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  • Good morning and thank you for being here. I’ve been asked to share with you some results on a test we did last year using biometric research to assess the emotional engagement of Cinema audience’s exposed to on-screen advertising inside our theaters.
  • And I thought one of the best ways to start this presentation was with a quote that, I think, frames today’s advertising dilemma in a very succinct and direct way. It’s from Pepsico’s Chief Creative Officer Brad Jakeman in an interview he gave to FastCompany.
  • We think attempting to measuring Emotional Engagement may be a key ingredient in helping advertisers connect consumers. It’s already used to help define creative strategy as in the case of this Cheetos commercial. Use the politically incorrect joke example of self editing after the fact.
  • Mention HIMYM is top rated program for engagement
  • I think that spot works on so many different levels from a creative perspective: the atmosphere, the absence of dialogue, the unusual length, the humor… But I think the overriding reason why it works so well is the way it integrates the product brand name with a brilliant atmospheric parody of an iconic movie. And it does that by effectively tapping into our emotional reservoir of memories as it relates to the iconic images of a nearly 40 year old movie. Those images help to set the table for us to embark upon an emotional journey that, in the end, stands us on our heads. And that is the power and the magic of the movies. We’re there by choice in a frame of mind that says, “Tell me a story.”
  • 1120 doohf doug pulick

    1. 1. This is Your Brain on Screens: The Movie Measuring the Magic of the Movies Doug Pulick, NCM Media Networks
    2. 2. NCM Today’s Advertising Dilemma“The irony is that while there have never beenmore ways to reach consumers, its never beenharder to connect with consumers.” - Brad Jakeman , President, Global Enjoyment Brands & Chief Creative Officer of PepsiCo 2
    3. 3. NCM Measuring Emotional Engagement Think Do Feel Feel Do Think New Old View Understanding The emotional centers of our brain process information prior to cognitive areas. 3
    4. 4. Measuring Emotional Engagement Via Biometrics When an emotional response is generated in the emotional centers of our brain, we experience that emotion in our bodies through the autonomic nervous system. Skin Conductance Heart Rate Breathing Motion Biometric “My skin tingles with Belt “My heart leaps with joy.” “It takes my breath away.” “It moved me.” anticipation.”
    5. 5. NCM Ad Analysis Process Recruited the Monitored Their Biometric EmotionalSample Audience Reaction to 7 Ads Engagement 5
    6. 6. NCM Emotional Engagement Comparison Branding Moment. 0 3 5 8 10 13 15 18 20 23 25 28 30 33 35 38 40 43 45 48 50 53 55 58 60 Logo displayed 100 Time (seconds) @ :60Emotional Engagement 80 60 TV 40 Neutral 20 © Innerscope Research, Inc. 2011 6
    7. 7. NCM 7
    8. 8. NCM Emotional Engagement Comparison Branding Moment. 0 3 5 8 10 13 15 18 20 23 25 28 30 33 35 38 40 43 45 48 50 53 55 58 60 Logo displayed 100 Time (seconds) @ :60Emotional Engagement 80 60 TV FirstLook Cinema 40 Neutral 20 • 31/60 seconds are below neutral engagement for TV, only 2 seconds in cinema. • Logo placement coincides with neutral engagement on TV, maximum engagement in cinema. • At the end of the spot, TV engagement dropped 9% from the beginning, cinema increased 32%. © Innerscope Research, Inc. 2011 8
    9. 9. NCM Affinity Plays into Brand Resonance Emotional • Brand Resonance refers to the unconscious biometric scores from respondents when shown a brand logo after exposure to an advertisement.© Innerscope Research, Inc. 2011 9
    10. 10. NCM Brand Resonance: Cinema vs. TV TV Impact = + 28% Cinema Impact = + 82% Cinema Lift vs. TV Lift = + 193% 71% 50% 39% 39% Retail Ad: Retail Ad: Retail Ad : Retail Ad: TV - Control TV Exposed FirstLook- FirstLook – Control Exposed *values represented as percentiles against Innerscope database of 1,500+ ads© Innerscope Research, Inc. 2011 10
    11. 11. NCM What’s on the Engagement Horizon? Promote “Physical” Audience Engagement• Digital Interaction: MNO, CinemaSync• In-Lobby Interaction: iPOPs & Lobby Promotions• In-Theater Interaction: Audience Games
    12. 12. NCM The Emotional Response“The essential differencebetween emotion and reason isthat emotion leads to actionwhile reason leads toconclusions.” - Donald B. Calne, Neurologist and Author of Within Reason: Rationality and Human Behavior