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Hacking mobility amit shah
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Hacking mobility amit shah

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  • 1. Hacking Mobility: Lessons from 1-800-Flowers.com Amit Shah Vice President of Mobile and Social Media 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc.
  • 2. Hacking Mobility - Context • Hacking Mobility is NOT about computer hacking but what can marketers learn from the hacking culture • Hacking culture is now adopted as a mainstream development and start- up philosophy in Silicon Valley and other tech epicenters • Research still nascent but commercial outcomes have been tremendously successful • Mobile was born and is growing up in this culture – so what can we learn from it?
  • 3. Core Principles of Hacking Mobility 1 Design centricity 2 Small Iterations 3 Ship code everyday 4 Open team culture
  • 4. Homepage Speed Optimization • Removed tag.js and hidden images • Reduced total number of requests from 59 to 24 • Changed all category URLS to be absolutized • Decreased Full Page Load time by 34% • These improvements significantly improved the app homepage load time as well – Important win for first impressions of users 0 3 6 9 Dom Content Load Full Page Load Time(sec) Load Times on 3G network Before After 34%Improvement 21%Improvement
  • 5. Checkout Flow Improvements Original Flow: Select Date on Calendar Tap “Add to Cart” button Land on Cart Page Tap on “Order Now” Land on Shipping Info Page Valentines Day Improved Flow: Select Date on Calendar Land on Cart Page Tap on “Order Now” Land on Shipping Info Page Mother’s Day Optimized Flow: Select Date on Calendar Land on Shipping Info Page
  • 6. Thank You Q & A