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  • 1130 omma metrics joel rubinson

    1. 1. Joel Rubinson February 21, 2012 Joelrubinson@gmail.com Blog.joelrubinson.net Twitter: @joelrubinsonThe ideas expressed arethe property ofRubinson Partners, Inc. 1
    2. 2.  Donna is a researcher (now called insights)  Donna is Vice President, Consumer & Market Insights, Unilever, Americas  When I asked what she does for a living, she said…”I sell soap. Research is just what I do”. 2Rubinson Partners, Inc.
    3. 3.  Research is about informing brand strategy and marketing action in a grounded way…evidence, analytics, insights ◦ How do I grow brand sales effectively and efficiently? ◦ How do I create brand loyalty? ◦ How do people use my brand? ◦ How do people shop? ◦ How do target consumers consume and respond to media?Rubinson Partners, Inc.
    4. 4. A digital river of information •fed by numerous tributaries •Reflecting changing societal values, lifestyle trends, and brand engagement •Mostly naturally occurring, on-going 24/7 •Some tributaries are “man-made” and proprietary like a brand tracker •Start research with river rather than projects 4Rubinson Partners, Inc.
    5. 5.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYfbjZ mk2VQ 5Rubinson Partners, Inc.
    6. 6.  The value of forensic analysis ◦ Massive databases of actual behavior, native to the process, have been proven to have great insights value…DunnHumby frequent shopper data. ◦ Digital is native to the shopping process for offline purchases (as well as TV is native to online).  Must be studied  Impact must be measured  Rich in forensic insights  Instead of an attribute rating on “dinner ideas”, ask..when people search for “dinner ideas” where do they wind up? 6Rubinson Partners, Inc.
    7. 7.  Brand tracking needs to position brands to succeed in the digital future 7Rubinson Partners, Inc.
    8. 8.  While valuable for brand imagery and traditional media, brand survey tracking is too slow, sample sizes are insufficient, and recall is inaccurate for owned and earned media. ◦ The promise of digital is real time, and you must sense the naturally occurring digital signals to respond instantly. With brand tracker data, all measures are strongly correlated to market share. Social media and digital data look nothing like that. Ex: although Starbucks is only twice as large as Dunkin Donuts, it has more than 10X the buzz 8Rubinson Partners, Inc.
    9. 9.  Marketing is losing a handle on how much brand communication is out there ◦ Paid ◦ Owned ◦ Earned  Hard to measure ◦ Marketing mix modeling usually done at a market level ◦ Owned media is way undervalued ◦ Earned media impressions is way larger than social media comments (but much less than Facebook would lead you to believe!) ◦ And what about search impressions? 9Rubinson Partners, Inc.
    10. 10.  We need to learn from each other ◦ Advanced analytic tools used by research can benefit digital analytics  Loyalty modeling  Game theory statistics  Conjoint analytics ◦ Understanding digital possibilities will benefit research analytics 10Rubinson Partners, Inc.
    11. 11. Share of Requirements distribution for a 10% share brand; avg. category purchase cycle of 12x/year% category 70%buyers 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Share of 25% 50% 75% requirements
    12. 12. Share of Requirements distribution for a 10% share brand; avg. category purchase cycle of 12x/year % category 70% 1. Which loyalty buyers 60% segments grow and which decline as the brand grows? 50% 40% 2. Where do Facebook 30% fans come from? 3. How can digital analytics help to 20% 10% develop strategies 0% for less loyal 25% 50% 75% Share of groups? requirementsmeasure fringe Only OK preferred “engaged”% Buyers 12 5 4 5Your brand share 2 34 60 90of group% sales 19 17 21 43
    13. 13. • Applied in marketing research analytics to TURF analysis problems and regression modeling to determine relative value of different predictor variables in the face of multicollinearity• A possible tool for attribution analysis?
    14. 14.  Experimental design used to understand the relative impact of an attribute on choice ◦ Example:  Brand X, Y, Z  Protein, no protein  Different price levels (low, medium, high)  Packaging (resealable, not resealable)  Couldn’t this work for display advertising? ◦ Image, no image ◦ Rich, not rich ◦ Ad unit format ◦ Media placement approach 14Rubinson Partners, Inc.
    15. 15.  Judah and I see great value in an open source community for all that we call “arrow” (Analytics Research Organization), http://www.thearo.org/ ◦ ARO ("arrow") brings together professionals globally and locally from marketing research, digital analytics, modelers, predictive analytics, business analytics and other experts who are interested in consumer and shopper data, big data, digital analytics, traditional media analytics, media mix modeling and other forms of research and analysis. 15Rubinson Partners, Inc.