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Mediatainment profile

  1. 1. Welcome To The Mediatainment
  2. 2. Mediatainment Introduction Mediatainment Specialized in mobile marketing, Mobile content publishing, web designing, internet marketing and web development. The bridge between ideas and success. We are a creative and innovative firm that combines a distinct understanding of marketing strategies, with an expertise in delivery and communication.
  3. 3. Mediatainment Content Development In order to attain the status of premier mobile content services provider Mediatainment has setup a state of the art in-house mobile content production facility. Mediatainment content development team comprises of highly skilled resource based in Pakistan. This diversification of content production team enhances Mediatainment ability to deliver customized local and International content for precise needs of different market segments with different cultures and entertainment preferences.
  4. 4. Mediatainment Content Aggregation Mediatainment's comprehensive multi-regional content development teams have unmatched experience of managing some of the largest mobile content platforms of mobile operators of international repute. Our expertise has also been accredited by different mobile operators who are relying on our team for aggregation of multiple VAS platforms in different regions. Our localized content teams provide in depth analysis to network operators on consumer content preferences, and are backed up by highly scalable content aggregation systems for managing content, billing as well as content delivery of different content providers.
  5. 5. Mediatainment Services Development Mediatainment is one solution provider with complete turnkey solutions including Power equipment; network infrastructure and IT & Telecom related solutions. Mediatainment has the knowledge, experience and capability to complete challenging projects on time and on budget. Mediatainment provides one-source accountability for material procurement, installation, timeliness, and value and budget control making project installs less complicated for the customers.
  6. 6. Mediatainment Services Development The success of our company is attributed to the supreme level of customer services and the quality of the deliverables. Paying close attention to the needs of our customers has been the foundation of forming great relationships while earning Mediatainment future business opportunities. Our entire team takes an active role in each and every project we complete. From the initial site survey to the delivery of test and "as- built" documentation, our company is focused on making sure our customers’ needs are not only met, but exceeded.
  7. 7. Mediatainment Why We? We maximize value to our clients through our unique approach to business. We participate in the new economy by providing a low cost but highly professional & skilled staff for meet the challenging job and development in the power player; a professional services team that partners with you on site; and a research and development team dedicated to developing enabling technologies for the internet We combine our strategy, through project managers, architects, and consultants to provide our best services to the client for their satisfaction
  8. 8. Mediatainment Why We? We mange growth by keeping the needs of our customers in mind. Our business model is based on strong and long lasting relationships as opposed to short one-time transaction. Our project management protocols are geared towards delivering robust, high quality client solutions at ‘e-speed’. D24-Hour dedicated communication channels and shift-based development teams are just a few examples of how we ensure that our clients will benefit from our low development cost and reduce their time to market.
  9. 9. Mediatainment Telecommunication • New BTS Sites (Indoor & Outdoor) • New Microwave Links (SDH, PDH, XPIC & STM) • Expansion Sites: BTS & MW • Installation, Commissioning and Dismantling of Power Equipment (Rectifiers and BBS) • Micro Cell Sites • In-Building Solutions, IBS • RF Repeaters • COW Sites (Installation & Commissioning/Dismantling to Warehouse) • Dismantling of MW Links/BTS Sites and delivery to client warehouse • LOS/TSSR Surveys
  10. 10. Mediatainment Telecommunication • Hardware Installation/Dismantling of BSC, MSC and IN sites • Alarm Patching and Testing • Drive Tests • DCN and NMS Visibility • DXX (Ericsson Teleb 8100 & 6300), NERA and MARCONI (OMS) Installation and Commissioning • Site Audits • Site Acceptance and Snag Removal • Tower Erection/Dismantling • Civil Works • Earthing works • Complete Site Dismantling and Ware House Delivery
  11. 11. Mediatainment Operations And Maintenance Operations and Maintenance • O&M Services for BTS & MW sites • O&M Services for Generators
  12. 12. Mediatainment Fiber Optic services and solutions: Mediatainment is providing state of the art Fiber optic services to a wide range of customers. A proven track record of providing Fiber optic maintenance and deployment services.
  13. 13. Mediatainment Telephony Solutions In addition to our integrated voice and data strategy for structured cabling, we also offer telephone systems for small to medium enterprises, from small basic systems through to IP Telephony.
  14. 14. Mediatainment Wireless Solution Our Wireless Network solution addresses the market requirements for networks that are highly scalable and cost effective, offering end users secure, seamless roaming beyond traditional WLAN boundaries, and provides easy deployment in areas that do not (or cannot) support a wired backhaul. Wireless Network solution is well-suited for providing broadband wireless access in areas that traditional WLAN systems are unable to cover.
  15. 15. Mediatainment Range Of Network Services • Voice and Data Communications Systems • Structured Cabling Systems • Fiber Optic Solutions • Network Diagnostics • Network Equipment Supply • Technical Consulting • Network Topology • System Health Checks • System Integration • Wireless Networks • CCTV • Support and Maintenance Services • Data Center Designing & Services • Environmental Control System
  16. 16. Mediatainment VAS Services We source the development of: • Mobile Entertainment Content • SMS Services Development • IVR Services Development • WAP Services Development • SMS Marketing (Worldwide) • SMS Broadcast (Worldwide) • Branded SMS (Worldwide)
  17. 17. Collect SMS Globally, on average 75% of mobile users are prepaid subscribers who typically exhaust their account credits some time before their usual recharge at the end of the month. On average an operator has around 10 million messages a month for which no revenue is generated; lack of credit is responsible for the majority. This leaves the users unsatisfied, as their real and existing need to communicate is left unanswered. Shortlisted for the Mobile Messaging Awards 2011, Mediatainment now offers groundbreaking services that enable the funding of messages. Mediatainment Collect SMS and Prepaid SMS Reply provide solutions to address the need of mobile users to communicate and offers operators the potential to recover millions of otherwise lost messaging revenues. Mediatainment Collect SMS is modeled after the well known collect call Procedure and enable prepaid customers to send messages even when out of credit, and the charge is accepted by the recipient.
  18. 18. Mediatainment RCS As mobile operators move into a new era of communication and connectivity, where Smartphones and ever-richer IP services are prolific, they are in a unique position to set themselves apart from other messaging providers, by enabling an unrivalled user experience. The Rich Communication Suite (RCS) is an innovation of the mobile user experience, addressing both the short term competitive pressures on mobile operator’s profitability and the long term technology evolution to all IP environments. Effectively, RCS extends the communication options included in the mobile subscription from voice and messaging services (SMS, MMS) with video calling, (group) chat, image transfer, see-what-I-see, message store and social presence information. Mediatainment’s RCS Solution RCS represents an essential step in the evolution of mobile operators’ core services to converged messaging services in a full IP environment, enabling operators to boost loyalty and revenue through ubiquitous messaging across all networks (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE), devices, social networks and communities.
  19. 19. Mediatainment RCS Key Features: • Full support for RCS5 services including (group) chat, file and video sharing and SMS and MMS interworking. • Extended RCS-e offering, strengthening the RCS-e feature set with SMS And MMS interworking and Store and Forward, transparently to the RCS-e client. • Seamless interaction across mobile and internet messaging communities and social networks through an XMPP Gateway. • Network Value added services (auto-reply, auto copy, auto-signature, black-listing) applied across SMS, MMS and RCS for a uniform and personalized messaging user experience. • Fast integration of web based applications through easy to use Application Programming Interface, enabling operators to build new revenue streams by extending popular SMS / MMS content to RCS. • Seamless evolution from existing messaging platforms (SMS, MMS) to a consolidated messaging environment. • A broad solution approach encompassing the RCS clients, IMS Core, RCS Application Server, Real time Charging Support, Network • Based Address Book and Presence Server.
  20. 20. Spam & Fraud Control 16 Levels of Control for Fraud, Fakes, Spoof and Spam As mobile device usage became ubiquitous, marketing efforts to reach this population exploded, resulting in an Increasing, ever-changing flood of spam and fraud traffic. The GSMA reported* that up to 20% of all message traffic may be spam or fraud related. This illegitimate traffic has a range of undesirable results including unexpected costs, imbalances in interconnect agreements, additional staffing requirements and increases in customer churn. Since illegitimate messaging traffic originates from a wide range of sources, gaining control of these threats requires a solution with multiple levels of control. Mediatainment’s comprehensive solution to controlling fraud, fakes, spoof and spam provides the operator with 16 different levels of control to effectively address the specific situations within their network. And, because the flood of spam and fraud traffic is ever-changing, the speed and flexibility the solution provides is unrivalled by other market solutions. *Telecom operators join forces against mobile spam’ published by Reuters on 24th of March 2010
  21. 21. Spam & Fraud Control Key Features: • Assures that the operator is in control of the revenue stream • Protects the network as a valuable resource • Protects the subscriber to minimize dissatisfaction • Enables regulatory enforcement as needed
  22. 22. Prepaid SMS Reply Globally, on average 75% of mobile users are prepaid subscribers who typically exhaust their account credits some time before their usual recharge at the end of the month. On average an operator has around 10 million messages a month for which no revenue is generated; lack of credit is responsible for the majority. This leaves the users unsatisfied, as their real and existing need to communicate is left unanswered. Shortlisted for the Mobile Messaging Awards 2011, Mediatainment now offers groundbreaking services that enable the funding of messages. Mediatainment Collect SMS and Prepaid SMS Reply provide solutions to address the need of mobile users to communicate and offers operators the potential to recover millions of otherwise lost messaging revenues. Prepaid SMS Reply enables customers to ‘gift’ a free SMS reply to a friend, child or colleague. To initiate Prepaid SMS Reply, the user sends a message to the recipient with a service-prefix added in front of the recipient number to gift the reply to the SMS. Once the credit status of the sender is validated, the service initiates an interaction with the recipient informing him about his SMS gift. The service is available for both postpaid and prepaid users.
  23. 23. Mediatainment Television Partners Mediatainment TV Partners We are proud to Announce that We are main Technical Arm of Many Television Channels.
  24. 24. Mediatainment NEWS Partner Mediatainment NEWS Partner Mediatainment is Exclusive telecom Partner of Associated Press International, We are providing News services to DU UAE, ZAIN KSA, Mobily KSA, STC KSA, ZAIN Kuwait, Asia Cell Iraq And many more.
  25. 25. Mediatainment Mobilink News Service Mobilink News Service Get to know all the latest updates on Karachi Operation, America and Syria Conflict, Bollywood and Hollywood News, all on your Mobilink Number. Just Type AP in your SMS and send it to 7070 and start receiving Breaking news in only Rs. 1.
  26. 26. Mediatainment Zain Pakistani News Service ZAIN News Service A Good News for all Pakistani Subscribers of Zain Bahrain. Get to know all the latest updates on Karachi Operation, PM Visit to Turkey, America Syria Conflict on your ZAIN number. Just Send 1 to 77020 and start getting Videos and Text News feed.
  27. 27. Mediatainment Mobile Content Mediatainment believes in Copyrighted mobile content only and we are providing content of below categories to more than 50 Platforms.  Wallpapers  Full Tracks  Games  Applications  Ring Tones  Ring Back Tones  Animation  Themes
  28. 28. Mediatainment Branded Visual 3D Content 200 Best Goals Ever Anacoli Angel Cat Sugar Auto Speed Bad Day Casper Famous Football Player Biographies Fashion TV Felix The Cat HDR Wallpapers SamSam Santa Mania Schimmel Simon's Cat Top DJ TV Yaoyoro's TV Programs TNA Wrestling GP Racing WWE Movies Gormiti
  29. 29. Mediatainment Non-Branded Visuals (Imagery & Videos) 3D Content Abstract Angels and Devils ANIMALS ANIME AND MANGA Army Art Astro Cabaret CARTOONS CELEBRITIES Crashs & Disasters Daily Life Dance EXTREM SPORTS FANTASTIC FUNNY Gangsta & BlingBling Girly Glitter GREETINGS Various Messages
  30. 30. Mediatainment Non-Branded Visuals (Imagery & Videos) HDR Wallpapers Horror Long Animation Video LOVE Monsters MUSIC NATIONAL PRIDE RELIGION Nature PEOPLE Pirates Science-Fiction Aliens Series Short Video Smiley like SPORTS Tattoo Textures & Patterns Travels Urban Lifestyle Various Logos Video Games
  31. 31. Mediatainment London Olympics 2012 Athletics Badminton Basketball Boxing Cycling - Mountain Bike Diving Football Gymnastics - Artistic Handball Hockey Judo Rowing Sailing Shooting Swimming Synchronised Swimming Table Tennis Taekwondo Tennis Triathlon Volleyball Water polo Weightlifting Wrestling
  32. 32. Mediatainment Mobile Applications First Aid World Flags Currency Converter Human sound Box Stop Mosquito Animal Sound Box Party Light Expense Tracker Shopping List Lie-o-meter Reflex Tester Wedding Clock Coin Flipper Death Clock Mirrors Sports Fan Sound Box And Many More
  33. 33. Mediatainment Mobile Games Akinator Animal Tycoon 2 Air Control A Moon for the Sky Ocean Blocks Whac-a-mole: Whacky Xmas Block 3D 2 Carcassonne Escape Hollywood Beauty Center Doodle Fit DJ Party Mixer Card Board Castle Cross Fingers Death Trap Urban Combat Dress Up MyPet Hillbilly Hillbert Carnival Cruise Fireworks Big White Boarding Air Racing Base Jumping An Many More
  34. 34. Mediatainment Music (Full Length, TT, RBT) Western Songs Mediatainment has A biggest catalog of Of more than 80 Thousand Hit Cover Versions by Hit Singers Like Justin Beiber, Rihanna, Pitbull, Madonna and Many More.
  35. 35. Mediatainment Technical Alliances ZAIN News Service Mediatainment is Proud To have best technical Partners, who have built Strong reputation in Market in few years.
  36. 36. Mediatainment Territories & Partners Canada Egypt Jordan KSA Lebanon Turkey Palestine Iraq Italy Algeria Morocco Oman Qatar Kuwait Pakistan
  37. 37. Thank You For Interest In Mediatainment Canada 32 Bluebell Cres Whitby ON L1P1L1, Phone: +1 647 430 1402, Cell: +1 647 965 8404 Pakistan Office # 3, 2nd Floor, Building 19, Sector E-11/3, MPCHS, Islamabad, Pakistan Phone: +92 51 222 8466 Bangladesh: House#120(1st Floor),Road#13,Block-E,Banani,Dhaka-1213 Follow us on Facebook:
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