MEDIATOOLStv 2011 a company presentation


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A company presentation about MEDIATOOLStv, a leading company producing high quality online video, video broadcasting and social media internationally.

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MEDIATOOLStv 2011 a company presentation

  1. 1. MEDIATOOLStv Pioneering and leader in providing high quality online video and broadcasting across the globe. Available in English and Spanish
  2. 2. Contents <ul><li>Who we are
  3. 3. Definitions
  4. 4. What we do
  5. 5. Our social networks
  6. 6. Our clients
  7. 7. A truly global company
  8. 8. Why MEDIATOOLStv
  9. 9. Team and Contact </li></ul>
  10. 10. MEDIATOOLStv has been established for four years and has wide experience in video broadcast, online video as well as corporate video. During this time we have seen the taking off of online video, the growth of social networking and the rise of internet users demanding more from the internet, as well the arrival of companies specialising in audiovisual material MEDIATOOLStv is a company offering audiovisual communication for television and internet, specialising in video broadcast for TV MEDIATOOLStv films, edits and distributes your online content both nationally and internationally, both in English and Spanish. We produce and assess the client's audiovisual need and a global service to get their message across, whilst taking into account their needs MEDIATOOLStv produces and distributes high quality online and video broadcasts for PR and marketing purposes in English and Spanish. A. Who we are
  11. 11. Video communication Just like a traditional press release but with images. It's content can vary; a news item, product promotion or to reinforce a brand. In essence it's to spead news. Its duration is no longer than two minutes, but can be distibuted to TV networks and online media. Press Centre Our online distribution centre, with content in both Spanish and English. This space allows the press, online media and television to download whenever needed audiovisual content free of charge, for their broadcast or distribution. This can be accessed anywhere in the world. Quality broadcast Our quality is so high that TV networks like to use it. Online video Video clips for online use which exploit he power of social networks to get their message across and give more dominance to brands, companies and organisations. YouTube The world's biggest online video platform. We are partners. Social Networks Communities of internet users, bloggers, creators and journalists who participate in online conversation and the exchanging of content across networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and YouTube Corporate video Video produced by companies with the aim of communicating with their public Video-streaming Distributing contents live and in real time across the internet . This includes the filming and broadcasting of an event as it takes place so that any person can see it as it happens from any part of the world. B. Definitions
  12. 12. C.What we do We have turned audiovisual communication into something multifaceted. From its first broadcast, it becomes web 2.0 content We produce video communication and vodcasts for online media, social networks and blogs, high quality broadcast for TV neworks, videoclips for YouTube, mp3 for radio and online, as well as corporate videos. MEDIATOOLStv has created a unique platform for distributing your content: Our own PRESS CENTRE or your personal online PRESS DOSSIER in English or Spanish MEDIATOOLStv offers the possibility of distributing video content to TV networks in high quality and for online media organisations, we offer online video. With just a simple click, a wide range of media institutions can download images, photographs, MP3 and video your content. We work with the client for distribution of content to TV networks, online media, social networks and blogs. MEDIATOOLStv gives your the possibility of creating a press centre or even a platform for your company, organisation, media network or even news item. We also create your own YouTube account, produce the content, maintain it and help it acheive good online visibility and SEO. Our added value: All our products are international, accesible throughout the world. We work in four languages; English, Spanish, French and Dutch
  13. 13. D. Our social networks
  14. 14. We have produced content for many well known and prestigious multinationals E. Our clients
  15. 15. Although we are based in Madrid, Spain, we are capable of producing content for anywhere in the world and we have great experience of working with international clients worldwide brands. As a global company, MEDIATOOLStv understands the world. Many members of our staff are bilingual and international with experience of working in several countries. Also we believe we offer a better quality service at a much more competitive price than many local companies. We are a company with true global vision. F. A truly global company
  16. 16. G. Why choose MEDIATOOLStv? MEDIATOOLStv is an agency dedicated to audiovisual and online content. Our team comprises of: <ul><ul><li>Experts from the PR, communication and marketing industries
  17. 17. Highly experienced journalists
  18. 18. Specialists in television, film and broadcasting
  19. 19. Internet and audiovisual professionals
  20. 20. Multilingual and international staff </li></ul></ul>MEDIATOOLStv prides itself on its high quality professional products and the wide experience of its staff in the fields of television, internet, audiovisual production, PR, marketing and communication, both nationally and internationally. We understand the world and its people. We speak your language. Forever pioneers!
  21. 21. H. Team and contacts Team Director: Lucrecia Aldao Online and audiovisual: Wim Van den Broeck Camera operators: Carlos de la Maza Gundin Roberto Secunza Time-lapse Alvaro Secunza Journalists: Alberto Zapata Pilar Hernández Social Media Kate Harries Contact Lucrecia Aldao Director General MEDIATOOLStv [email_address] +34 629 421 926/ +34 91 562 7854 Castelló 120 28006 Madrid, Spain © MEDIATOOLStv 2011