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  1. 1. SUPERBAD Representation of Male Teens
  2. 2. INTERNET SOURCES Film 4 – “Features some of the crudest and most offensive dialogue ( . . . ) goes out of its way to show its teenage protagonists as honestly as possible, meaning much of the film is made up of an endless quest for sex and booze.” Richard Corliss (Time) - “Why don’t Apatow and Rogen just do the honourable thing and tell the world they’re gay. It would save them a lot of time wasted pretending their movies are about young men growing up and finding the right young women.” BBC Film – “The young leads are utterly immersed in their characters and there's a tangy, semi-improvised feel to the dialogue – this, you suspect, is exactly how horndog geeks really communicate.” – “Its an honest and raw look into the mind of the American adolescent that evokes the frankness of Henry Miller.”
  3. 3. INSTITUTION Columbia Pictures – Institution gives high expectations in quality. Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen – Seth Rogen has recently recreated the American comedy genre. His characters are usually drug users and have an interest in woman they cannot get (Knocked Up, Pineapple Express). His films often resolve in these women grinding down the men to make them responsible, 9 to 5 guys. Despite the repetitive story lines Seth Rogen still gives expectations of comedy gold.
  4. 4. THEORIES The Queer Theory – The character Evan could fit in with the queer theory because of his effeminate behaviour. He doesn’t fit in with the usual stereotype of the teenage male. E.g. when him and Seth are talking about porn he's more concerned with the production value. The Implicit Personality Theory – The implicit personality theory can work with Fogell because on appearance you can tell he fits in the nerd stereotype. E.g. the glasses and the clothes.
  5. 5. NARRATIVE STRUCTURES Enigma codes – Will they get to the party? What will happen to Fogell when the cops take him? Will they get the girls they want? Action codes are all throughout the film but the opening credits dancing scene really sets the tone of the movie. The colours used in the opening credits also do this for example orange connotes happiness and energy.
  6. 6. Superbad is a hybrid genre (an American Teen Comedy/Bromance) with a non-linear narrative (Seth has flashbacks to his childhood whilst talking to Evan). Camera Shots – The majority of camera shots are medium shots which increases realism of text because it is less edited therefore there are less interruptions with the narrative. The films ideology seem to be the good guy always gets the girl. Except it is not really the protagonist, Seth, who gets a girl, it is his two friends.
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