Keynote: It's More About Customers and Less About Channels


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The future is less about channels and more about potential customers. Cezanne Huq, online acquisition and business strategist at Intuit, will share best practices that apply to practical management of search in 2014. It's about making potential customers consider the products early in the decision process. Huq will share how Intuit turned customer data, brand value, shop/buy behavior, channel insights and analytics into tools that delight existing and potential clients.

Cezanne Huq, Online Acquisition and Business Strategist, Intuit

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  • 1988 Quicken became a best-seller
  • What marketers need to prepare for, search, social and display, integrated marketing. The vision for 2014 but more around the opportunities and how to maximize them.
  • Where are they so we can target you. Where is the most efficient placements to consider
  • 1. Perceived ValueYour potential visitor is looking for a “solution” to their pain points. In fact, customers care about solving their problem, not necessarily buying your product. You must convince them that you will solve those pain points (support, new products, and services).Saving money is a huge perceived value. Everyone wants to save money by finding a cheap way to solve their problem (or even better, solve the problem free of cost!). Your ad copy should emphasize what problem you’ll be solving for the user.2. RiskWhile your customers want to solve their problem, they also want to guard against the risk of wasting time and money. This is why “risk reversal” is such an important element of your ad copy.To help users guard against risk, you must convince them of the value of clicking on your ad and not wasting time by getting suckered in to something that doesn’t work for them.At every step of the way, you want to reduce the friction of taking the next step. Convince users of the value of clicking on your ad, and you will get more relevant visitors.You also want to help users guard against wasting their money by emphasizing free or low cost entry points. A good example is “Free Quote,” which is one of the most established calls to action on PPC ads. For the user, there’s no risk in a free sign up that’s quick and easy, so why not sign up? Not only does this increase clicks, but it significantly increases conversions. You’re saying that “all I want to do is tell you what it will take to solve your problem.”3. CredibilityCredibility is always at the top of your customers’ minds. Your customers want to guard against risk by choosing someone they know and trust. This is why branding is such an important investment for your business’s long term success. The best way to instill a sense of confidence and trust is by making users feel like they know you and like you.For example, you may want to mention a trusted brand associated with your business, such as mentioning a prestigious award. (This sort of credibility builder is one of the most successful tactics in various scenarios. For example, saying someone is a “Pulitzer Prize-winning author…” or “Nobel Prize-winning scientist” is a great way to gain instant credibility.You could take a more aggressive approach by directly touting your track record, such as saying that you “Generate X number of dollars for Y number of clients” or saying that a specific product has been sold to “X number of happy customers.”4. Call To ActionYour ad and landing page is your ultimate salesperson. So your ad and your landing page better have a compelling call to action that is quick to the point.Your prospects don’t have much time, need quick answers and are clicking to new pages every few seconds. So you have to get to the point before they look elsewhere.Often times, it’s as simple as asking someone to take action right away. So don’t be shy; shy salespeople don’t close the deal! However, make sure you are professional.Don’t be too pushy. (Don’t use ALL CAPS LIKE THIS BECAUSE IT’S OBNOXIOUS!) Provide enough value to close the deal without being the used car salesman. Often, this is something as simple as “Buy Now”, or “Order Online & Save” in your ad copy.On the landing page, many people make the mistake of putting as much information on the page as possible. Your goal is to make the value proposition clear and simple, and tell the customer what to do by making the “Buy Now” button standout and clear.5. QualifiersOften times, you will be bidding on keywords that are a bit broad. Some of the people searching are your target market, and others aren’t.Additionally, you might be positioned to take only a small portion of your market. For example, you may be focusing on providing lower prices (competing on cost), or on better service (competing on value), or on a specific sub-segment of the market (e.g., moms, kids, college students, higher net worth individuals).Most business owners are afraid of “not talking to everyone”. So they will not tell a prospect how much their product costs, or who is their ideal customer. This is BAD.By using language that resonates with your target audience, you will simultaneously stop wasting money on clicks from people who won’t convert, while increasing the ad’s relevance in the eyes of your true target audience. By putting in a qualifier, you spend less and make more, so don’t be afraid to get specific!
  • A shared vision is a view of some future state that is agreed upon and shared by others. It is useful when managing change and when you have people who are initially resistant to change.
  • Keynote: It's More About Customers and Less About Channels

    1. 1. Enabling the New Digital Enterprise Cezanne Huq – Head of Digital Acquisition people
    2. 2. @cezanne #cezanne Crash course on Cezanne and Intuit 1983 Cezanne 1993 2003 2014
    3. 3. 2014 goal: Take Search to awesome with a data management platform  Consider factors outside of search  Make customers the center of your strategy  Look to your data for effective targeting and optimization  Focus on strategies that leverage how your customers shop, buy and advocate  @cezanne #cezanne Develop SUCCESSion metrics to effectively measure and manage your campaigns Formulate hypotheses incorporating customer insights that make search awesome 3
    4. 4. @cezanne #cezanne Consider factors outside of search  More than 70% of advertising is still allocated to TV – Magna Global 2013  Shoppers research competitive prices while standing in a store -- a trend called “showrooming” -- and buying later, on their laptop or tablet. This seamless simultaneously for consumer demand is known as “omnichannel” – National Retail Foundation 2013  77% of survey respondents reported regularly using their computer/laptop while watching TV, up 16 percentage points – Accenture 2013  28% of mobile searches drives conversions: store visit, calls and purchases – Google 2013  Intuit acquires four small business customers per every accountant on-boarded – Intuit 2013 4
    5. 5. Make customers the center of your search strategy Design for customer delight “We put customers at the heart of everything we do. We work together to deliver end-to-end experiences so profound that customers love using our products and services, and actively recommend them.” @cezanne #cezanne
    6. 6. Make customers the center of your search strategy Use themes to delight customers How do these searchers map to our customer segments? New & Savvy Prospect Current Customer 6 @cezanne #cezanne
    7. 7. Leverage your data for higher fidelity targeting and optimization  @cezanne #cezanne 6 million customers added to Intuit’s DMP collecting 1st party data  More users being added based on log-in frequency and activation  55+ 3rd party data providers appended to our customer records (Datalogix, Bluekai, eXelate, etc.)  65+ 1st party data attributes collected via DMP  QB (SKU, date CC entered, bank accounts added, etc.)  Payroll (signup channel, date first payroll run, early9score)  100s of key pages/events tracked across the enterprise and counting  Added Mobile SDK to our mobile and tablet products for mobile DSP/DMP enabled campaigns   1st and 3rd party data enabled audience building and buying across mobile ppc, web and mobile apps (tablets and phones) Entered partnership with offline provider to build an ideal online audiences using offline data matching  40+ offline data sources (census, property data, credit bureau data, purchase aggregators, etc.)  Rank ordered in match success from 1-9 providing a scalable, highly custom audience 7
    8. 8. @cezanne #cezanne Focus on strategies that leverage your customer lifecycle Your consumers expect it! Consider Evaluate The Loyalty Nirvana Bond Advocate Enjoy BUY 8
    9. 9. @cezanne #cezanne Develop SUCCESSion metrics “Effectively creating, delivering, measuring and managing an end-to-end customer experience that delivers maximum economic value to your business.” 9
    10. 10. @cezanne #cezanne Develop SUCCESSion metrics Partner with finance & analytics teams on attribution methodology & measure net incrementality Retargeting Performance / Relevance Partners (Retail, Aff…) Intent Paid Search Research Site Retargeting / Behavorial Contextual Targeting Consideration Demo profile (e.g. males, 18-34, in US) Social, Mobile, ToF Display Prospecting Offline (TV, Radio, Print…) 3rd party 2nd party User Data Awareness 1st party
    11. 11. @cezanne #cezanne Develop SUCCESSion metrics Analytics & modeling is maturing 11
    12. 12. Search benefits the most from a data management platform  Customers trump everything!  Egos must be left at the door!  Don’t move ahead until you have shared vision!  Measure data management platform use cases with eye towards accretive growth!  Stay abreast of progress through operational mechanisms! 12 @cezanne #cezanne
    13. 13. @cezanne #cezanne Customers trump everything! 13
    14. 14. @cezanne #cezanne Customers trump everything Plot key prospect and customer touch points 1. Go broad to go narrow – Where are they looking for your products? 2. Deep empathy - What are they looking for? 3. Rapid experiments – When are they looking for it? Source: ClickZ
    15. 15. @cezanne #cezanne Customers trump everything Plot key prospect and customer touch points Three key questions: 1. What are key pain points for customers? QuickBooks Mint Home & Biz Quicken Customer 2. Where are optimal product synergies? Payroll 3. Can we leverage each product line as a front door to our suite of solutions? TurboTax GoPayment QuickBase Point of Sale
    16. 16. @cezanne #cezanne Customers trump everything Design for customer delight Customers Competition Business - Features Brand Guidelines - Offers - Promotions - Benefits Successful deployment will: • Delight prospects and customers • Maximize profitability • Increase market share • Make more money • Produce cost efficiencies Performance Prospects & Customers - Perceived value - Call-to-action - Credibility - Seasonality
    17. 17. @cezanne #cezanne Egos must be checked at the door 17
    18. 18. @cezanne #cezanne Egos must be checked at the door  Establish executive sponsorship  CMO and/or departmental heads  Bring key stakeholders into the process early on  Offline, Online, Research, Analytics, Finance, Creative, Production, Technology and PMO teams  Define clear roles and responsibilities  Who is the driver, approver, core contributors and the informed? 18
    19. 19. Don’t move ahead until you have shared vision  Establish the future state, collectively  Set clearly defined mission, principles and values to get there  Avoid pleasing everyone, that is not the objective  Listen and inquire and do not advocate  Resolve questions and concerns as soon as possible 19 @cezanne #cezanne
    20. 20. Measure media with an eye towards growth Seek out & understand the economic value of all touch points and fund it separately Three key questions: 1. How should we value each customer touch point and response? 2. How do we align our campaign to the value? 3. How are we thinking about funding for the campaign? @cezanne #cezanne
    21. 21. Stay abreast of progress through operational mechanisms @cezanne #cezanne  Develop an organizational structure  Hold regular & consistent meetings at all appropriate levels  Assess needs and resources and develop goals to enhance the goals of your integrated media campaign  Establish success metrics, measure, review and make any necessary changes  Develop thresholds to signal contingency planning 21
    22. 22. @cezanne #cezanne Intuit DMP Case Studies User Story Description Status Outcome 1 We want to be able to know whether our prospects are accountants or SMB owners and present a personalized experience and product Active Unique experience being served to accountant audience with a 166 revenue index to control 2 We want to know which QBO customers by specific SKU are most likely to sign up for GoPayment and present them with a relevant GoPayment offer through media Active “Very likely” QBO audience indexing higher than “likely” QBO audience 3 We want to know which of our prospects use more mobile and to then offer a relevant experience and/ or provide relevant mobile app Active Targeting existing QBO mobile users with GoPayment App on Android and iOS 4 We want to track user behavior and optimize across social, search, website, display, and mobile Active Currently tracking user behavior across social, search, website and display. 5 We want to change the ad and message based on activity within our websites Not Active Yet Need to leverage x+1 and Sitespect integration 6 We want to understand our prospects behavior on different devices Active w/ Nala Added SDK to QBO, adding to GoPayment Apps (phone and tablet)
    23. 23. Personalization Future @cezanne #cezanne Targeting Audiences Decisioning Acquisition team Data Collection to usher in a truly integrated, actionable digital enterprise poised PPC Display Paid Social Mobile Affiliates Earned SEO/ Social Websites/ UGC In Product CRM/Phone/ Care Retail/eTail Tagging/ Tracking Marketers Desktop Mobile/Tabs TV Real-time Optimization 3rd Party DMP 2nd Party Phone/Care Datamart Reporting/ Visualization Analysts Customer Data In Product Websites CMS/Testing Legend In Production In Progress In Plan Earned 23
    24. 24. @cezanne #cezanne Q&A
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