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Peer review - Stefanie

  1. 1. Stefanie van der FlierPeer review - The first impression I get from the blog is that the group who posted it has paid attention to the lay-out, which makes you want to read the blog. I think they could only put some features of glossies in the lay-out, so it is instantly clear what the topic of the blog is. It also would have been nice to put your names and surnames in the intro text above the blogs.The next thing I noticed is that the structure of the blog is clear, new articles were posted in different blogs, which makes it easy to distinguish the different assignments and topics. To see the different assignments is probably only relevant for their fellow students, but it is still nice for outsiders when there is a clear structure. For some larger articles it could have been useful to upload it in slideshare and just put a link on the blog, like they did with the article of November 26th. It is nice to see on the blog that there is not just text, but also videos which can be watched immediately from the blog itself. Sometimes a video can say more than just words, so they can be very useful. Especially when talking about new media, because I think a future magazine is for more clear explained in a video than in words, because then it is hard to imagine what it would really look like. Another good thing about the blog is that although the whole blog is about the same topic, which is can be boring, the articles are still interesting to read. This is because they show the topic from a different perspective in the different articles. It is also clear that they have used a lot of different sources and they contain books, websites, articles and videos. This gives a very diverse perspective. Personally I believe that you could be a little more critical about your sources. In the last article for example they wrote: One big problem that glossy magazines face is that they haven’t changed a bit the last couple of years (C. Lauw, 2009). It seems to be unable for them to change. Same subjects are being mentioned as in the glossy magazines of the years before: skin care, make over project, same celebrity’s. Glossy magazines are being repetitive and regular readers are losing interest in them. I wonder if it is really true that the glossy magazines haven´t changed at all over the years. Overall I think it is a very interesting blog to read, but just as probably all of the blogs there are some things that could have been better. The important thing is that the group provides the readers with useful information and an insight view on the magazine industry.<br />