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  • 5 th largest digital advertsing company in the world
  • Data is key – we track in the US along well over 200 million unique online users per month, probably have around 30 or so attributes per person
  • This is whyt you’re at ohma – you’ve accepted the challenge! I’m here to share some of our experience and learnings and success we’re having. You’re all here today to learn something – and better your use/position of big data – so the best data I can give you are some insights as to our success and hurdles we all face each day – if anything – you’ll gain some insights on the misunderstanding of metalica fans..
  • Everyone’s got data. Some will position with very scientific languagues, others use their brand and partners, others will say whatever it takes…there’s way too much to choose from – and there’s actually not even an appetite to really understand how 50 companies are really that different – story. TALK to the planners, and Planners really need to cut to the chase and understand & compare to what they know and for media companies – be specific on how you use/implement the data within your ad units.
  • Insights go beyond digital. Customer insight is something that brand marketers crave for. Something that could transform the brand and marketing strategy. Something that can be used across all marketing channels. Skiers Vs Snowboarders for marketing travel too for 1 st bullet…divorce for last
  • If they are all in 1 room – its very difficult to explain data and value to all 3 groups in one way…and definitely not in a 30 minute meeting. Mobile roundtable story…
  • Never assume on the validation – there hasn’t been enough of this – and also shows that you’re on the right track…different data sets validate in different ways – seems to impress/gain support from the buyers and advertisers. Don’t force the suprises and challenges – could come and bite you in the ass if unsubstanciated..
  • Data dashboards do not think, analyze or present data like humans…. 1 st you need lots of data – the more granular the better, Unique data + 3 rd party in a topic tree of 50K units, DMP functions as a dashboard but doesn’t think like a human nor can it present data to executive decision makers. We track for 30 days – take into account seasonality, come up with 2000+ things that are statistically relevant – our insights team reviews this and comes up with a thesis, cites multiple sources and data elements to support insight conclusions. Presentation of this is key so that it can be understood and shared within the entire organization. Limited time by buyers – the better the presentation the more the insights will travel within the organization.
  • Purchase Data, Onramped CRM data, granular topics (brands, skus) tracked all lead to great analysis and findings. Met with CPG brand that has tons of interest data but lacking CPG buying insights
  • Models are built based on different places in funnel – then our media divisions syncronize the media units based on place in funnel – ie: full page take over need to be engaged before an instream or display unit shown so that the product message is received by the user.
  • Using our topic tree is the fun part – frequently used for competitive intelligence and also for insights pre-campaign…
  • James hetfield

Tribal Tribal Presentation Transcript