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  • Questions: Who here who has not heard of Shoutlet?
  • Given this topic of using technology for social marketing purposes, I think it’s important to point out that there is a huge investment in technology for marketers. According to these recent findings by Gartner, in the next 5 years CMOs are going to be spending more on information technolofy than CIOs do.So what does this prove, 3 things:Marketing is becoming increasingly technology-basedHarnessing and mastering big data is now key to achieving a competitive advantageMany marketing budgets already are larger and faster growing than IT budgets Would someone share an example or two technology investments you have made that did not require IT to be involved?
  • Publishing to social media sites for businesses has evolved. It’s moved from simple posting to a sophisticated practiceOne that involves aspects of timing, optimization and toolsIn fact, there are so many tools that an entire industry – the social media management software market – has emerged to meet demandThis graphic here from Jeremiah Owyang and the Altimeter Group shows the growth of these social media management systems. This was published about a year ago and states there will be a 90% adoption rate in 3 years (well, now 2 years and this number may have even increased since this was published last year). Pretty astonishing, right?How many of you are using SMMS solutions?How many or not?Questions: Would someone share a success story of implementing an social media management technology?
  • IBM Corp.’s “Global Chief Marketing Officer Study” identified data as the chief challenge to marketing cited by 71% of respondents. This study also points out that 79% believe that over the next 5 years, the complexity of the data will be high or very high, but almost as many feel unprepared to handle it.Question: What data do you not have today that you would like to have from your social media communities?
  • The study found 72% of marketers worldwide used data to craft more timely, targeted messaging, and 58% of respondents used it to build richer customer segments and profiles, allowing them to create more targeted, nurturing campaigns.More than half (52%) also used customer insight and intelligence to directly influence the bottom line by cross-selling or upselling customers. However, just 28% used that information to go after higher-value sales and repeat purchases. This is indicative that while the majority of companies can market to customers at the group or profile level, only a select handful are able to do so at the individual customer level.Questions: Could someone share a success story on how you leverage data to have a more personalized social media program?
  • Everyday Interaction:Daily effort to respond and converse with customers in social mediaDay-to-Day Social Efforts:Balance between scheduled and real-time postsEditorial calendar used as the foundationPosts are scheduled throughout the day at times identified as best for their audience Social Media Campaign (Example):Launching a new product line of Peak backpacksWants to build awareness, increase engagement and build its database of social customersWants to build each piece of the campaign in advanceWants to give the community an authentic experience with real-time interactionUses a mix of real-time publishing, scheduled content and trigger-based content
  • To tease the announcement of its new line of backpacks, Summit Active posts a sign-up web app on its Facebook wall that asks fans to enter email to get a special sneak peek at an upcoming announcement.The day before the official launch, the company emails contacts in its existing database, which now include the sign-ups gathered from this Facebook post, to generate conversations and give their existing customer a special look into its new line.
  • Summit Active’s product release goes live. It releases a web page with embedded YouTube video player that announces new backpacks. This page is also published as a Facebook tab.
  • As part of the launch, Summit Active is holding a sweepstakes to generate interaction and help promote the release of its new line.When the YouTube video mentioning the announcement hits 2,000 views, the contest automatically launches on its website and Facebook. Summit has chosen for this contest on Facebook to be app-gated, allowing users to opt-in to the app and for it to build its customer base. Facebook posts and tweets that have been pre-built are published simultaneously.
  • While the sweepstakes is running, Summit Active plans to release a short-term promo code to encourage the first purchases of its new backpacks. To add an element of user participation to this piece of the campaign, the release of this coupon will be determined by the community - it will automatically trigger when a certain level of community interaction is reached.Summit Active builds a Facebook post and tweet announcing an upcoming short-term sale is imminent, but that only fans can unlock it by liking a status update. When the status update reached 300 Likes, a web app showcasing posts to its Facebook wall and website.
  • After 3 weeks, the sweepstakes ends. This triggers new content that transitions Summit Active into its next phase of its social media plans for the year.Throughout the duration of this pre-crafted and scheduled campaign, the social media team is engaging with users throughout, answering daily questions and responding to comments about the campaign or otherwise. It’s poised and ready to adjust course if necessary based on the reaction of its audience and the cadence with which the audience-based triggers progress.By mixing real-time, scheduled, and trigger-based content, Summit Active has been able to create an engaging experience for users using the best tools available.
  • Qdoba uses Shoutlet’s Social Enterprise feature to launch several new branch location Facebook pages. To generate new fans at the local level, they are using a contest design to entice users to like them with the incentive of free food. They are using Shoutlet’s Switchboard feature to trigger new designs to go live, all based on sign ups hitting a certain number.Design1:         first design in the sequence says, "first 200 to sign up get free entreesecond design in sequence - produces the coupon for printing, sharing, etc.,  Design2:first design in the sequence says, "next 300 to sign up gets free order of chips and quesosecond design in sequence - produces the coupon for printing, sharing, etc. Design3:set up when the 501th person signs up "Thanks for visiting…check back later for more promotions!" 
  • Bms wed sponsored breakfast shoutlet

    1. 1. Shoutlet: Who We Are The industry’s most comprehensive Enterprise Social Marketing Platform to publish, engage, and measure custom social marketing campaigns 2
    2. 2. 5 Years From Now… Marketing Spending is on the Rise By 2017, CMOs are going to be spending more on IT than CIOs do 1. Marketing is becoming increasingly technology-based 2. Harnessing and mastering big data is now key to achieving competitive advantage 3. Many marketing budgets already are larger and faster growing than IT budgets Source: Gartner webinar, “By 2017 the CMO will Spend More on IT Than the CIO”, January 2012 3
    3. 3. From Simple to SophisticatedSocial Media Publishing: A Sign of the Times•Transition from simple to sophisticated•Involves timing, optimization and tools•An entire industry has emerged to meet the demand Source: Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Group, http://www.web- future-of-the-social-media-management- 4 system-space
    4. 4. Data is the Biggest Challenge for MarketersSource: IBM, “From Stretched to Strengthened, Insights for the Global Chief Marketing Officer Study”, October 5
    5. 5. Using Customer Insights in Marketing 6
    6. 6. Social Automation as Part of the Process 7
    7. 7. Summit ActiveThe Scenario:For the past several months, Summit Active had been working on plans to incorporatea more strategic use of scheduling and automation in its social media planThey are looking to devote more time each day to interacting with outdoorenthusiasts on Facebook and TwitterScheduling content allows them to focus more attention on monitoring, planningfuture content, and producing video 8
    8. 8. Summit Active: Pre-Launch Ongoing: Everyday Interaction / Community Management 9
    9. 9. Summit Active: Product Launch Ongoing: Everyday Interaction / Community Management 10
    10. 10. Summit Active: Contest Launches Ongoing: Everyday Interaction / Community Management 11
    11. 11. Summit Active: Coupon Code Ongoing: Everyday Interaction / Community Management 12
    12. 12. Summit Active: Contest Ends Ongoing: Everyday Interaction / Community Management 13
    13. 13. Shoutlet: Social Switchboard™Social Switchboard™Trigger-Based Social Campaign Automation• Plan and build sophisticated social marketing campaigns in advance• Launch related content on a triggered system with messaging relevant and tailored to the behaviors of the community• Integrate social marketing communication across numerous social networks with one campaign• Build triggers that publish content to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, web apps, HTML pages, and more• Choose from a vast array of triggers including dates, times, or community behavior milestones 14
    14. 14. Qdoba’s Trigger-Based Campaign 15
    15. 15. Social Management and Marketing Expertise 16