The value story webinar (march 27th 2013) yellow pages online directories the first step to increase online visibility

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  • Welcome to our VIP Webinar Series for CMRs
  • Introduction to the speakers – BRIEF 5 minutes of who each person is and snippet of their bio
  • Vic to let everyone know to tweet and share content + we will send you our latest eBook after the webinar.
  • So, we’ll begin the webinar today with an overview of the Digital Search Landscape for YPThis slide ranks our top Online headings in terms of total Searches for 2012. What’s interesting to note when looking at the various headings outlined on this slide is the diversity that exists & the opportunity that this represents for various top industries.Worth noting as well, amongst the top 10 results, we can see Restaurants, Banks, Hotels, Pizza – all of which represent great opportunities for National customers.
  • Similarly, when we look at our top Mobile headings, we observe similar patterns. Although the usage is different on mobile and we do observe some key differences in search behaviour, once again the landscape if very diverse and filled with great opportunities for many industry sectors.Again, amongst the top 10 results we find our same National contenders: Restaurants, Pizza, Banks & Hotels! So although mobile usage does create some unique opportunities, some patterns remain platform agnostic.
  • More than ever before people are searching for information about businesses around them. And it’s much easier to do with the late surge in smartphone and tablet usage.But, to be chosen first, you need to be seen first! Here’s how – that’s where Priority Placement is critical to boost a business’s results within a crowded SERP.But it’s not just about being first… To actually be chosen (or clicked on in a list of results), it is critical that the business have all the relevant content that users are looking for (such as a complete address, reviews, deals, logos). This content and ensuring the content is accurate is the true enabler that drives conversion from the SERP to the MP and that ultimately will transform clicks into calls and advertising investment into revenue (ROI)!
  • So, this brings me into our next section – the Yellow Pages Value StoryThe Yellow Pages Value Story starts with a very bold statement: Our properties generate over 9M UV’s & 23M Searches per month.But one very important piece of this is that is just part of the story. Our properties also consist of C411, Canpages & RFD & alone account for – 6 million UVs per monthCanpages – 1.5 million UV’s per monthRed Flag Deals – 1.9 UV’s per monthAnd as a reminder, one investment in Priority Placement delivers Value across all these properties, which means one simple step for a huge opportunity!
  • Now pushing this further, if we were to compare clicks across different media, we would not be comparing apples to apples. As an example, if you only looked at cost per click, YPG has a much higher cost per click than search engines do. This is why it’s so increadibly important to move the discussion from clicks to total number of calls. The platforms perform very differently and that’s why there is a higher click volume on search engines vs. We were able to calculate Click to call ratios by using over 4500 placement programs over the period of Sept 2011 to April 2012 which had both click volumes and call tracking studies. By looking at each of these programs and the number of clicks in a month and the number calls we could calculate the ratio of number of clicks per call. These ratios vary considerably by heading so we have a click to call ratio for most of our top headings.Overall, fewer clicks are required to generate a call on when compared to other media, such as Google or Yahoo.
  • But, as previously mentioned, to get clicks and calls, your clients need to be well positioned on the SERP.That’s why we have a complete mix of 5 online priority placement options to secure the optimal visibility for your clients.
  • We have analysed the product performance data that we have collected on over 50,000 priority placement products we have sold to date, and we now know the specific results they deliver. Hence, we are now able to quantify for advertisers the increase in clicks and calls they can expect to receive by moving up the product ladder or by adding a specific product to their portfolio.
  • SAY with EMPHASIS **** The information included in this visual is the #1 reason YPG has introduced new mobile products (3x more searches): the impressive increase of mobile usage in general and more so, the outstanding number of searches (it has tripled over the last 15 months) and consumers have downloaded our mobile apps 4.7 million times (apps = not only our mobile app).SAY We launched our first mobile placement product 15 months ago, the MSP. A little over a year after, we needed to revisit our mobile priority placement strategy to align it with today’s reality.
  • So, before we go on, we thought we could show you this case study, which demonstrates the Value that was delivered as a result of migrating a customers investment from Print only to Online.This case highlights a particular account that has multiple locations, but was not getting the online visibility that they needed.The account was revised so as to re-price the Print Buy in order to fund some Online Investment.This resulted in the client adding 10 online placement products to their portfolio for roughly the same overall investment.Client focus report includes call tracking studies for the client from 2011-2013Ad unit costs are based on Rates and Data adjusted to reflect an average discount. The discount acknowledges publisher incentive programs available to clients.Factors used in the analysis are industry standards: customer value, $1049.88, sales conversion rate, 32%; and profit margin, 25% (PAYS, 2009- The LSAPerfomance Tracking Report). ROI and CPC calculations are based on rate minus applicable discounts
  • So, it’s clear and rather obvious that improved placement (or ranking or visibility) improves results that we can deliver to a client. If the client is not easily seen or noticed by consumers, they are far less likely to be chosen by a consumer. Advertisers can easily boost their sales by investing in stronger placement on to maximize their visibility. Positioning placement at the portfolio level means including the whole story: For example, advertisers can easily increase their online placement performance by an average of 30% by adding mobile placement – (and they can tailor both their online and mobile program to be competitive in both environments.)And increasingly, the benefits of placement are not only delivered via our and our YP mobile platform – an advertisers’ placement investment pays off in preferred ranking on our other YPG properties and our partners search results too.
  • Placement Products are not just about a position or ranking on a SERP – the value goes way beyond the SERP…The YP Network allow Placement advertisers to:1 – Obtain prominent visibility on YP properties2 – Pushed for extra reach on parter sites and platforms3 – Pull more consumers from Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and BingThis integrated solution means our customers benefit from all of the properties and partnerships that YPG has built so that no matter where or how consumers are looking – they will find the business, product and/or service they need right in their own neighborhood. In a simple WORLD, all the local search traffic - a user looking for a plumber in Toronto, for example - would come directly to or one of our other owned an operated properties. However, the world of search is much more complex. Users now have more and more ways to access local business information.At YPG, your advertiser’s digital profile is disseminated across our extensive digital network. This includes:exposure both online and on mobile our own extensive universe of owned and operated properties partnerships with many well-known online playersThis network allows YPG to play a critical role in two important ways:For major Internet players – YPG is the trusted source of business informationFor advertisers – YPG simplifies digital marketing by disseminating their critical business information and content wherever consumers are looking. So, the Yellow Pages Digital Network can not only help extend the general reach and exposure of our business listings and content but ALSO helps extend the specific PRIORITY PLACEMENT BENEFITS of our advertisers.
  • One simple investment, delivers all this value and reaches ready to buy consumers, no matter how and where they search
  • Millions of Search Results every month start on search engines. That’s because the high relevancy of Yellow Pages listings means they get indexed and ranked higher by search engines. That combined with our strategic partnerships ensures that we pull in additional ready-to-buy consumers from search engines to generate incremental value for our customers.
  • But that’s not all we do for our Priority Placement advertisers…Having a Priorityplacement product (such as SP or GSP) obviously gives premium placement on all relevant search results on (#1 on slide)In this example, we’re looking for Pizza in Montreal. YPG is always looking for new ways to push our advertiser’s data in additional relevant contexts. Additional exposure is provided to all priority placement advertisers on the business profile of related non-advertisers – with preference going to GSP and SP over L2, etc. (#2 on slide)Another example is to have relevant placement advertisers (being pushed to) appear on a business name search for a non-advertisers (below the ‘searched for’ business).All additional impressions, clicks and calls from these additional exposures are captured in YellowPagesAnalytics.
  • And we also give premium exposure to Priority Placement advertisers for relevant searches on Red Flag Deals.
  • So, let’s look into one final case study to demonstrate the power of YPG’s Digital Network.I just want to start by saying here that although we are referring to a specific advertiser, the information contained here is available in the public domain and we will not be divulging anything that is not already available to the public.So, this particular advertiser, Roto-Rooter, purchased a GSP in Plumbing Contractors / Vancouver. And this GSP rotates along with 2 others in the first 3 positions on
  • But purcshasinga GSP also means obtaining prime visibility on Canpages.caI remind you that Canapages represents an additional 1.5M UV’s per month
  • Let’s talk about our Yahoo deal. Not only are we pushing our relevant business information to populate the search results. But we are ALSO giving priority to our online product placement advertisers in these results.The Yahoo deal, launched on October 10, 2012 represents YPG’s largest YellowAPI deal to date, whereby Yahoo integrated Yellow API into their online search results. When a user searches for plumbers in Vancouver, 5 local search results will be pulled live from YellowAPI . Notice that with YellowAPI, we also push the ratings from their YP listings into yahoo as well. This really makes the listing pop-out from the pack. So the importance of telling advertisers to get their customers to provide ratings and reviews becomes more important as this rating will also be distributed through to yahoo. If the user clicks on any of the five businesses listed – they will be taken to the YP (co-branded) business profile page of that business. If the user clicks on “plumbers near Vancouver” (click) – they will be taken to the relevant YP (co-branded) search results page for a complete set of results. What is really exciting is that (click) the top five listings that will be presented to yahoo users will be that of our top paying advertisers. This definitely increases the value of our priority placement products as they will now directly be pushed into one of the top search engines in Canada for local queries. This also means a significant increase in the trackable performance in YP Analytics: clicking on any of the 5 business listings will direct users to the business profile pages and clicking on more local listings will generate the relevant search results page from
  • Now, pushing this case study one step further.Here we see the power of the’s SEO in delivering the YP local lisiting for Roto Rooters in the first page of results. Hence pulling in even more consumers to contribute to the overall value of one simple investment.
  • Introduction to the speakers – BRIEF 5 minutes of who each person is and snippet of their bio


  • 2. TODAY’S SPEAKERS Melanie Gale Director, Placement Products & Performance Reporting Yellow Pages Group Victoria Hart VP National Sales Mediative 27 mars 2013 
  • 3. Engage with us on twitter• #MediativeVIPWebinar• Following the webinar, you will receive our latest eBook: Location-Based Marketing Made Easy: A Marketer’s Guide
  • 4. AGENDA01. The Search Landscape02. The Value Story03. Case Study Insights04. The Approach
  • 5. THE SEARCH LANDSCAPE TOP 50 SEARCHES ON YELLOWPAGES.CA Most Popular Headings: Fall 2012 1. Restaurants 6. Physicians & Surgeons 2. Beauty Salons 7. Hotels 3. Dentists 8. Clinics-Medical 4. Lawyers 9. Pizza 5. Banks 10. Furniture Dealers-Retail11. Veterinarians 21. Motels 31. Funeral Homes 41. Automobile Dealers-Used12. Florists-Retail 22. Government Listings 32. Health, Fitness & Exercise Cars13. Garages-Auto Repairing 23. Churches & Other Places of Services 42. Roofing Contractors14. Contractors-General Worship 33. Massage Therapists-Regd. 43. Moving and Storage15. Chinese Foods 24. Automobile Dealers-New Cars 34. Electric Contractors 44. Electronic Equipment &16. Computer Sales & 25. Optometrists 35. Landscape Contractors & Supplies-Retail Service 26. Tire Dealers-Retail Designers 45. Child Care Services17. Clinics 27. Renovations & Home 36. Appliances-Major-Sales & 46. Automobile Renting18. Employment Agencies Improvements Service 47. Escort Service19. Estheticians 28. Caterers 37. Hospitals 48. Pharmacies20. Plumbing Contractors 29. Sporting Goods-Retail 38. Automobile Repairing & 49. Kitchen Cabinets 30. Pet Grooming-Clipping & Service 50. Retirement Communities & Washing 39. Grocers-Retail Homes 40. Travel Agencies Source: YPG Internal Data, by click volume January to December 2012
  • 6. THE SEARCH LANDSCAPETOP 50 SEARCHES ON YELLOWPAGES MOBILE Most Popular Headings: Fall 2012 1. Restaurants 6. Dentists 2. Beauty Salons 7. Taxis 3. Pizza 8. Lawyers 4. Physicians & Surgeons 9. Hotels 5. Banks 10. Clinics-Medical11. Grocers-Retail 21. Churches & Other Places 31. Schools-Academic-Elementary & 41. Electric Contractors12. Veterinarians of Worship Secondary 42. Shoes-Retail13. Pharmacies 22. Estheticians 32. Pet Grooming Services 43. Women’s Apparel-14. Garages-Auto Repairing 23. Automobile Parts & 33. Escort Services Retail15. Furniture Dealers- Suppliers-New 34. Employment Agencies 44. Funeral Homes Retail 24. Health Fitness & 35. Child Care Services 45. Chiropractors D.C.16. Tire Dealers-Retail Exercise Services 36. Automobile Body Repairing & 46. Spas-Beauty, Health &17. Automobile Dealers- 25. Optometrists Painting Destination New Cars 26. Caterers 37. Automobile Dealers-Used Cars 47. Renovations & Home18. Sporting Goods-Retail 27. Contractors-General 38. Service Stations-Gasoline, Oil & Improvements19. Florists-Retail 28. Motels Natural Gas 48. Tattooing20. Computer Sales & 29. Hospitals 39. Travel Agencies 49. Automobile - Renting Service 30. Plumbing Contractors 40. Appliance-Major-Sales & Service 50. Jewellers-Retail Source: YPG Internal Data, by click volume January to December 2012
  • 7. YELLOW INSIGHTS WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR ADVERTISERS? Hints: 1. Need to be within the first page results. 2. The more content on your listing the better: Reviews, Deals, Imagery. 3. Accurate Name, Address, Phone Number.These tips are critical not only for customer experience but your business rankings and impact on search optimization.
  • 8. VALUE STORYYELLOWPAGES.CA IS JUST THE START• 9 Million Unique Visitors per month• 23 Million Searches per month Source – Comscore Dec 2011-Dec 2012
  • 9. THE VALUE STORYDELIVERING CALLS Banner ads 1. Awareness Newspaper circulation Impressions Traffic past a billboard 2. Interest Open rate on emails Visits/Clicks Clicks on videos, photos 3. Evaluation , reviews, etc 4. Contact Calls Calls, Email, Quote request, call back request, Driving directions 5. Sale Conversion Rate, Average Value of Sale
  • 10. THE VALUE STORY CLICK TO CALL RATIOS Clicks 3.5 18 Calls 1 1Source of click to call ratios: median click to call ratios developed by heading using over4500 GSP/SP call tracking studies running from June 2010 to May 2011 (minimum 5 call tracking Source of paid search click to call ratios: YPG SEM campaignsstudies in a heading to establish a click to call ratio)
  • 11. THE VALUE STORYYP.CA ONLINE PRIORITY PLACEMENTTo get clicks and calls, you need to have a good position on the SERPInventory Placement: listing appears at the topof the list ahead of the competitors.Recommended solution for Cosmo and CentroMarkets.Non-Inventory Placement: the competitive edgethe business needs in local markets and specificcategories.Recommended solution for Metro and TownsMarkets. Up to 15x more clicks with Online Priority Placement compared to regular listings2 2) click data, Sept 2011- May 2012, 4336 market/heading combinations.. Represents national average. Individual results may vary. 11
  • 12. THE VALUE STORYSTEP UP TO STRONGER PERFORMANCE The impact of positioning on SERP Source: click data, Sept 2011- May 2012, 4336 market/heading combinations.. Represents national average. Individual results may vary.
  • 13. THE VALUE STORYYELLOW PAGES MOBILE Mobile searches have TRIPLED in 15 months! Source: YPG Internal 2012 data and the 2012 Canadian Business Usage Study [Q3 report]
  • 14. THE VALUE STORY UDAC: MOSFEATURES – MOBILE SPONSOREDPLACEMENT PRESTIGE • Appears in position #1 (top search results) in rotation1 • Limited inventory: Max 6 • Larger display (40% bigger than all other results on a results page) • Prominent blue background • Click to call button Call • Business logo on search results page • 200 character Promo text only on the Profile page • Locations list (Multiple Locations) link on search results page Broadcaster 30% more clicks and calls • Included ! when Mobile Sponsored Placement is added to any Online Priority Placement3
  • 15. THE VALUE STORY UDAC: MOSFEATURES – MOBILE SPONSOREDPLACEMENT PRESTIGE DEAL • Each MOS advertisers will have the ability to publish one deal to their business profile page for as long as they wish (within the MOS contract period). • The deal will appear on both their online and mobile listing and business profile page for FREE!
  • 16. THE VALUE STORY UDAC: MOLFEATURES – MOBILE SPONSOREDPLACEMENT LEADER • Appears in position #5 (before the crease/scroll down) in rotation • Prominent blue background • Click to call button Call • 200 character Promo text only on the Profile page • Locations list (Multiple Locations) link on search results page Inventory • Unlimited, in rotation Availability • All mobile headings and all markets Pricing • Market / Heading based
  • 17. CASE STUDY MIGRATION TO ONLINE SOLUTION: • Client with multiple locations not getting • Total account value: $423,495.11 online visibility. • Headings: Moving & Storage, Moving, Heavy • Spending more on print. Decided to add Hauling, Movers, and Demenagement & placement Entreposage (10 online placements – SP and GSP) Towns MarketCosmo Market Metro Market Centro Market Comox Montreal Kitchener, Ontar Saint John’s, Valley, British Core, Quebec io Newfoundland ColumbiaTotal Calls Total Calls Total Calls Total Calls(12 months) =239 (11 months) = 100 (12 months) =188 (12 months) = 97ROI: 7:1 ROI: 3:1 ROI: 8:1 ROI: 3:1CPC: $11.12 CPC: $15.43 CPC: $9.87 CPC: $27.52 The average Online CPC achieved was $23.80, which was perfectly in line with what they expected to pay for a qualified digital lead
  • 18. THE APPROACHPORTFOLIO RECOMMENDATION Advertiser business needs CMR provides an expert integrated recommendation YELLOW PAGES DIGITAL PROGRAM Placement Content Markets Headings Results from the YELLOW PAGES DIGITAL NETWORK (Online, Mobile and Partners) All of these product components work together (interdependent) to impact overall program performance.
  • 19. THE APPROACH POSITIONING PLACEMENT Online Placement Comparative Clicks & Calls Volume Adding MOBILE placement to placement Increases calls and YPG actively extendsclicks by an average of : the value of placement through the Yellow 30%! Pages Digital Network The Total Value of Placement
  • 20. WHY YELLOW PAGES?A NETWORK THAT CONNECTS • 1.5 million local business listings with • 25 million online Canadians and • 16 million with smartphones¹ Source: ¹Mobile Comscore Report 2012.
  • 21. WHY YELLOW PAGES? YELLOWPAGES.CA AND BEYOND Premium exposure on Yellow Pages and selected partners.Any investmentin PriorityPlacementdelivers value. Note: Business listings on is for applicable headings only. Source: comScore Media Metrix, January 2013
  • 22. WHY YELLOW PAGES?SEARCH ENGINE RESULTSWhen local buyers search on Google, Yahoo and Bing, chances are they’ll find you onYellow Pages. The high relevancy of Yellow Pages listings means they get indexed and ranked higher by search engines. A business is more likely to be found and called if the listing is placed to capture attention on Yellow Pages. Millions ofYellowPages.caSearch Results every monthstart on search engines.
  • 23. WHY YELLOW PAGES? EXTENSION VALUE OF PLACEMENT 3. Business Name Searches for Non-Advertisers- Advertiser inserted in results1. Regular Search Results Pages 12. Business Profile Page on Non-Advertisers 2 3
  • 24. WHY YELLOW PAGES?REDFLAGDEALS.CA BENEFITS OF YP’s DIGITAL NETWORK Red Flag Deals integrated Yellow Pages data (through YellowAPI) to plot businesses on its Deals Near You functionality. Priority Placement advertisers are also given premium exposure for relevant searches on RFD. 2
  • 25. CASE STUDYCLIENT WITH PRODUCT PLACEMENT Client’s placement rotates in one of top three positions.
  • 26. CASE STUDY CLIENT WITH PRODUCT PLACEMENT 2. Under the map BENEFITS OF YP’s DIGITAL NETWORK: Canpages.ca1. Regular Search Results Pages 3. Business Profile Page of Non-Advertisers
  • 28. CASE STUDY CLIENT WITH PRODUCT strong SEO delivering results on first pageYP organic result for plumbers Vancouver
  • 29. THE APPROACHYP ANALYTICS REPORTING YELLOW PAGES DIGITAL PROGRAM Placement Content Markets Headings Results from the YELLOW PAGES DIGITAL NETWORK (Online, Mobile and partners) searches YP Analytics YP Digital reports heading and market for Heading / Market data “sticks” Listing / these searches Profile data (includes Heading and Partner searches YP Analytics Market) Heading / market data does not cannot report the heading and “stick” market for these searches
  • 30. QUESTIONS FOR TODAY’S SPEAKERS Melanie Gale Director, Placement Products & Performance Reporting Yellow Pages Group Victoria Hart VP National Sales Mediative 27 mars 2013 