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A presentation describing how IBM is transforming into a social business, inside and outside the organization, with the use of advanced technology and cultural change. This is a modification of a presentation developed originally by Ethan McCarty of IBM. It was first presented by me at the Business Marketing Association's Southern California Chapter in May 2013, and most recently presented at the Social Media Club San Diego chapter's July meeting.

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  • Social Business began at IBM in the mid-1980s with Virtual Machine (VM), the electronic networked environment built on the mainframe. VM made it possible for hundreds of thousands of IBMers around the world to work, message, participate in forums, access internal and external news feeds, and complete administrative tasks remotely. Since then, the evolution has continued as collaboration technologies have evolved. With the application of newer social technologies to the enterprise,, such as social business platforms like IBM Connections , IBMers explore new ways to partner and collaborate with each other in service of our clients. IBMers are tapping into the power of a more open way of working, a way that allows all of us to flatten hierarchy and reap the benefits of open communication and scalable collaboration.
  • Know and follow IBM's Business Conduct Guidelines. IBMers are personally responsible for the content they publish on-line, whether in a blog, social computing site or any other form of user-generated media. Be mindful that what you publish will be public for a long time—protect your privacy and take care to understand a site's terms of service. Identify yourself—name and, when relevant, role at IBM—when you discuss IBM or IBM-related matters, such as IBM products or services. You must make it clear that you are speaking for yourself and not on behalf of IBM. If you publish content online relevant to IBM in your personal capacity use a disclaimer such as this: "The postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent IBM's positions, strategies or opinions." Respect copyright, fair use and financial disclosure laws. Don't provide IBM's or another's confidential or other proprietary information and never discuss IBM business performance or other sensitive matters publicly. Don't cite or reference clients, partners or suppliers without their approval. When you do make a reference, link back to the source. Don't publish anything that might allow inferences to be drawn which could embarrass or damage a client. Respect your audience. Don't use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, or engage in any conduct that would not be acceptable in IBM's workplace. You should also show proper consideration for others' privacy and for topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory—such as politics and religion. Be aware of your association with IBM in online social networks. If you identify yourself as an IBMer, ensure your profile and related content is consistent with how you wish to present yourself with colleagues and clients. Don't pick fights, be the first to correct your own mistakes. Try to add value. Provide worthwhile information and perspective. IBM's brand is best represented by its people and what you publish may reflect on IBM's brand. Don't use use IBM logos or trademarks unless approved to do so.
  • A comprehensive Social Measurement Framework entails accurately measuring the (1) digital marketplace and IBM’s position within it (in terms of both online conversation and organic search), (2) IBM owned social properties and IBMer impact in the marketplace, as well as (3) IBM’s digital disposition, or our organizational culture’s preparedness to truly execute against a social strategy. Here we will focus on the IBM SMEs’ impact ….
  • The term “brand ambassador” has been a round for ages, but do we really want to create brand ambassadors? The analogy isn’t quite right. Nor do we want to put pressure on IBMers to mindlessly share content on their personal networks. So we have a bit more of a nuanced approach. IBM has been working on a bunch of different enablement tiers that create an ecosystem of social enablement for IBMers. Starting with a foundation of guidelines and policy – we’ll go into more detail in a bit – and moving up to general education about social media, cybersecurity and reputation for all IBMers in the Digital IBMer hub. From that tier, IBMers can move into the Forward Thinker Program (formerly known as the Expertise Locator) which enables them to be surfaced on and other external experiences – and also to be identified for the IBM Select program, which is a small group of high-tough, bespoke plan enablement for the top tier. All of this is managed by people from many different areas within IBM – the social business managers…we’re not suggesting that we create a whole department of social business managers, but this is definitely an emerging set of skills Social Business and Community Mgrs IBM Select Program High touch, high value/potential SMEs Strategic, tactical external placement Forward Thinker Program Intermediate touch, high value SME’s Scalable service to surface expertise externally (on and off .com domain) and internally (w3) based on needs of the business IBM Voices Program Digital IBMer Hub Low touch, high volume core enablement, education and across IBM Digital Program channel enablement Self-serve surfacing and engagement Social Computing Guidelines and Policy for all IBMers
  • Social Brand Engagement Guidelines draft created and validated with Digital Program Leadership Team. Many “we’ve been waiting for these” comments. SBE guidelines have been applied to new accounts and a few existing accounts: On existing and emerging platforms most new accounts engaging our Social Brand Team to follow the standards. Existing IDs not up to standards contacted to bring up to standards and fakes removed. On new platforms, like Google+, we are now able to halt or slow the spread of un-official, out of compliance accounts before they take hold. Marketers and communicators like having guidelines: they want to be on-brand Higher signal to noise ratio is attracting more engagement with our official channels. Example: 30% increase in followers on LinkedIn in a few weeks following the guidelines. For 2012, we continue to formalize and enforce the standards and remove fakes. An automated registration process is also in the works for 2012.
  • Step two was all about figuring out what we were up against. What was the world finding when they came looking for us? We launched an inventory project and found thousands of accounts that could be considered to be representing IBM.
  • Monitoring social activity across critical venues, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogs, by SME on a monthly basis allows for quick enhancements – as needed – to drive measurable results, such as traffic to and real demand generation activities once there. Results on this slide represent our pilot with nine SMEs. However, we will activate @100 SMEs through IBM Select in 2012 across CMO, Cloud, Social Business, Business Analytics etc. We intend to scale this 5x in 2013. Also, this dashboard in its present state is compiled manually and data is monthly-- and delivered through a partnership with a research vendor – we intend to automate it and get closer to real-time in 2013 as part of our scaling the program.
  • This is a representation of the 3,200 brand account names found via our inventory project.
  • Building a social enterprise at IBM

    1. 1. © 2013 IBM Corporation1 Growing a social culture at IBM July 10, 2013 Jacques Pavlenyi, Senior Marketing Manager, IBM Collaboration Solutions Based on materials developed by Ethan McCarty, Director Enterprise Social Strategy and Programs, IBM @mediamutt @SMCSanDiego
    2. 2. © 2013 IBM Corporation2 First the fine print... Although this presentation discusses IBM and examples of how IBM is a social business, the presenter is acting as an individual IBM employee, sharing expertise about this particular topic only. The presenter is not acting on behalf of IBM, either as an official agent or representative. The views expressed are those solely of the presenter.
    3. 3. © 2013 IBM Corporation3 IBM is the world’s largest information technology company A highly diverse workforce: • 400k FTE, 100k partners, 100k contractors • ½ < 5 years of service • ½ work remotely • >70% outside USA • >15% from acquisitions and outsourcing deals A highly diverse company: • $100B revenue • 170 countries • Software, Systems & Technology, Business and Technology Consulting Challenge: increase productivity, collaboration, and innovation
    4. 4. © 2013 IBM Corporation4 From consumption to participation: IBM journey to become a Social Business 1980s: “Virtual Machine” 1996: w3 Intranet (17K/day) 2000: One IBM Single Portal (500K/day) 2004: Role-enabled workplace (2M/day) 2005: Bottom-up blogging guidelines 2008: Blogging guidelines expanded into social computing guidelines 2009: Collaboration platform, corporate risk assessment 2010: The social enterprise 2011: Workplace of the Future, Social Business Council 2012: Digital IBMer, Voices
    5. 5. © 2013 IBM Corporation5 Bringing order to the chaos: introducing the IBM Social Computing Guidelines • Written collaboratively with IBMers in 2005 • Formalized in 2008 as part of Business Conduct Guidelines • Clarity, permission and direction
    6. 6. © 2013 IBM Corporation6 The Social Enterprise: applying social networking tools for business in context IBM Internal / Intranet External / Internet My … plus many many more… Activities Blogs Bookmarks Files Forums Wikis Profiles Communities
    7. 7. © 2013 IBM Corporation7 IBM social behavior leads to great results Inside IBM Outside IBM Profiles 636K profiles 3.5M profile searches / week 8M registered users 4.5M unique monthly visitors Communities 86K public and 83K private communities, 715K members 2.5K public communities 45K members Blogs 428K users with 74K blogs 244,000 entries 1.1K blogs 25K comments File Sharing 1.2M files downloaded 44.8M times Wikis 99.5K wikis with 1.6M pages and 92.4M page views Bookmarks 64.6K users sharing 1.6M bookmarks and 4.8M tags Forums 178K forums with 967K topics 3.2M posts from 175K users IBM developerWorks > 1M users sharing in thousands of forums Instant Messaging 12 million instant messages per day Collaborating with thousands of partners and customersvia IM Web Meetings 150K web meetings 1M participants Activities 655K users working on 400K activities with 7.5M entries
    8. 8. © 2013 IBM Corporation8 The social enterprise starts with a social intranet portal Pronunciation Rich profile information Reporting chain Network Activity Stream Tags Social links
    9. 9. © 2013 IBM Corporation9 Applications Search To Do List Recommended Content Activity Streams The social enterprise starts with a social intranet portal
    10. 10. © 2013 IBM Corporation10 IBMers can even access email and other internal social networks on their favorite mobile devices
    11. 11. © 2013 IBM Corporation11 IBM social behavior leads to great results • Search satisfaction up 50% • Search productivity saving $4.5M/yr • $700K travel savings • Reduced voicemail • Reduced email server costs • 87% increase skills • 84% access experts more quickly • 84% share knowledge with others • 77% re-use assets • 74% increase their productivity • 64.5% improve personal reputation • 64.5% increased sense of belonging • 59.9% increase sales • 42.2% improve customer sat Source: Luba Cherbakov, IBM Distinguished Engineer (Feb 2010)
    12. 12. © 2013 IBM Corporation12 1) Enable the IBMer 2) Experiments with content on platforms 3) Publish broadcast content 1) Enable the expert in the context of our go-to-market programs 2) Optimize engagement across owned and earned social platforms to create shared belief with IBM experts and strategic constituencies 3) Map social content and interactions optimize progression through the demand cycle The social enterprise outside of IBM: from enablement and publishing to aligning digital experience and brand...
    13. 13. © 2013 IBM Corporation1313 ...that leverages IBM’s biggest asset – the IBMer. Market Interest IBM SMEs and Social PropertiesSocial Program ReadinessMindshare • Created based on social media research and GTM strategy & plan • Full-time Social Program Manager • SMEs identified and recruited • SMEs + IBM branded social sites • Business goals and baseline measurement • Collaboration process to apply social insights and KPIs, and share marketing plans, messages and materials with SME • Reach • Engagement • Amplification • Improved connectedness and engagement with key influencers • Keyword frequency • Hashtag frequency • Inbound links to IBM assets • Clicks on links to IBM assets • Optimization of inbound links • Improved level of engagement • Improved efficiency of content shared • Conversion @ Favorable Selling Environment Social Business Program Effectiveness Measure market language used in online buzz and searches Measure IBM inclusion in online discussions and searches that use the market language Market term volume ● Segment and themes in online conversations ● in online searches Share of IBM • in online conversations • in online searches • in influencers’ messages • Reach • Engagement • Amplification • Improved connectedness and engagement with key influencers • Keyword frequency • Hashtag frequency • Inbound links to IBM assets • Clicks on links to IBM assets • Optimization of inbound links • Improved level of engagement • Improved efficiency of content shared • Conversion Social Strategy / Marketing Plan
    14. 14. © 2013 IBM Corporation14 Preparing IBMers is an intentional social enablement of subject matter experts and branded social channels 1. Social Business and Community Managers 2. IBM Select Program 3. Forward Thinker Program 4. IBM Voices Program 5. Digital IBMer Hub 100’s 10s of 1,000’s 100s of 1,000’s
    15. 15. © 2013 IBM Corporation15  Applied to both existing and new accounts  Dedicated Corporate team reviews all accounts and communities  Non-compliant IDs contacted to bring to standard and remove fakes  Easily support new platforms like Google+ and Pinterest 1. Social channel managers and community managers now have IBM social brand guidelines
    16. 16. © 2013 IBM Corporation16 2. IBM Select Program: support eminence of high-value, high- touch thought leaders in targeted online communities  Grow influence and reputation subject matter experts in the social sphere  IBM Select SMEs  IBM Champions – non-IBM technical leaders  1-on-1 coaching and support from an IBM Social Business Manager  Sustain and support engagement while continuously proving competency and expertise  Support and amplify word-of- mouth aligned to Go-to-Market priorities  On-going listening and measurement to gauge progress MD&I
    17. 17. © 2013 IBM Corporation17 3. IBM Forward Thinkers – self-selected but community verified experts that share thought leadership internally and externally 1) Create an expert profile - provide information about your expertise, and as your knowledge and skills evolve, so can your profile so you're always presenting an accurate picture of yourself. 2) People connect with you - using search, colleagues find you or you are promoted on where customers and others can follow you on the social networks and other sites you share. 3) You and IBM benefit - You build your professional reputation by communicating and demonstrating your expertise, while IBM benefits through more effective outreach and improved productivity and collaboration.
    18. 18. © 2013 IBM Corporation18 4. IBM Voices: dynamic inventory and syndication of IBM branded, IBM Select and IBM Forward Thinker social channels  Objective: optimize Earned and Owned media coverage, aligned to Brand strategy  +3,000 IBM social brand accounts and channels identified  Curation and administration support to help maximize content marketing and shared expertise  Self-enrollment with brand training, validation and permission  Accounts are available for syndication via Social Media Aggregator
    19. 19. © 2013 IBM Corporation19  Not every IBMer is familiar with social media, so IBM has created training and guidelines on a range of topics  IBM Connections  Social media basics  Cybersecurity  Social selling  Dozens of courses  Recommendation engine  Rewards & tracking  Strategic, sharable content 5. Digital IBMer Hub: enabling 400K+ IBMers on how to be successfully social
    20. 20. © 2013 IBM Corporation20 Tactics driving >5k visits Initiated Registrations (e.g., white paper downloads, event registrations, product demos, etc) Completed Registrations (Form Completion Rate) Marketing Tactics to drive site traffic 133 All tactics MISCELLANEOUS SME-driven tactics outperform thousands of other tactics 3000+ All tactics SME tactic was #12 SME #4
    21. 21. © 2013 IBM Corporation21 BEFORE 2011 A product-driven discussion TODAY A more solution-driven discussion
    22. 22. © 2013 IBM Corporation22 So how can you get the same results? Start with a business objective • For IBM, it’s about meeting our 2015 roadmap through “Smarter Planet” • Determine the right social business patterns for you – listening, collaboration, organizational transformation, finding/sharing expertise... Push against open doors • Partner with internal constituencies who already motivated to use social Try to think of social business as more than social media • Focus first on social business patterns that target top business pains Cultivate an attitude of impatience + glacial persistence • Change comes in fits and starts, but when you look at it over a long time it will seem seismic.