1310 omma mobile sponsored lunch grey stripe


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1310 omma mobile sponsored lunch grey stripe

  1. 1. OMMA May 2012Developed for Presented by DateOMMA Kevin Granath May 14, 2012
  2. 2. Greystripe is the leading mobile ad network generatingamazingly exceptional, incredibly fantastic, spectacularly mind- blowing, mostawesomest results since 2005
  3. 3. Finally, the hype was true
  4. 4. Smartphone vs. Feature phone Shipments
  5. 5. Smartphone Upside
  6. 6. Revenue Hockey Stick
  7. 7. Mobile Challenges Tracking – Apps; Mobile Web Browsers Platform – iOS vs. Android vs. Mobile Web HTML5 – Different flavors False Clicks – Harris: 47% Unintended, 61% for Millennials (A18-34) Advertiser adoption
  8. 8. Hyperbole Mobile Web Geo-fencingMRAID SSP Cross-Platform CPD Tap-Through DSP CPI Mediation CPXDRM CTR CPM Exchange SoLoMo Multi-Platform Ecosystem BT CPCEngagement SDK
  9. 9. The Answer
  10. 10. Target Your Audience
  11. 11. Proprietary Data 212MM Profiles & Over 200 Attributes Per Profile Browsing Search 36MM PRODUCT 34B SEARCHES IMPRESSIONS WHERE: WHERE: Ad Interaction Purchase $500MM 12MM CLICKS TRANSACTIONS WHERE: WHERE: Monthly data numbers
  12. 12. The FutureThe stand-alone mobile ad network is dead
  13. 13. Proprietary Cross-Platform Targeting Greystripe leverages ValueClick’s data Audience Mapping Audience RetargetingGreystripeyour messageOverview Deliver Company to highly Leverage your online data to reach2012 customized audience segments, your customer across mobile developed using hundreds of platforms. We develop a custom online customer attributes. mobile audience based on look- alike modeling and behavioral patterns. Online ValueClick Custom Your Mobile Customers Data Audience Customers
  14. 14. Sample Profile Attributes Auto Enthusiasts College Educated • Automotive tools and supplies • Young professionals lifestyle • Automotive electronics (audio/speakers) • Job search for executive, engineering, etc. • Auto shows • Business professionals • Automotive periodical • Legal/Attorney/Lawyer Entertainment Junkies Finance & Banking Users • Celebrities • Taxes; Personal & life insurance • Movie reviews and awards • Online trading; Investing • Men’s and womens magazines • Loans & banking • Video games and gaming systems • Market news & resources Homeowners Music Enthusiasts • Home appliances • Lyrics & sheet music • Construction; Gardening • Pop, urban, jazz, folk, classical music, etc. • Real estate services • Musical instruments • Homeowners insurance • Concert eventsParents Retail Shoppers • Children’s books • Apparel and jewelry • Children’s clothing and apparel • Books, movies & music • Children’s toys and baby products • Food and beverage • Back-to-school shopping • Women’s apparel and shoes Techies Travel Enthusiasts • Laptops and computer software • Accommodations; Cruises and resorts • Smartphones, tablets, and accessories • Travel agents; Destinations and tourism • TVs, BluRay players, home theater • Luggage and travel accessories • Digital cameras, printers, photography • Air travel; car rentalNote: Census data is used for African American, Hispanic, and High Net Wealth hot spots.14
  15. 15. Indexing “We create geospatial analytics that show which regions in the US exhibit the strongest match to the specified audience. In Chicago, that means specific suburbs like Naperville and Algonquin.” – Mike Schumacher, Analytics Director ValueClick Media
  16. 16. Smartphone Ads: The Center of Attention Immersion Video Ad Boosters Flash or Static 2012Custom Interactive Rich Engaging 15 or 30 Available on Flash Full-screen or small Media second video ads or Static ads banner options
  17. 17. Ad Boosters First to Market Branded Image  True Full Screen  Multiple Response Options  A/B/C Testing Customizable Action Icons Customizable Action Icons include:Learn More Buy Video Coupon Locator Facebook Twitter Recommend Download Call
  18. 18. Qualified Traffic Click Protection Menu Flow User Reaches 300x250 • Prompts Active DecisionNatural Transition Flash / Static • Eliminates Accidental Clicks Point in-App Interstitial Appears • Delivers Qualified Traffic 18
  19. 19. GreystripeGreystripe is the leading mobile ad networkgenerating measurable results1 Advanced targeting solutions Bringing the power of online to mobile with Greystripe’s proprietary technology2 Engaging ad formats Interactive full-screen ads drive the results you’re looking for3 Cross-Platform Access touch device users across all major platforms4 Custom creative services Our in-house creative talent provides custom ad mock ups, storyboarding, landing pages and more Life made easy5 Top-notch customer service and campaign execution make us the only mobile partner you’ll need