Identity is complicated


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Identity is complicated

  1. 1. Rhianna is wearing pink lipstick which has associations of her femininity. Her smile symbolises her overall contentment with her identity. This can also give a sense of belonging for young girls. The puffs and sub headlines on the magazine represent high fashion and focus on appearance of teenage girls. which helps many girls to construct their own identity through experimenting with their images and how they look. Which could relate to escapism and personal identity. Rhianna has been photoshopped significantly in order to make her look more rare skinned. This is a negative aspect as it will make young girls aspire to be a different race and be insecure when they should really be happy with themselves. Proactive clothing which gives an enigma. The white background suggests purity Florescent pink text connotes femininity and also a bright personality
  2. 2. The two females standing next to Gucci represents the patriarchy in society and how men are made superior and women as secondary individuals that obey men. The chains reinforce wealth and also represents his sub-culture and makes young teenage boys aspire to be wealthy which leads to them making illegal money to fulfil their needs this is an illustration of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Tattoos and teeth symbolise him subverting from the typical image and having his own unique identity with tattoos on his face. David Gauntlets theory of ‘identity being complicated’ Gucci Maine is presented as the dominant male as is positioned in the middle of the page. The sunglasses show his individual fashion trend as he tries to find his own unique identity The smart suit illustrates elements of sophistication within his identity. The fact that it is white suggests wealth and elements of purity The females red lipstick connotes passion and sexuality which is the stereotypical view of how women should be in the 21 st century,
  3. 3. <ul><li>Shows a teenager walking with a mobile this is a reference to post modernism. </li></ul><ul><li>Maslow's hierarchy of needs can be applied to this as it shows how caught up we are and the constant need of technology use in our everyday life's. </li></ul><ul><li>Merleau Ponty’s theory of having an embodied experience can be applied to this advert as the girl is constructing her own identity by having a mobile phone that has social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. She may share similarities with others which creates a collective identify. </li></ul>
  4. 4. How Far do you agree with this statement: “Identity is complicated, everybody's got one’ – David Gauntlet Youth are one of the most popular groups in society and the world we live in as we are all different and have different cultural views and personalities. However Identity is very complicated as no one is the same even though we may encounter similarities. From a post modernist perspective everyone is unique as society is so diverse with youth from different racial backgrounds and interests. David Gauntlets theory is evident in the magazine covers above as we see a huge contrast in the representation of youth they all subvert stereotypes but also conform to the view that everyone's got their own identity. However this view can be argued as youth is society have a collective identity this suggests that they are not completely unique to the sense where they do not have an individual identity.