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  • 1. Auteurs Do they exist
  • 2. What is an auteur?
    • Auteur theory holds that the director is the primary creative force behind their film; that it is the repeated use of individual signature characteristics that distinguish a group of films from any other.
  • 3. When Auteurs Began
    • The term Auteur originally came from Andre Bazin when he wrote about it in a French magazine called ‘Cahiers Du Cinema’
    • Cahiers Du Cinema literally translated means cinema notes
    • In 1954 François Truffant wrote an article entitled ‘Une Tendency du Cinema’ criticising French cinema and called for auteurs
    • Alfred Hitchcock was recognised as by the Cahiers Du Cinema as an auteur
  • 4. What is an auteur?
    • Andrew Sarris, an American, in 1962 wrote that auteurs should be:
    • technically competent,
    • will have specific signatures (stylistic, thematic or ideological)
    • their personality and/or tendencies, consciously or unconsciously, will become evident
  • 5. Who knows – you decide
    • It is our job to:
    • consider whether directors deserve the title of auteur
    • challenge the ideas from the Cahiers du Cinema and Andrew Sarris’ definition of an auteur
    • consider whether key personnel such as editors, cinematographers, composers, screen writers have informed the creative vision
    • consider if CGI has been used, has it effected that
  • 6. Ridley Scott
    • Use of strong female characters
    • Creating cinematic worlds
    • Alien, Thelma and Louise & GI Jane
    • Blade Runner, Alien and Gladiator
  • 7. Ridley Scott
    • Cinematography in numerous films by John Mathieson
    • Music in numerous films by Hans Zimmer
    • Numerous films edited by Pietro Scalia
  • 8. Tim Burton?
    • Loner characters – people who don’t fit into society
    • Dark Oppressive Settings
    • Prefers Orchestral Music
    • Edward Scissor hands, Big Fish, Sleepy Hollow
    • Sleepy Hollow, Nightmare Before Christmas
  • 9. Tim Burton
    • Music often by Danny Elfman
    • Often uses the acting talents of Johnny Depp
    • Numerous films edited by Lebenzon
  • 10. Joel and Ethan Coen?
    • Collision of comedy and violent crime
    • Unexceptional well meaning people acting honourably
    • Colourful dialogue
    • Fargo
    • The Big Lebowski
    • Fargo
    • O Brother Where art thou, Intolerable Cruelty
  • 11. Joel and Ethan Coen?
    • Edit their own films
    • Cinematography by Roger Deakins on …
    • Music by Carter Burwell on …
  • 12. Mel Brooks
    • Genre Spoofing
    • Deliberate bad taste
    • Slap stick innuendo
    • Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, Space Balls, Robin Hood – Men in Tights
    • Blazing Saddles, The Producers
    • See above
  • 13. Mel Brooks
    • Music wrote the music for a lot of his films
    • Actors: uses gene wilder in numerous films
    • Wrote the screenplays for the films that he has made
  • 14. David Cronenberg
    • Exploration of the limits of human experience
    • Focus on technology and obsession
    • Implausible narratives
    • Existenz
    • Crash
    • The Fly
  • 15. David Cronenberg
    • Howard Shore has been used numerous times to compose the music for his films.
    • Peter Suschitzky has been used as a cinematographer on numerous of his films
    • Ronald Sanders has edited numerous of his films
  • 16. Quentin Tarantino
    • Everyday/mundane Dialogue
    • Integration of popular music & memorable soundtrack
    • Stereotypical / genre characters saying atypical lines
    • PF – Jules talks to Vincent about foot massages & Discussion about Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’
    • RD – Stuck in the middle with you KB Bang Bang
    • PF – Boxers talking about pot bellies RD Gangsters talking about ‘Like a Virgin’
  • 17. Quentin Tarantino
    • Films edited by Sally Menke
    • Cinematography by Tarantino himself
    • Tarantino uses music from popular culture rather than having music composed specifically for the films