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  • The digital landscape has changed greatly over the past decade. From banner ads and email ads of yester-year to rich media today, digital has come along way. Today it’s not just about selling, but informing and engaging consumers with messages they care about.
  • The challenge, seemingly as always, is getting scale. In response to this challenge for engaging brand canvasses at scale, the IAB evolved it’s standard ad unit portfolio in 2012 to include the Rising Stars –perfect vessels for distributing content marketing at scale.
  • IAB Rising Stars are now widely adoptedin the US. Similar traction in the UK. These units offer a compelling canvas to tell a brand story with sight, sound, and motion. Publishers are also eager to integrate the units into their site because it helps them monetize their valuable inventory.
  • According to MOAT, the Rising Stars offered better performance than standard ad units.Universal Interaction RateThe percent of users who purposely enter the frame of an ad continuously for at least 0.5 seconds or moreUniversal Interaction TimeThe average amount of time users spent on the ad
  • Despite the new opportunity created by IAB Rising Stars, marketers still face several challenges that make it difficult to grab the consumer’s attention:ClutterMessagingRelevanceBanner BlindnessAt Martini we took these units one step further by integrating premium content into the units.
  • Brands - research from UK’s Econsultancy indicates that marketers are already defining content marketing strategies.In fact, according to eMarketer, it is the #1 digital marketing priority for marketers this year.And most importantly, Consumers want relevant and informative content from brands according to a 2012 Yahoo survey
  • Its not about creating content to sell something, it’s about aligning your brand with content that emotionally connects with a consumer enough to have them engage and share. Create strong brand relationships.
  • We added premium content that aligned with the brand messaging and proved to be valuable to the consumer because it was relevant informational, or educational. And it did not feel like they were strictly being sold to. There was a clear value exchange for the user’s time to spend with the ad, getting something in return, which is rich content.
  • Here’s how Martini Media is integrating rich content into rich media and delivering it to the richest audience. 4 simple steps
  • Align the right content that fits with the brand messaging and brand’s core value prop
  • Curate content by integrating into rich media units and building as part of the ad unit
  • Serve Campaign Optimize from 1,000 sites, optimize content - When user click through to publisher page, brand has 100% SOV on that article
  • Ensure the content is shareable – which gives both advertiser and publisher opportunity to be in front of many more eyeballs – an added value
  • The real estate offered by Rising Stars such as the Portrait, allows us to align the content to a brand message in a seamless flow that does not interfere with the message.  In fact, we have seen engagement increase by as much as 33% when content is integrated into the unit.  And interaction times jump as well – compared to the same units without the content!In-View TimeAverage length of time an ad has been In-ViewUniversal Interaction TimeAverage length of time the user interacted with the adAverage Dwell TimeAverage length of time the user was on the page with the window in-focus
  • Examples of some of the content ad units we are doing
  • Martini media omma premium display

    1. 1. The New Shining Star of Display
    2. 2. Digital Advertising Has Evolved Banners Email Rich Media IAB Rising Stars
    3. 3. Scale Distribution is a Key Challenge
    4. 4. Rising Stars are Now Standard Ad Units Sidekick Portrait Billboard Slider Filmstrip
    5. 5. Rising Stars Deliver Valuable Engagement… Interaction Rate3x Interaction Time2x
    6. 6. 6 SOLUTION Engagement increases when ads include premium content. PROBLEM Difficult to grab the consumer’s valuable attention …But Challenges in Digital Persist
    7. 7. Content Represents the Next Evolution in Digital Have or plan to have a content strategy in place 92% Brands Leverage it Consumers Crave it Want exclusive content and information 76% Brands Prioritize it #1 The #1 digital marketing priority for 2013
    8. 8. Success Rests On 2 Core Pillars CONTENT + MARKETING Aggregating Trusted Journalism Driving Consumers to Engage & Share Content
    9. 9. 9 PAID MEDIA CALL-TO- ACTION CONTENT INTEGRATION Injecting Rich Media with Rich Content • Align content with brand message • Content valuable to target audience • Content easily integrated within high-impact ad unit • 100% SOV on all publisher articles
    10. 10. 10 Mixing the Right Ingredients to Serve Up Success ServeCurateContextualize Socialize
    11. 11. 11 Premium Content Journalists & Editors Contextualize Content Social Content Bloggers & Influencers Align content from With Brand’s Message +
    12. 12. 12 Curate Content
    13. 13. 13 Serve Campaign
    14. 14. 14 Socialize Content Premium content is pushed to premium users who create social activity
    15. 15. 15 Martini optimizes the content and creative, not just the ad unit Premium Content Journalists & Editors Social Content Bloggers & Influencers Video Content Sight, Sound, Motion Local Content Geo-targeted Content Product Content Customer Reviews Continually Optimizing Content To Drive Engagement
    16. 16. 16 Content Fuels Engagement & Interaction Engagement increases 33% with content integration Interaction (seconds) Engagement Rate
    17. 17. 17
    18. 18. 18 Thank You Luke Burke VP Sales, West