level up   with media panthersolutions inbrandingmarketingadvertising
about                                                                   leap.connectan integrated marketing solutions comp...
services                                                         adding value                                             ...
consulting                                                                   challenge                                    ...
branding                                                                        don’t just                                ...
marketing                                                               delight your                                      ...
advertising                                                           the fine art of                                     ...
designing                                                                            visually                             ...
copywriting                                                                clear and                                      ...
audio                                                               get your                                              ...
video                                                                 the wow factor                                      ...
approach                                                                    combining                                     ...
capabilities                                                                     from ideation                            ...
why us                                                   a shining                                                   beaco...
industries                                                                 marketing                                      ...
clients                                                              their success.                                       ...
testimonials                                                                                 customer                     ...
contact                                             address                                             11, first floor, b...
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Media Panther - Sales Presentation


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Media Panther - Sales Presentation

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Transcript of "Media Panther - Sales Presentation"

  1. 1. level up with media panthersolutions inbrandingmarketingadvertising
  2. 2. about leap.connectan integrated marketing solutions company. offering a full range of branding, marketingand advertising services.combining creativity and strategy. for insightful, innovative and customizedsolutions.with a systematic operational paradigm. a proprietary set of tools. a team of skilledprofessionals.to build your brand. to market your products. to reach your customers.we are ready. from ideation to strategy to implementation. leap.connect
  3. 3. services adding value to your organizationmedia panther provides the following services: Consulting Copywriting Video Designing Audio leap.connect
  4. 4. consulting challenge assumptions. be the changeconsulting is about real-world, hands-on solutions from experts. it deals with situationswhere critical gaps in knowledge, experience, or information hinder confident, effectivedecision making. we provide expert consulting services in branding, marketing andadvertising in terms of strategies, tactics and best practices that will make a positivedifference to your company.we offer our consulting services on retainership or project basis inBranding Marketing AdvertisingThe next three slides cover details about these services leap.connect
  5. 5. branding don’t just design. build the right associationsRegular Services Special Services Brand Mapping Co-Branding Brand Implementation Endorsements Brand Management Product Placements Brand TrainingOffered as part of our repertoire of consulting services leap.connect
  6. 6. marketing delight your customer. alwaysRegular Services Special Services Situation Analysis Promotions Strategy New Product Introduction STP People Strategy Packaging Product Strategy Process Strategy Media Planning Pricing Strategy Physical Evidence Strategy Social Media Distribution StrategyOffered as part of our repertoire of consulting services leap.connect
  7. 7. advertising the fine art of persuasionRegular Services Media Planning Ad Execution and ReviewOffered as part of our repertoire of consulting services leap.connect
  8. 8. designing visually compelling. impactful and memorabledesigning has a Zen-like quality that transcends all boundaries. yet, it embodies certainprinciples that remain sacrosanct. we produce aesthetically stunning and strategicallysound designs that are not only visually compelling but also impactful and leave alasting impression. our designing services cover the following:Elements Publication Print Digital Miscnames brochures letterheads/envelopes websites packaginglogos catalogs business cards social media visual merchandisingslogans annual reports billboards online templates presentationscolor schemes calendars invitation cards brand identity manuals diaries loyalty cards bags menus coupons boxes promotional material signage…and everything in between. leap.connect
  9. 9. copywriting clear and concise. incisive and relevantexperience the power of the written word. demand attention from your targetaudience. we are professional wordsmiths who create interesting and intriguing copyto persuade your customers to action. our copywriting services cover the following:articles online adsadvertisements press releasesblog posts sales lettersbrochures taglinescatalogs web page contentdirect mail pieces other online contente-mails white papers…and other marketing communications. leap.connect
  10. 10. audio get your customers to listenharness the power of audio marketing. redefine your brand with the magic of sound.we help bring the ultimate audio experience to your customers through use oflanguage, music and voices that reflect your company’s image and values.Regular Services Sound Logo Jingle Ringtone Voice Over leap.connect
  11. 11. video the wow factor in your marketingimmerse your customers in a scintillating audio-visual experience. add an extra sensorydimension to your marketing paradigm. we offer integrated production services of thehighest standards, right from ideation through concept development to the finalexecution.Regular Services Corporate Video Advertisement/Commercial leap.connect
  12. 12. approach combining strategy and creativitya holistic diagnosis of the problem via a proprietary set of tools, a thorough analysis byour expert consultants and a systematic paradigm with well set processes to delivermaximum results.at every level, a customized approach with a perfect balance of strategy and creativityand a focus on delivering innovative, impactful and integrated marketing solutions.in essence, a completely customer-centric focus. leap.connect
  13. 13. capabilities from ideation to strategy to executionan experienced team of expert consultants and professionalsan in-house design studioa proprietary set of toolsa systematic operational paradigm with streamlined processesthe ability to provide integrated marketing solutions across India leap.connect
  14. 14. why us a shining beacon of light. to guide businesses.we have the expertise and the experience.we are quick, sharp and flexible.we balance strategy and creativity.we are data driven, yet intuitive and practical.we don’t just plan. we also implement.on time. within budget.for your success. leap.connect
  15. 15. industries marketing experts. across industrieswe have serviced numerous clients across diverse industries• automotive • leisure• chemicals • manufacturing• consumer durables • media• consumer non-durables • real estate• diversified services • specialty retail• electronics • wholesale• food and beverage • trading• health services leap.connect
  16. 16. clients their success. our singular focus.the following is a very small list of our esteemed clients:Client page link - http://mediapanther.co.in/clients/ leap.connect
  17. 17. testimonials customer speak. says it all…a very astute team of consultants…created a brilliant branding strategy and executed it perfectly…thedesigning was superlative, especially when it came to the labels…Nyassa is on its way to becoming asuper brand…would recommend Media Panther any time. - Ishween Anand, CEO, NyassaIt was a pleasure working with Media Panther. I found the entire team to be very creative, detail orientedand thoroughly professional. Every recommendation was backed by thought and the designs wereoutstanding. - Chirag Arya, Managing Director, AP GuruMedia Panther helped us to design our corporate presentation and brochure for our marketing campaignin November 2011. We were extremely impressed with the professionalism and high quality of workdelivered (on schedule) by Prashant and his team. The team created the right balance between designprinciples and an intimate understanding of our business model to help us create very strong andtargeted marketing documents. - Steve Waugh, Founder & Director, Sporting Edge (Legendary Ex-Captain, Australian Cricket Team) leap.connect
  18. 18. contact address 11, first floor, bismillah bldg. ranade road, dadar (w) mumbai 400 028Branding Marketing Advertising phone +91 22 32981707 email info@mediapanther.co.in website http://mediapanther.co.in/ follow us on click here to Get a Quote © by media panther. All rights reserved leap.connect