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Mudd Mudd Presentation Transcript

  • Graham Mudd | VP, Search & Media | comScore | @grahammudd
  • Social Media sites draw more visitors than retail, e-mail, and news sites
    Q: What percentage of internet users visited a Social Media site in June?
    A: 84.2%
    comScore Media Metrix, June 201 (Panel Only Data)
  • What Online Categories are Driving Web Usage?
    In comparison to other major categories, social media sites are doing remarkably well
    Top Categories Engagement
    comScore Media Metrix Panel OnlyData, June 2011
  • But how much of their time do they spend at social media sites?
  • Just how important is social media?
    minutes per user
    pages per user
    visits per user
  • Social Media’s Impact on Marketing
  • Some advertisers heavily use social media to encourage brand interaction
    Heineken heavily used socially enabled ads in May to encourage users to interact with its brand through Facebook
    Kraft delivered the most socially enabled ads in May (about 166M impressions)
    * Ad Metrix (May 2011) US data
  • Are Facebook Brand Pages the new microsite? Yes, if CPG advertisers are any indication
    Google has predicted that by 2015, 75% of ads will incorporate a social element
  • Between September 2010 and April 2011, the percentage of adults who have ‘liked’ a brand increased from 47% to 59%
    eMarketer Daily, June 16, 2011
    • Liking brands on Facebook has become one of the most common activities amongst all age groups.
    • Nearly 6 out of 10 Facebook users over age 18 liked a brand in April 2011.
  • The Power of Like: White Paper from comScore & Facebook
    Key Points & Implications
    • comScore Social Essentials™  New product enabling measurement of social media brand exposure & fan value
    • Brand value is created on the newsfeed, not on Fan pages
    • Friends of Fans amplify a brand’s message by increasing reach and appear to be persuaded by brand messages from trusted friends
    • Social Media is a media channel comparable w/ Online & TV (R/F/GRPs)
    To download white paper please visit
  • Strategic challenges addressed by Social Essentials insights:
    Introducing Social Essentials
    Determine whether you are reaching your target consumer.
    Benchmark your brand’s presence on Facebook to that of your competitors.
    Compare the reach and frequency of your brand’s Facebook presence to other media channels.
    Tailor marketing campaigns and partnerships to your Facebook audience’s interests and passions.
  • comScore can measure most major brand exposures on Facebook
    Page Publishing – These unpaid impressions appear on the Fan page wall and may also appear in the Newsfeed of a Fan or a Friend of a Fan.
    Stories about Friends - These unpaid impressions occur when a Friend actively engages with a brand (e.g. Amy Likes Southwest Airlines) and become visible either on a Friend’s wall or in the Newsfeed. These stories may appear to Fans and Friends of Fans.
    Sponsored Stories – These paid impressions are similar to Stories about Friends, but they have been actively distributed more broadly and appear in the right hand column to Fans and Friends of Fans.
    Ads with Social – These branded messages come directly from the advertisers with a social context on the unit that appears to Friends of Fans (e.g. Roger Tison Likes Southwest Airlines, appearing at the bottom of the ad unit).
    (Unpaid) Media
  • Exposure types measured by Social Essentials
  • 48% of time spent on Facebook is spent on the Newsfeed and Profile pages
  • The vast majority of brand exposure happens in the Newsfeed and on Profile pages
    In May, Starbucks received 156 impressions for every 1 page view on their brand page!
  • Furthermore, Facebook estimates that only a relatively small proportion of fans see a brand’s posts
  • Friends of Fans are a major, often untapped, source of additional reach and effectiveness
    Bing Facebook Fan Segments
    Source: Facebook, Worldwide Data
    Starbucks, Southwest & Bing: Total U.S. Internet Reach of Social Media Brand Impressions among Fans & Friends of Fans
  • For every Fan, on average, there are 34 friends that can be reached through the Newsfeed and advertising
    Source: Facebook
  • The FoF multiplier in action
    24 million fans
    1.7 million fans
    1.8 million fans
  • Social media brand impressions can represent a very meaningful percentage of a brand’s total digital campaign delivery
    Fan Counts for Leading Brand Pages are Approximately Doubling Each Year  Opportunity to Deliver Brand Impressions Only Increasing Over Time
    Earned Brand Impressions for Starbucks Equivalent to 61% of its Display Ad Delivery
  • Not surprisingly, Starbucks Fans tend to be younger than in-store visitors
  • Fans and Friends of Fans exposed to brand impressions on Facebook exhibit higher brand engagement, such as site visitation
    Brands now have the tools to understand the VALUE of their Fans and calculate the ROI of their Social Media Investment
  • Exposed Fans also tend to spend more at Starbucks than the average Internet user
  • Standard media measurement metrics can now be applied to earned and paid social media
  • Thanks! Questions?
    Contact Details: