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  • When you think of Google + Mobile many things may come to mind because Google has many mobile endeavors. I wanted to quickly put this slide up so I could touch on these various aspects of Google’s involvement with mobile and let you know that the focus of our presentation today will be specifically on mobile ads. I’ll quickly mention a few of the other areas: Android: Android is Google’s operating system for mobile devices includingsmartphones and tablets. It is open source, meaning it is not tied to one device manufacturer. In fact, devices from dozens of manufactures run the Android OS and these devices are sold across different carriers.Nexus S: For the majority of smartphones that run the Android OS, Google is only involved in the OS. However, Google has developed the actual device itself twice, first with the Nexus One and now with the Nexus S. The Nexus S 4G on Sprint has NFC (near field communication) technology allowing it to be compatible with Google Wallet.Google Consumer Apps & Product: There are dozens of consumer apps and products you may have already used including Google Maps, Google Search App, YouTube Mobile, Gmail. I wanted to highlight a couple others that you may have heard of.Google Wallet: Google Wallet turns your phone into a payment mechanism with NFC (near field communication) and allows you to tap your phone to securely payat hundreds of thousands of merchants. Currently, CitiMastercard and the Google Prepaid Card can be used with Google Wallet. It’s available on Nexus S 4G on Sprint. This product has the potential to close the loop from mobile to brick and mortar, as you could redeem a coupon that you’ve saved in your Google wallet in the store so we are working closely with this team. There are no ads products built in today as we are in the infancy of this technology and adoption by both merchants and consumers is growing quickly but still early.Google Offers: This local deal-of-the-day site is currently in beta. Offers go to opted-in consumers’ inboxes and will be able to be redeemed via mobile or printed out coupons. Some compare this to Groupon or LivingSocial. Google Goggles: Goggles is an Android App that uses image recognition technology to recognize objects and return relevant search results. You take a picture with your Android deviceand use that picture to search the web. Identifies products, famous landmarks, storefronts, artwork, and popular images found online. Goggles can translate words in English, French, Italian, German & Spanish. Goggles can extract contact information from business cards.
  • By the end of the year, over half of Americans will have a smartphone. Every day 550,000+ Android-powered devices are activated around the world.  In Q4, more smartphones were sold than PCs.
  • but as we’ve learned, there is a time and place for each device. mobile and tablets really excel in the evenings and on the weekends, when people are not at their desks.day of week!
  • Clearing: the key consumer insight here is that consumers flock to their phone as a source of entertainment.
  • 51% of consumers are more likely to purchase from retailers that have mobile-specific websites.research has shown that web retailers could increase consumer engagement by 85% with a mobile-specific website40%said they’d visit a competitor’s mobile website instead
  • 91% of users interacted with and replayed the ad
  • tablet response: tablet rich media had interaction rates 5x higher than internal benchmarksbrand response: 131% lift in brand conversions such as site visits & searches for Reebokvideo response: YT video ads interaction rates 27% higher than benchmarktargeting: remarketed to millions of users who saw masthead; GDN targeting led to CTR 9x higher than campaign average
  • Growth models project within 3-5 years there will be more mobile internet users than desktop. That’s a monumental shift in the way consumers access information, find products and services, and make purchasing decisions.
  • Here’s what a desktop site looks like on mobile, and here’s what a mobile optimized site looks like. Let’s go through best practices to understand why this is a good mobile optimized website.
  • 1310 omma mobile sponsored lunch google

    1. 1. GoMoJohanna WertherSr. Product Marketing Manager, Google1 Google confidential
    2. 2. mobile is personal2 Google confidential
    3. 3. the state of mobile:up, up and away 3 Google confidential
    4. 4. consumers love mobilethere are now more mobiledevices than people in the US 4 Google confidential
    5. 5. smartphone usage is now mainstream by the end of 2011, 50% of Americans will have a smart phoneSource: Nielsen March 2010, Morgan Stanley 2010 5 Google confidential
    6. 6. tablets are the fastest growing consumer device in history First 6 Quarters Cumulative Unit Shipments, iPod vs. iPhone vs. iPad 45,000 iPad iPhone iPod 40,000 Global Unit Shipments (000) 35,000 30,000 25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Quarters After LaunchSource: Apple, as of Q2:11 (6 quarters post iPad launch). 6 Google confidential
    7. 7. there is a time and place for each deviceSource: Google Internal Data, 2011. % of each platform’s traffic shown hourly for one day.Does not indicate absolute or relative traffic volumes.7 Google confidential
    8. 8. so what are people doing?8 Google confidential
    9. 9. mobile entertains us Source: Nielsen June 2010, Rovio December 2010, YouTube Internal Data 20109 Google confidential
    10. 10. mobile devices havebecome our “second brain” 5x growth in mobile search10 Google confidential
    11. 11. mobile is changing the way we shop11 Google confidential
    12. 12. Google wallet video12 Google confidential
    13. 13. what does it take tosucceed in mobile?13 Google confidential
    14. 14. invest in a mobile site to boost performance: 51% more likely to purchase 85% increased engagement to keep customers: 40% would visit a competitor’s site instead due to a disappointing mobile experienceSource: compuware, “why the mobile web is disappointing end-users.” March 2011 14 Google confidential
    15. 15. brands lag consumers What percentage 79 % of large online advertisers do not have a mobile- optimized site? do not have a mobile-optimized siteSource: Google Internal, Q1 2011 15 Google confidential
    16. 16. ticketsnow video16 Google confidential
    17. 17. 10 best practices for mobile sites keep it quick make it easy to convert help mobile users, design your site to load fast and make copy easy to focus on information that scan. will aid conversion. simplify navigation make it local clear navigation, hierarchy and vertical scrolling aid access to include functionality that helps people information. find and get to you. be thumb friendly make it seamless design your site so even large hands bring as much of the functionality can easily interact with it. of your desktop site to mobile. design for visibility use mobile site redirects give users a choice to go back to the ensure your content can be read desktop site, but make it easy to at arm’s length. return to the mobile site. make it accessible learn, listen & iterate ideally, your mobile site should work good mobile sites are user- across all mobile devices and all centric, meaning they’re built with handset orientations. input from your audience.17 Google confidential
    18. 18. mobile site best practicescase study: Ryland Homes (m.ryland.com) be thumb friendly the Ryland site uses buttons instead of links. buttons give more room and space for people to touch and work with the screen. design for visibility the text and layout is clear, and easily legible at arm’s length. content fits onscreen and can be read without pinching and zooming.18 Google confidential
    19. 19. next steps to a fully optimized site 1. assess: check the mobile experience for your site 2. start small: get a landing page up quickly 3. fully optimize: build a full mobile site, continue to iterate19Google confidential19
    20. 20. connect users with your information Kara’s Vegan Stop The Sprouted Wheat 231 West 49th Street 222 West 49th Street New York, NY 10019 New York, NY 10019 vegankara.com sproutedwheatnyc.com 389 reviews 184 reviews Directions Search nearby Save to map more Directions Search nearby Save to map more Joe’s Specialty Sandwiches 219 West 49th Street New York, NY 10019 joesspecialty.com 128 reviews Directions Search nearby Save to map more 20 Google confidential
    21. 21. just answers video21 Google confidential
    22. 22. ads at the right time and place sitelinks offer adsSource: Google Internal, 2011 22 Google confidential
    23. 23. entertain with mobile display ads23 Google confidential
    24. 24. engage users across screensReebok promoted across screens for max effectiveness coordinated YouTube takeovers across mobile & PC lift in brand +131% conversions +27% higher interaction rate for YouTube video ads +5X higher interaction rate for tablet rich media mobile/tablet optimized brand experiences24 Google confidential
    25. 25. mobile + PC + tablet advertising much moreeffective in driving brandingaided recall (prompted awareness)Q. You may have mentioned this already, from the list belowdo you recall seeing any advertisements for the following brands? 74% % indicating prompted awareness of Volvo Ad 24% lift in campaign recall 50% TV Only TV+ PC Video+ Phone Video+ Tablet Video25 Google confidential
    26. 26. mobile advertising right now video26 Google confidential
    27. 27. three takeaways GoMo! Engage create a mobile mobile users with specific site Connect rich media mobile users with answers27 Google confidential 27
    28. 28. GoMo!28 Google confidential
    29. 29. Appendix29 Google confidential
    30. 30. inform with mobile search ads Mobile Site Application Be Faster with MiCoach | Free |30 Google confidential
    31. 31. mobile becoming just as prevalent asdesktopglobal mobile vs. desktop internet population, 2007-2015 Mobile Internet Users 2000 1600 global interne 1200 t users (MM) 800 400 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Source: Morgan Stanley Research, April 201031 Google confidential
    32. 32. ticketsnow case study1 launched a mobile optimized site2 ran google mobile ads to drive traffic+50% conversion rate increase in return on+30% ad spend increase in average+8% order value32 Google confidential
    33. 33. mobile site best practicescase study: Ryland Homes (m.ryland.com) simplify navigation intuitive site navigation features such as a persistent “back” button at the top and bottom of the screen provides for easier reverse navigation.33 Google confidential
    34. 34. mobile site best practicescase study: Ryland Homes (m.ryland.com) make it accessible to ensure a consistently high-quality experience across mobile devices, Ryland uses jQuery Mobile software to load a site variation that works best with any device. the site also avoids the use of Flash. make it easy to convert Ryland provides the essential info customers want. They focused on features such as clickable phone numbers, location-based driving directions to nearby communities, and brief info request forms to increase mobile conversions.34 Google confidential
    35. 35. advertising on YouTube mobile instream video ads2nd largest video platform behindonly YouTube on PCs400 million views a day globally70% access YouTube mobile daily keyword targeting brand channels35 Google confidential35 Google confidential
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