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Question 3

  1. 1. QUESTION 3 By Rosanna ToddMonday, 25 February 13
  2. 2. What have you learned from your audience feedback? When researching into and planning our documentary we found that carrying out questionnaires was a useful and easy way to find out more about our target audience. From these questionnaires we were able to find out what our target audience would expect from a documentary (e.g. expert interviews, voiceover/narration, facts, vox pops and music) and whether or not they would be interested in watching a documentary on ‘Twitter’. Our feedback was overall very positive. As these questionnaires were such a success in the research/planning stages, we decided to conduct more to be able to collect and analyse the feedback from our documentary, double-page spread and radio trailer. We asked 18 16-18 year olds their opinion on our products and the results are analysed as followed.Monday, 25 February 13
  3. 3. Television Documentary 2) For this question 17 people 1) Did you think that the narration was relevant and to the point? answered yes and one person answered no. This told us that the first 40 20 seconds or so of the documentary 15 were effective in capturing the target 10 audience’s attention and we 5 considered this very positive feedback. 0 Yes No 2) Did you feel that the opening of the documentary caught your attention? No answer 20 15 1) For question one 18 people 10 answered yes. This shows that our narration was successful in the way 5 0 it was presented to the audience. Yes NoMonday, 25 February 13
  4. 4. Television Documentary 3) Did you think that the choice of background music suited the style of the documentary? 20 4) Again for this question 15 we collected positive feedback 10 5 4) Is the documentary edited in a coherent way? 0 yes no 20 15 3) For this question 16 people answered yes 10 and 2 people answered no. These results 5 show that the majority of our target 0 audience thought that our background music suited the style of documentary Yes No which as a group, we were pleased with.Monday, 25 February 13
  5. 5. Television Documentary 5) Is audio managed well throughout the documentary? 9 7 5 2 6) Did you think that the documentary was well structured? 0 Yes 20 No 15 5) For this question 9 people answered yes and 9 10 people answered no. If we had the chance to 5 make the documentary again we would 0 definitely ensure that the audio/sound levels Yes were equal throughout as some parts were No louder than others. However the narration could always be heard over the background music which was a positive and maybe why half of our audience answered “yes”.Monday, 25 February 13
  6. 6. Television Documentary 7) Was there anything else that could have been included in the documentary? If so, Why? 15 11 8 4 8) Did the documentary follow codes and conventions of existing documentaries that you 0 have already seen? Yes No 20 15 7) For this question the people who 10 answered “yes” stated that more images 5 and facts could have been included and also maybe the presenter’s opinion could 0 have been stated. Yes NoMonday, 25 February 13
  7. 7. Television Documentary 8) What did you feel was the strongest part of the documentary? “Interviews and facts” “Good use of “The opening” “Framing of shots” editing and establishing shots” “Interview with police” “The starting “All the background montage of images supported the “The use of the presenter” images” speech” “Interviews” “Intro and music” “The police interview, “The variety of shots “Performative good information” used” element- Rosanna presenting” “Interesting shots, “The editing” “What the narrator says” great interviews”Monday, 25 February 13
  8. 8. Magazine Double-page Spread 1) Do you think that the colours used are suitable for the chosen genre of documentary? 20 15 2) Many people selected “no answer” for 10 this question because they did not all get a 5 chance to read it, however we can conclude a positive response from our results for 0 yes those who did read it. no no answer 2) Do you think the information in the article was relevant to the documentary? 15 1) We asked this question so that we 11 could find out whether the colour 8 scheme made the double-page 4 spread look realistic or not 0 yes no no answerMonday, 25 February 13
  9. 9. Magazine Double-page Spread 3) After reading the article would you want you want to watch the documentary? 15 4) Do you think the images were suitable in relation to the documentary? 11 8 15 4 11 0 8 yes no no answer 4 0 yes no 5) Do you think that the page layout looked no answer realistic and similar to existing double page spreads? 10 5) The results from this question did surprise me a little as I thought that it looked very 8 realistic. However, if we had a chance to 5 improve our double-page spread we would 3 ensure that it would look more realistic and 0 similar to existing double page spreads by yes following the codes and conventions more no no answer closely.Monday, 25 February 13
  10. 10. Radio Trailer 1) Do you think the background music is suitable? 15 1) I was surprised that 5 people 2) Can the narration be heard clearly? 11 answered “no” for this question as I thought that the background 8 music was one of the strongest 20 4 parts of our documentary. 15 However, maybe this is 0 something we could look back on 10 yes and improve if we had a chance no to. 5 no answer 0 yes no no answer 3) Is the narration straight to the point but delivers information accurately? 15 From our results, we can see that 11 the narration was not the problem 8 with the audio levels but that in 4 certain parts the audio was not level with other parts of the 0 documentary. yes no no answerMonday, 25 February 13
  11. 11. Radio Trailer 4) Is the radio trailer long enough? 20 These results were encouraging for us as we received many 15 positive responses from our 10 target audience. 5 0 5) Do you think that the radio trailer is effective in advertising the documentary?- Does it make you want to watch the documentary? Yes No no answer 15 11 Overall we were happy with 8 the feedback that we 4 received about the radio 0 trailer Yes No no answerMonday, 25 February 13
  12. 12. Conclusion Overall we were satisfied with the audience feedback that we collected and now know the improvements that could be made to all 3 products. We found the feedback to be mainly positive and this encouraged us greatly. The feedback was also what we expected to hear. The main improvement that could be made to the documentary is fixing the audio levels to make them sound equal from clip to clip.Monday, 25 February 13