media  educa,on  /  FSME  Survey  2012)   1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  Regional  inequality   Funding,  problems  considering  project  funding   Challenges  in  target  group  thinking   Challenges  in  educa4on/training   Lots  of  material,  but…   Difficul4es  in  coopera4on   Copyright  challenges   Lack  of  conrete  evalua4on  models  and  methods     Posi4ve  views:  will  to  con4nue  the  work  and  to  co-­‐operate,     will  to  develop  the  quality  and  sustainability  of  media  educa4on!      
  • 9. Media  Educa,on  in  Finnish  Libraries     The  development  of  media  educa4on  in  public   libraries  has  been  supported  for  years.       From  2004  on  libraries  have  been  highlighted  as   public  cultural  ins4tu4ons  that  can  func4on  as   important  providers  of  media  educa4on.       Libraries  are  also     men4oned  as  central     actors  in  the  promo4on     of  digital  equality     between  the  regions.  
  • 10. In  general   The  na4onal  development  of  media  educa4on  provided   by  public  libraries  has  been  supported  in  2006–2010,  a   total  of  EUR  680,000:       Opera4onal  models  and  materials  for  media   educa4on  carried  out  by  libraries  and  training  for   library  professionals.       Training  for  regional  providers  of  media  educa4on  for   libraries,  a  collec4on  of  ar4cles  and  learning  material   for  the  purpose.       A  media  educa4on  website  for  library  professionals.     Current  topics:  games  and  different  literacies,  also   projects  aiming  to  establish  ME  in  libraries  
  • 11.   Libraries  and  Media  2012   (Ministry  of  Educa4on  and  Culture)     Research  focuses  on:    the  status  of  media  educa4on  in     municipal  public  libraries  in  Finland    antudes  and  concep4ons  with  reference  to   media  educa4on,      the  visibility  of  media  educa4on  projects  and   materials  and      the  realisa4on  of  media  educa4on  in  the  daily   ac4vi4es  of  libraries.    
  • 12. –  study  results:  importance  of  ME       Library  is  considered  to  be  a  very  important   provider  of  media  educa4on  by  1/3  of  the   respondents  and  rather  important  by  half  of  the   respondents.       The  most  important  goal:  inspiring  children  to   read.     Central  topics  in  media  educa4on:  informa4on   management  skills  and  the  ability  to  differen4ate   fact  and  fic4on.  
  • 13. –  study  results:  projects  and  staff     Past  2  years,  4/5  libraries  involved  in  some   na4onal,  regional  or  local  media  educa4on   project.       16  per  cent  of  the  libraries  are  involved  in  some   network  related  to  media  educa4on.       In  25  per  cent  of  the  libraries,  media  educa4on   or  the  promo4on  of     media  literacy  has  been     incorporated  into  the  job     descrip4on  of  a  staff  member.    
  • 14. –  study  results:  ME  in  ac,on  plans     1/5  of  libraries  either  incorporate  media   educa4on  into  the  ac4on  plan  or  a  separate   media  educa4on  plan  has  been  prepared.       In  1/3  of  the  libraries,  a  plan  for  library-­‐school   coopera4on  had  been  drawn  up  in  coopera4on   with  the  schools  and  in  1/3  the  coopera4on  plan   had  been  drawn  up  independently.  
  • 15. –  study  results:  working  methods   and  target  groups     The  most  common  working  method  in  media   educa4on  carried  out  by  libraries  is  school  visits   and  so  called  story  hours.     A  firh  of  the  libraries  also     provide  media  educa4on     on  a  regular  basis     to  0  to  8-­‐year-­‐olds.       More  than  half  of  the  libraries  provide  media   educa4on  at  least  occasionally  to  adults  and   senior  ci4zens.    
  • 16. Thank  you!   Ques,ons,  comments?  or     More  informa,on:   Reports  and  guidelines     Finnish  Media  Educa4on.  Promo4ng  Media  and   Informa4on  Literacy  in  Finland  (KAVI,  2014)     Good  Media  Literacy.  Na4onal  Policy  Guidelines   2013-­‐2016     (Finnish  Ministry  on  Educa4on  and  Culture,  2013)     Libraries  and  Media  2012.  Study  on  the  status  of   media  educa4on  in  public  libraries.   (Finnish  Ministry  of  Educa4on  and  Culture,  2012,   summary  in  English)     Research  and  publica4ons  about  Media  Educa4on   in  Finland,  media  use  of  children  and  young   people  etc.  by  Finnish  Society  on  Media  Educa4on   Organisa,ons     Finnish  Society  on  Media  Educa4on's  website  provides   news,  publica4ons  and  informa4on  about  media   educa4on  in  Finland  -­‐  also  a  newsleeer  in  English!     Na4onal  Audiovisual  Ins4tute  (KAVI)  and   The  Finnish  Centre  for  Media  Educa4on  and   Audiovisual  Programmes  (MEKU)     Verke  -­‐  Na4onal  Development  Centre  for  Online  Youth   Work     Libraries  in  Finland     Media  Educa4on  site  for  Libraries    (in  Finnish)     Video:  Libraries  as  Media  Educators