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Introduction to Gamification
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Introduction to Gamification


Published on

A presentation about how we can use game mechanics in areas that aren’t a game

A presentation about how we can use game mechanics in areas that aren’t a game

Published in: Education

  • Hmm. Think I read a free sci-fi iBook on this called MetaGame by Sam Landstrom. Taking advantage of the socially encouraged, not inborn, need to compete is just the next step after having dried up sex as a motivator in the modern primitive man. Let’s make work more like a viral game or digital social event. It’s still work. Now they’re looking for ways to make it addictive too. I am curious to see where this takes us. Since we’ve been flaming like a comet in this general direction for less than a century I suspect I’ll still be alive when it burns out.
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  • 1. GAMI-FICA-TION– a presentation about howwe can use game mechanicsin areas that aren’t a gameMartin Thörnkvist, C’n’B, Cologne, 23 June 2011
  • 2. AgendaGamificationGame mechanicsWhy gamify?Do’s and dont’sExamples
  • 3. Definition Gamification
  • 4. ”The process of applying the basic elements that make games fun and engaging to things thataren’t considered a game.” Gamification
  • 5. Game mechanics Why we’re playing
  • 6. PointsWhy we’re playing
  • 7. LevelsWhy we’re playing
  • 8. BadgesWhy we’re playing
  • 9. Leaderboards Why we’re playing
  • 10. Challenges Why we’re playing
  • 11. Rethink!Ozma Game Design
  • 12. RewardsWhy we’re playing
  • 13. 5 good reasons Why gamify?
  • 14. Increased use Why gamify?
  • 15. Increased loyalty Why gamify?
  • 16. Influencing use Why gamify?
  • 17. Viral sharing Why gamify?
  • 18. Identification Why gamify?
  • 19. Again, together Mechanics + reasons
  • 20. ”It’s the process ofimplementing game mechanics into non-gaming scenarios in order to better engageaudiences and solve problems” Gamification
  • 21. Do’s and don’tsWhat to think about before you start
  • 22. It’s hardWhat to think about before you start
  • 23. Not pointification What to think about before you start
  • 24. Not too simpleWhat to think about before you start
  • 25. SurpriseWhat to think about before you start
  • 26. Be concreteWhat to think about before you start
  • 27. ForecastStill on planet earth, but more engaging
  • 28. ”while the last decadewas the decade of social, this decade will be the decade when the game framework is built” - Seth Priebatsch
  • 29. ”By 2015, more than 50percent of organizationsthat manage innovation processes will gamify those processes” - Gartner
  • 30. ”Anywhere there are people to be motivated, you can use gamification.I you’re not, you’re leaving money on the table” - Rajat Paharia
  • 31. = SummaryCall on the basic human need to compete and play It’s not only about points and badges Think before you implement
  • 32. @thornkvist