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Construction of my images edited version Construction of my images edited version Presentation Transcript

  • Editing my Images In the following slides, you’ll see the images that I have chosen to include in my magazine. When editing my images there were a few techniques that I had used to make sure that my images were of a high standard, in the following slides you will see these methods.
  • Above is the image that will represent the band called ‘Sweetness’, I chose this image because of the range of levels as well as the use of eye contact with the readers. This image portrays a feminine but tough idea which I think will appeal to my target audience of rockers, goths, emos and heavy metal lovers. As you can see, I’ve used a green screen which enables me to edit my pictures easily.
  • What I then had to do was use the magic eraser to get rid of my green background, as a result of the contrast between the background and the models, I found it easier to erase any unwanted background and achieved the image above. However, the magic eraser didn’t work for every bit of the image, which is why I had to use the normal eraser to go around the edges of the picture to remove all of the green. Some times, I found it difficult using the green screen, because it reflected on to the guitar, as a result, I had to use a cloning tool to make the guitar look normal. In the end, I resulted with the image on the right, which has no green on it what so ever. View slide
  • Here is the same image, but I have used a few techniques to make this picture look gothic so it would appeal to my target audience. First, I had burnt all of the girls’ hair, even though the girl on the right already had black hair, I still burnt it to make it look more darker, and so she’d fit in with the rest of the group. I also changed the eye colour of the girl on the left from green to black, I did this because she looked too feminine, and changing her eye colour seemed to make her look more rough. The girl on the right suited the look completely and didn’t need much change, but to make her stand out a little bit more, I burnt her lips slightly to make her look as though she had red lip stick. Finally, I added black eyeliner to the girl below, which contrasted with her skin perfectly, making her look more pale, and more gothic. As you can see, the comparison between the model below and ‘Evanescence’ is very strong, my extra modifications to the picture allow the image to portray the rocker look. View slide
  • From looking at rock magazines, I realised many have logos that carry the house style, and so I chose to imitate that, in the end I decided to go for a skull logo, and had got a metal, skull ring which I felt would appeal to my target audience. Above is the image of that ring on someone's hand. Even though ‘Kerrang’ doesn’t have a logo, it does have a tendency to have the centre image go over the masthead, this is present through out every issue of the magazine, therefore, it carries the house style.
  • As you can see the image above has been cleared of most of the green, this has been achieved because of the magic eraser. After this I had cropped the image so the main focus was the ring, then I had used the normal eraser to get rid of the hand. This left me with just a skull, which didn’t look like a ring any more, but I had a similar problem as before, the green screen had reflected on to the ring, making the skull look green, which is why I had to use the clone tool, which gave me the image on the right.
  • The image above has been done on Photoshop where I had changed the lighting of the skull, making it look more metallic, as if it were an x-ray. I also gave it a drop shadow, enabling it to stand out on the page, as it is the main logo which should draw attention to itself.
  • This image above is for a feature in my magazine, and it is going to be placed in my single page contents. This pose is very common for rockers today, so I thought if I input this into my magazine, the magazine would relate to and appeal to my targeted social tribes. The famous rock icon ‘Evanescence’ is also doing this common rock pose, both images also have strong eye contact with the camera, so I am confident that my magazine will appeal to rockers.
  • I managed to delete most of the green by using the magic eraser and used a normal eraser to delete the rest of the green screen background. As you can see from my screen shot, I found more unwanted green around the edges of my image, this was the hardest factor when editing this picture and was resolved by zooming in to the image and deleting the green. On the right is my finished image after successfully deleting all of the background.
  • I’ve chosen this shot because of the obvious portrayal of music, this low shot shows the importance of the rock star as well as capturing the passion for guitar playing. This image will represent my main article which is about a tour, this image may be on my double page article because the image stands out in comparison to other pictures. With the model looking down at the guitar, the image reflects the social tribes’ similar expression of music, examples of these tribes include: emos and heavy metal lovers. Above is an image of a famous band called ‘Fall out boy’ and as you can see, they also share their passion for music, which is reflected through the instruments held by the artists. However they still have that rough edge which is shown in the way they hold their instruments.
  • As I’ve done with my previous images, first, I had deleted most of my background using the magic eraser. However, I didn’t use this technique around the image because it makes the picture look rough, so instead, I chose to use a normal eraser which made the edges of the image smoother. When looking at the image above and the image on the right, there is a slight difference with the hair, as a result of the green visible between the strands of hair, I had to use the clone tool and had to delete some of the edges, making the hair look flatter. When looking at the completed image in the right hand corner, I thought the hair looked odd so I asked my peers’ for their opinion and they thought the image on the right looked better. This is the completed image.
  • Above is an effect that I achieved on Photoshop, making the image look very rough, dark and gothic which is the look I need for my magazine. However, my plans say that my double page article will have a black back ground, and I don’t think the image will have a great impact because it will fade into the background. Although, over time when looking at magazines, I realised that they don’t always have a simple background, so I decided to have a concert back drop, but even so, this image along with the background will be too much. Due to this issue, I will use the original image with a simple back drop.
  • Here is another image of the girl band, ‘Sweetness’, this image of them portrays a rough look. The two girls on the left look straight ahead with a cold, hypnotic look on their faces, which gives off a mysterious vibe. Whereas, the girl on the right looks directly at the camera in a threatening way, as if she is being exposed, which makes the reader feel as though they’re looking at something exclusive, something that they are lucky to see. The image is also a low shot which makes the band look highly important. With all band members holding the guitars, it shows that they all have an input to the music. Also, the fact that the guitars are there reflects the relevance of music.
  • Here I have used the magic eraser and the normal eraser again to get rid of the green screen background. During the photo shoot, all of the girls had their hair out in a messy, rough way, due to this, I had to use the clone tool to get the green out of their hair. As you can see in the image above, there is a wire lead coming out of the microphone, although, the final image hasn't got one. I attempted to remove the green around the wire but because it was too thin, this was very difficult. In the end I decided to remove the wire altogether, making the microphone look cordless.
  • This is another image of ‘Jed’ who is going to represent my lead story of a tour. I like this image because there are no levels, the guitar and the model are at the same height, reflecting his passion for music. Similarly, the target audience for my magazine also have a strong passion for music, especially emos, who are known to express their emotions through a range of instruments.
  • Again, I’ve used the magic eraser and the normal eraser to remove the unwanted background, but still green was visible. The green screen had reflected on to the black trainers, as you can see below. I attempted to use the cloning tool, but this was not possible because the shoe looked out of place. In the end, I decided to keep it the way it was and changed the lighting of the image, making the image look darker, and less greener.
  • Here we have a serious image, and it is a low, mid-shot of a girl who is also going to be in my contents page to represent a secondary lead. The image itself mirrors a rebel because of the strict body language, with her crossing her arms. If we look at a close-up of this image, we see a ferocious glare with those big, dark eyes, which portrays that tough, rebel attitude stereotyped with rockers, emos, goths and heavy metal lovers.
  • If you look at the screen shot above and the screen shot on the right, you will see that there is not much of a difference. However, when you zoom in to the image there is a bit of green which I got rid of using the normal eraser. I found that this image was the easiest picture to edit because of the contrast between the clothes and the background.
  • Here is a long shot of another picture which will be in my contents page. Once again, you see the strict body language because of the crossed arms, and the intense stare at the camera. I chose this shot mainly because I wanted a variety of camera angles in my magazine.
  • As a result of the image not using the full extent of the green screen, there was a lot more background that was deleted using a larger eraser but the magic eraser was used occasionally. After deleting the surroundings of the image, I then cropped it to get rid of the rest of the unwanted image and continued editing. On the right is the completed image.
  • The image of the fan on the left is going to be used in my double page article. I wanted to use this image because the exited look on her face reflects the atmosphere of the concert. With her arms up in the air and her mouth wide open, it shows that she’s really engaged in the music, portraying a good show which reflects my lead story of a concert. On the right is an image of a crowd of fans, their arms up in the air screaming, while paying their full attention towards whatever they’re cheering for. Likewise, my image is looking past the camera and shows her dedication through her body language.
  • Before using any eraser, I cropped the image, so I wouldn't have to waste time on the bits that I didn’t need. After woods, I used the erasers to get rid of the green. Once again, this image was easier to edit because of the contrast between the clothes and the green screen back drop. On the right is my completed image.
  • The image above represents my lead story and this image may appear on the cover or contents page. When deciding what he should wear, I thought that he could reflect the magazine house colours, so he wore a mixture of red, white and black. This image has a serious outlook because of the strong eye contact, but still has a rebel attitude because of the hoody, this fashion statement appeals to my target audience which is why the image will contribute to my magazine.
  • This image was quite difficult to edit because some of the image appeared outside the green screen. Due to this, I had to use a normal eraser for quite a lot of the background which took a long time to erase but was worth it in the end. This is the finished result of the image.
  • My magazine will be reflecting the time of Christmas so I decided to have a picture of holly which I could add to the writing or any image. I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t have too many Christmas elements because this is a rock magazine and I didn’t want the decorations to take away any of the hardness of rock. This image was edited on Photoshop, where I used the magic eraser to delete the white background and when zooming in, there was no white left, so I saved it as a PNG file which could be placed in to In Design when I construct and piece my magazine together.
  • Here, I have snowflakes which will appear on my magazine, instead of taking pictures, I went on to Photoshop which had some outlines of snowflakes when going on to the custom shape tool. There, I found three different versions of snowflakes, all of which I chose to incorporate in the magazine. In order to do this, I made the shape and filled it in with white, before I did this I had to make a black background so I could see where the shape was. Then I deleted the background and saved the image as a PNG file which I could import into In Design.
  • For all of the images that I have edited for my magazine, I have added a drop shadow to them in either black, white or red, whichever contrasted nicely with the background. I did this to enable the pictures to stand out and because shadows are associated with darkness, it ties in with the theme portrayed.
  • The End