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Anne hunter


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  • 1. Women and The Social Web
    • Anne Hunter, VP Advertising Effectiveness, comScore, Inc.
    • February 2, 2011
  • 2.
    • Are men or women more engaged on the Web?
  • 3. Although men are in the majority across the global Web, women spend about 8% more time online.
    • Worldwide Audience (15+ accessing from Work or Home), April 2010
    • Source: comScore Media Metrix Worldwide
    Global Internet Population, 18+ Total Time Spent Online 45.7% women 54.3% men 22.9 hrs 24.8 hrs +8%
  • 4.
    • Are men or women purchasing more online?
  • 5. Divas Drive Dollars
    • U.S. Consumers, Non-Travel Internet Purchases, February 2010
    • Source: comScore e-Commerce Report
    Transactions Dollars In the U.S., women are more avid online buyers than men: 12.5% of women Internet users made an online purchase in February 2010, compared to 9.3% of men. Women Men
  • 6.
    • How do Women use Social Media?
  • 7. Around the globe, women dominate the “Social Web.”
    • Worldwide Audience (15+ accessing from Work or Home), April 2010
    • Source: comScore Media Metrix Worldwide
    Globally, women spend an average of 16.3% of their time on social networks, compared to only 11.7% for the men.
  • 8. Twitter Reaches a Higher Percentage of Women World Wide Worldwide % Reach
  • 9. Women Are Spending More Time With Facebook Worldwide
    • Males
    • 47% reach worldwide
    • 8.9 minutes spent per visit
    • 27.7 pages viewed per visit
    • Females
    • 54% reach worldwide
    • 10.4 minutes spent per visit
    • 31.5 pages viewed per visit
  • 10.
    • How do Moms Use the Social Web?
  • 11. Moms Are Heavy Consumers of Social Media and Over Represented on Most U.S. Social Media Sites
    • comScore Dec, 2011 (Moms defined as 21-49 with children under 18 in the home)
  • 12. Moms Spend More Time with Blogs in the U.S.
    • comScore Dec, 2011 (Moms defined as 21-49 with children under 18 in the home)
  • 13. Social Media Usage by Moms is Growing while Other Digital Forms of Connection are Starting to Decline in the U.S.
  • 14. Social Commerce Among Moms is Growing…
    • comScore Dec, 2011 (Moms defined as 21-49 with children under 18 in the home)
    But they only make up 15% of visitors to these sites in the U.S.
  • 15.
    • The Potential for Growth
  • 16. One Word: Mobile Women Lag on Smartphone Usage
    • comScore MobiLens U.S. and EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and U.K.) 3 months average ending April 2009 to 3 months average ending April 2010
    Smartphone Share: Men vs. Women Mobile Internet usage (browsing, apps, and email) skew 65-70% male—most likely driven by more barriers to data plans.
  • 17.
    • Marketer Impact
  • 18. Social Media is the Fastest Growing Source of Ad Impressions
  • 19. In Sales Categories Dominated by Women, the Web Works
    • *BehaviorScan® tests conducted over one-year period and reflect CPG ad campaigns’ typical reach while the comScore studies were conducted over a three-month period and reflect a 40% household Internet reach against target.
  • 20. Metrics to Measure Moms
    • #1 Know who you are engaging, are they moms? Coupon moms? Convenience moms? Tiger moms?
    • Ask– moms are often more responsive, so ask qualitative questions and listen to them talk about quality
    • Women are barraged, but can be more engaged
    • Measure your social messaging in advance, creative matters, they are predictors of virality
    • Recognize challenges of scale, need to balance small but vocal influentials vs. mass consumers in choosing metrics
      • Brand sales is mass
      • Brand fan pages are influential
  • 21. The Future: Women are just getting started, but are already shaping the web in important ways The Internet: It’s Women’s Work When women connect , they engage . When they engage , they embrace . When they embrace , they drive .