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Media Redefined Credentials 2010
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Media Redefined Credentials 2010


Published on

Some of the work we did in 2010 – A Walk through!

Some of the work we did in 2010 – A Walk through!

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Our  Creden)als  Some of the recent work – A Walk through
  • 2. An  Overview  Samsung  Mobiles  •  Samsung  GalaxyS  and  Wave  Smartphone  Launch  &  Blogger  Rela)onship  Program  •  TABber  of  the  Month  Campaign  &  Future  Beyond  Contest  •  Online  Rela)onship  Management  (ORM)  Maru0  AltoK10  •  Alto  K10  Launch  on  Social  Media  •  I  Like  It  Campaign  •  Online  Reputa)on  Management  (ORM)  Samsung  LCD/LED  •  India’s  first  3D  LED  TV  -­‐  Social  Media  Ac)va)on  and  Online  Reputa)on  Management  (ORM)  •  You  Tube  Campaign  –  (clocked  10  Lac+  Views)  •  IPL  Vouchers  Giveaway  Micromax  Mobiles  •  Andro  A60  Launch  via  Bloggers  Meet  •  Campaigns:  Test  your  Bryan  IQ,  Micromax  DIVA,  Chennai  Open  Tennis  Trivia  and  others  •  Online  Reputa)on  Management    Samsung  Frrrunch  Refrigerators  (2  Months  Campaign)  •  Samsung  My  Frrruchy  Tunes  Campaign  •  Surpassed  the  projected  target  figures  on  Facebook,  Twi^er  and  YouTube  by  a  great  margin    
  • 3. Samsung  Mobiles  
  • 4. Samsung  Mobiles  •  Client  Brief   –  Create   buzz   about   newly   launched   Samsung   Galaxy   S,   Samsung   Wave   smartphones   and   BADA   OS,   on   Social   Media   and   engage   bloggers  to  write  about  the  smartphone  range.     –  Plan  and  execute  a  long  term  Social  Media  Strategy  for  Samsung   Mobiles  India.  •  Strategy  &  Implementa0on   –  Devised   and   executed   a   Blogger   Rela0onship   Program   across   the   country   with   face-­‐)me   (in   person)   interac)ons   in   Delhi,   Mumbai   and   Bangalore.   –  Created   Pre-­‐Event,   On   Event   and   Post   Event   buzz   through   Facebook,   Blogs  &  TwiSer   –  Regular  interac0on  and  campaigns  to  engage  the  bloggers  community     –  Apps  reviews,  Product  support  and  Updates  on  Samsung  Mobiles  India   Fanpage  and  through  a  separate  channel  to  the  premium  bloggers.  
  • 5. Samsung  Mobiles   • Outreach:  25  Million+  Post  Views  on  Facebook   Social   • More  than  1.6  Lacs  fans  on  facebook   Media   • 8600+  Followers  on  twi^er   • An  average  of  140  Reac)ons  per  post  with  max  Ac)va)on   of  1300+  Reac)ons  on  a  single  post  on   facebook.  Promo)on   • Contest:  What  makes  Samsung  Galaxy  S  a   classic  example  of  #FutureBeyond  thinking?   Future   • 1800+  Tweets  Recorded     • 973  Unique  Par)cipants  across  3  weeks   Beyond   • Created  a  lot  of  buzz  around  “FutureBeyond”   and  “Samsung”.   Contest  
  • 6. Samsung  Mobiles   Campaign   •  Objec0ve:  Promote  Galaxy  Tab  on  Social  Media   through  Mobile  technology  experts   •  Iden)fy  Technology  Influencers.  Gra)fy  them  for   Tabber  of   their  work  towards  the  community  and  facilitate   them  with  a  review  device  (Galaxy  TAB)  and  promote   the  Month   the  content  generated  on  Social  Media   •  User  Generated  Content  -­‐Tweets,  Videos,  Blogs.  • Outreach:  5.5  Million+  Post  Views  • 300+  Service/Support  Queries  Handled  within  3   months  • 180+  Average  Interac)on  per  post  • Buzz  Genera)on  via  Effec)ve  Content  Strategy   for  Galaxy  Tab  on  Facebook,  Twi^er  and   YouTube  
  • 7. Samsung  Mobiles  
  • 8. In  Ac0on  Bloggers  Meet  –  Delhi,  Mumbai,  Bangalore  Click  here  for  rest  of  the  pictures  
  • 9. In  Ac0on  On  TWITTER  Event  got  extensively  covered  on  Twi^er  through  -­‐    Tweets  on  the  Mobile  Features  by  bloggers,  Twi^er  Trivia,  Live  Queries  and  Regular  Updates/  Conversa)ons  
  • 10. In  Ac0on  On  BLOGS   Blog Posts by Participants on Samsung Wave and GalaxyS generated buzz through social mentions via tweets, likes, shares and commentsHelped  the  Product  Team  to  get  first  hand  user  review  of  their  product  telling  what’s  good  and  what’s  missing!  
  • 11. In  Ac0on  On  FACEBOOK  Regular  Product  Updates  on  Facebook  Fan  Page  saw  an  upsurge  in  daily  ac0vity  and  engagement  by  Fans  Fan  count  increased  by  250%  in  1.5  months  
  • 12. Tes0monials  from  Bloggers  Meet  •  “Everything   was   well   organized   and   the   best   part   was   that   only   people   interested   in   the   field   were   invited.   In   other   blogger   meets,   Bloggers   from   different   niche   come   together   and   there   is   a   lot   of   chaos.   Also,   a   good  locaFon  was  decided  and  proper  arrangements  for  transportaFon  were  done,  which  are  appreciated.   The  event  went  as  expected.  The  knowledgeable  people  in  the  field  were  invited  and  they  were  just  perfect   in   answering   the   quesFons   from   us.   Contests   arranged   were   quite   good   and   they   had   a   good   parFcipaFon   too.”  –  Rohit  Sane,  Mumbai  •  “Have   to   say,   this   was   by   far   the   best   bloggers   meet   ever!   Had   a   blast   and   goMa   meet   all   the   Samsung   folks!  Just  wish  we  had  more  Fme  to  demo  the  device  though!”  –  RaghuramKannan,  Bangalore  •  I  was  there  at  the  event  and  enjoyed  it.  Everything  was  well  organized  and  the  environment  invited  friendly   discussions  and  wonderful  demos,  Thanks  for  the  experience,  looking  forward  to   more  such  gyan  in  future!    -­‐  Naga  Chokkanathan,  Bangalore  •  “Thanks   for   the   invite.   The   experience   was   great   and   so   was   the   food   and   venue.   It   was   fun   dabbling   with   both   the   phones   hands   on.   Looking   forward   to   win   some   phones   and   for   more   invites   in   future   :)”   –   MasoomTulsiani,  Mumbai  
  • 13. Key  elements  •  Bucke)ng  of  fans  and  bloggers  into  profiles  like  –   Influencers,  Evangelists,  Buyers,  etc.  •  Reports  measuring  –  Outreach,  Engagement,   Sen)ments  and  Support.  •  Product  related  feedback,  collated  across   platorms  over  a  period  of  90  days  detailing  the   insights  on  features  and  engagement  levels  of   people,  online.  •  A  successful  bloggers’  rela)onship  program   star)ng  with  a  mul)-­‐city  bloggers  meet.    
  • 14. Maru)  Alto  K10  
  • 15. Maru)  Alto  K10  •  Client  Brief   –  Launch  Maru)  Alto  K10  on  Social  Media.  1st  step  towards  a   large  scale  social  media  engagement  by  Maru)  •  Strategy  &  Implementa0on   –  Created  Social  Media  Presence  on  Facebook,  Twi^er,  You   Tube  &  Flickr   –  Pre-­‐Event  Buzz  through  Facebook/  Twi^er  Updates  &  You   Tube  Teasers   –  Invita0on  to  premium  automobile  bloggers  and  get  the   launch  coverage  done  on  their  respec)ve  blogs   –  Live  Coverage  of  the  Launch  on  Facebook,  You  Tube  and   Twi^er  via  Product  Updates,  Videos  and  Live  Tweets  from   the  ground  of  ac)on.   –  Online  Reputa0on  Management  for  the  brand  by  listening   responding  and  escala)ng  queries  by  fans  and  followers  
  • 16. Maru)  Alto  K10   • Outreach:  8.4  Million+  Post  Views  on  facebook.   • 115000+  Fans  on  facebook   Social   • 1950+  Followers  on  twi^er   • 52000+  You  Tube  Views   Media   • Average  of  190  Reac)ons  per  post   • 1  Lac+  Fans  within  5  months  Ac)va)on   • Amongst  top  5  Automobile  Fan  Pages  in  India   • 2%  of  total  car  sales  driven  by  Social  Media   Ac0va0on  in  first  3  months  (majorly   Facebook)  
  • 17. Maru)  AltoK10   • Objec0ve:  To  leverage  Social  Media  Platorms  for  the  launch   Launch   of  Maru)  Alto  K10     • Outreach:  28000+  fans  in  30  days   • More  than  31000  views  in  3  days,  Ranked  21  in  the  Most   Ac)vity   Subscribed  Channel  during  the  week  of  launch   • 1300  +  Followers  on  TwiSer  within  30  days   • Top  Automobile  Bloggers  were  invited  to  cover  the  Launch  Campaign   • Objec0ve:  To  drive  posi)ve  sen)ments  and  create  buzz  for   AltoK10   • Outreach:  2700+  Total  Users  so  far   I  Like   • 1000+  Posi0ve  Tes0monials  Received   • Increase  in  Engagement  by  Exis)ng  Buyers  of  Alto  K10  via   Posts,  Comments  and  Photo  Uploads   AltoK10   • Rise  in  the  number  of  Poten)al  Buyers  
  • 18. Samsung  LCD/  LED  
  • 19. Samsung  LED/LCD  •  Client  Brief   –  Social   Media   Presence,   ORM,   Launch   of   3D   LED   TV   on   Social   Media  •  Strategy  &  Implementa0on   –  Created  Social  Media  Profiles  across  Facebook,  Twi^er  and  You   Tube.   –  Building   and   Engaging   fans/followers   through   regular   updates   and   interes)ng   conversa)ons   projec)ng   Samsung   LCD/LED   brand  image   –  Query   Handling   and   Online   Reputa0on   Management   via   real   )me  responsive  system  on  social  media  profiles   –  Contests/Campaigns   across   all   social   media   profiles   and   interlinking  the  par)cipa)on.   –  Use   of   social   media   tools   to   track   conversa)ons,   brand   men)ons  and  measure  sen)ments.  
  • 20. Samsung  LCD/LED   • Outreach:  3.7  Million+  Post  Views  on  facebook   Social   • 62000+  Fans  on  facebook   Media   • 1250+  Followers  on  twi^er   • 1  Million+  You  Tube  Views  Ac)va)on   • Most  Subscribed  You  Tube  Channel   (SamsungInTube)  in  the  month  of  April’2010  Campaign   •  Objec0ve:  To  cash  on  the  Cricket  Fever  and  increase  fan   Win  IPL   base   •  Outreach:  1250+  Fans  par0cipated  in  the  Contest   Show   •  Fan  Following  increased  by  40%  within  8  days  Vouchers  
  • 21. YouTube   10  Lacs+    YouTube  Fan  views   Channel:   Awarded  the  Most  Subscribed  Profile  SamsungInTube  
  • 22. Micromax  Mobiles  
  • 23. Micromax  Mobiles   Client  Brief:     Build  Social  Media  Presence,  Product  launch,   Reach  out  to  the  TG  through  social  web  Ideas   Strategy  &  Implementa0on:   Created   Social   Media   Profiles   across   Facebook,  Twi^er  and  You  Tube.   Building  and  Engaging  fans/followers  through   regular  updates  and  interes)ng  conversa)ons   projec)ng  Micromax  Mobiles  brand  image   Query   Handling   and   Online   Reputa0on   Management   via   real   )me   responsive   system   in  social  media  profiles   Contests/Campaigns   across   all   social   media   channels  and  interlinking  the  par)cipa)on.   Use   of   social   media   tools   to   track   conversa)ons,   brand   men)ons   and   measure   sen)ments.    
  • 24. Micromax  Mobiles   •  Outreach:  5.4  Million+  Post  Views  on   facebook  Social  Media   •  100000+  Fans  on  facebook   Ac)va)on   •  1700+  Followers  on  twi^er   •  Average  of  250+  Reac)ons  per  post   Small   •  Objec0ve:  To  drive  par)cipa)on  from  fans   Contests:   on  Micromax  sponsored  Bryan  Adams   Concert   Test  your   •  Outreach:  1.6  Million+  Post  Views   Bryan  IQ     •  53100+  New  Fans  added,  100%  Rise  in  Fan   Count   Contest  
  • 25. Micromax  Mobiles   Small   Contests:   •  Objec0ve:  To  cash  on  the  ongoing  Tennis  Fever   and  build  fan  base   •  Outreach:  0.6  Million+  Post  Views  Chennai  Open   •  17600+  New  Fans  added,  72%  Rise  in  Fan  Count   Tennis  Trivia   Small   •  Objec0ve:  To  promote  Micromax  Bling  amongst   women  and  associate  the  Diva  Status  with  Bling   Contests:   Mobile  phone   •  Outreach:  1.6  Million+  Post  Views   Micromax   •  53100+  New  Fans  added,  100%  Rise  in  Fan  Count   •  80  Divas  selected,  7000+  Fans  Par)cipated  Diva  Contest  
  • 26. Micromax  Mobiles   Andro   • Objec0ve:  To  mark  the  launch  of  Micromax   Android  Phone  A60  and  communicate  its  Vision   A60   and  Mission  to  Top  Mobile  Technology  Bloggers     • Meet  was  conducted  in  Delhi   • Outreach:  30  Bloggers  ,  550+  Social  Men0ons  Bloggers   in  3  hours   • Buzz  via  Twi^er  Contest  during  the  event  using   Meet   hashtag  #MBM   h^p://  
  • 27. Samsung  Refrigerators   Frrrunch  
  • 28. Samsung  Frrrunch  Refrigerators    (2  Months  Campaign)     Client  Brief   –  Two   months   campaign   to   create   Social   Media   Buzz  for  new  Samsung  Frrrunch  Refrigerators   –  Popularize   Samsung   “My   Frrrunchy   Tunes”   Contest   –  KPIs:  5000  Fans,  500  Followers,  25000  You  Tube   Views   Strategy  &  Implementa0on   –  Build   an   online   community   echoing   the   need   of   “Being  Healthy  &  Fit”  via  Facebook  and  Twi^er     –  Make   the   Frrrunch   video   viral   through   the   official  “SamsungInTube  Channel”   –  Build   traffic   on   the   Samsung   Frrrunch   microsite   through   integrated   social   media   marke)ng   efforts  for  “My  Frrrunchy  Tunes”  Contest   –  Devise   Regular   Contests/Campaigns   on   Facebook  and  Twi^er     –  ORM  for  Samsung  Frrrunch  
  • 29. Samsung  Frrrunch  Refrigerators    (2  Month  Campaign)   •  Outreach:  8000+  Facebook  Fans   •  36000+  You  Tube  Views   Social  Media   •  900+  Twi^er  Followers   Ac)va)on   •  Successful  in  establishing  Brand  Frrrunch  as  a   Fresh  and  Health  Conscious  brand  through   daily  engagement  and  contests  Small  Contests:   •  Objec0ve:  To  drive  par)cipa)on  for   “Compose  a   Samsung’s  “Compose  a  Tune”  via  Social   Media  Platorms   Tune”   •  Outreach:  850+  Users  in  30  Days    
  • 30. NIIT  University  Work   • Complete  university  portal  &  IT  Support   • Payment  Gateway  for  online  form  submission     • Lead  Management  System  Profile   • Providing  Back  end  support  for  all  the   adver)sing  campaigns  
  • 31. You?  
  • 32. Appendix  •  Post  Feedback:  No.  of  Likes  and  Comments  •  Reac0ons  per  post:  Likes  +  Comments/No.  of   Posts  •  Post  Views:  No.  of  )mes  the  post  seen  on  the   wall  of  the  brand  page  and  in  the  news  feed  of   the  fans  
  • 33. Thank  you!   +91.9560192520   h^p://     Let’s  connect    h^p://   h^p://twi^