Jessis j who you are album analysis


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analysis of Jessis J who you are, front and back cover looking at color scheme, main image and fonts

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Jessis j who you are album analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Advert Analysis JESSIE J. Who You Are
  2. 2. Layout The layout of the page is very simple but effective as its simplicity captured me, when looking for adverts to analysis. The causality of the page draws the reader or shopper eye straight to the artist making details such as the webpage and sponsors less obvious.
  3. 3. Images Because of the magazine advert is targeted to Jessie J’s fans, and pop fans. A strong image of the artist is used to help spark a reaction from the target audience. A medium close up of the artist is centralised in the article. The image chosen helps build the idea that she is a character that would not let any one walk over her, inspiring her target audience to follow her full step. This is easily highlighted by the way she sticks her hand up to her head..
  4. 4. Title and text The title, Jessie j who are you reflects on the idea of her creating a new image or her self as she now goes for the strong and powerful approach to her music. So the use of the text helps complements the image. is just very simple but also unique to the artist as the style in which her some of her text is written is very common in her work.
  5. 5. Colour and Font choices The background colour is a bright white colour, which contrasts with the black used all over the article. In her image and drop box below it. The fonts are bold and stand out well on the page, which, with the contrasting colours, draws your eye to the page and would make you have some interest in it. The font colour are both of gold and white giving it a mixture.
  6. 6. Target Audience-Jessi j fans and pop music fans (age 13 to 16) I think the cover does well in attracting it’s target audience with it’s combination of images, colour and the chose of font colour. They’ve carefully chosen images that would get a reaction from her target audience, used colours which are dark and strong to convey her new
  7. 7. The back cover to Jessie j, who you are album
  8. 8. List of songs in album, from the back cover
  9. 9. Different record organisations she's connected to, also companies that would have helped her when creating the album. Also websites of were the album could be bought and sites such as twitter that Jessie j could be followed to help keep her fans in the loop of other singles or albums that might be up coming.