How to crowdfund your project


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A presentation about what crowdfunding is, why you should use it and 8 advice on how to do it.

By Martin Thörnkvist
18 February 2011
By:larm, Oslo, Norway

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How to crowdfund your project

  1. 1. CROWDFUNDING– finance your project byengaging your fansMartin Thörnkvist, @thornkvist By:larm, Oslo. 18 February 2011
  2. 2. Members2BalanceU Get Real AB Moving Stonecat Sparr o CoAB Audiola Good Old N3P Entreprenörsskola Stagevision Oresund ABAgnes film & television AB Gäddans Produktioner Nationalencyklopedin StratiteqAnagram Produktion AB Hawk Video & Film/Ace Filmshop Navigator Communication AB Studio IIIAnja Schmidt Film och Teater Helsingborg stad Neon/Hunstad Studio 1982Aspekta Propeople High Graphics NetPort.Karlshamn SuperlativoAttraction Film of Sweden AB Hyper Island Noisy Cricket Svenska Aller ABAudio supreme Öresund ID Kommunikation AB Nordic game resources AB Svenska WebbredaktörernaAvalon Enterprise AB Inspicient & Reklamtjänster AB Oddlife Productions Sveriges YrkeshögskolaAwnic Istudios HB Ozma Speldesign Sydsvenska dagbladetBardå Filmproduktion AB KAN Malmö Paxvision Tarsier StudiosBoostHbg King Edward Filmproduktion Pendit TeWee art & film productionBlekinge tekniska högskola Kostr film Pixel touch media TAT – The astonishing tribeBredband2 Kreativum Planeto This Zentury AbCybercom Kulturmejeriet Polar Rose Tibet Server ABColibri Television AB Lejoni Produktion Ponnert Film & Media TicTac InteractiveDana film & produktion Lennandia PS Communication Malmö AB TrossfilmDigifex Le Petit Garcon R.R. Media U-filmDoc Lounge Limestone Filmproduktion AB Reaktor sydost Ubisoft Entertainment SwedenDo-Fi MacMeckarna AB Redikod AB Upside Studios ABEC Malmö högskola Redloop UpSwedenEight Malmö stad Region Blekinge UstwoEksploria Malmö symfoniorkester Region Skåne Vitamin SE Media ABEl Alamo Produktioner Manuslabbet Scanditoy AB Wallen Media ABEurocast Television AB Mashmobile Scandvision Communication AB WannaplayExtransit Midvinterfilm Scen3 Way group européFilm i Skåne Mindpark Sisyphus Films/ Pedram Dahl Xenofilia ABFilmcentrum Syd MINT Skurups Folkhögskola YouUsandThemFirst Flight Communication AB Misprinted Smartfilm AB Ystads kommunFolkets Bio Malmö Mobill Scandinavia Songs I Wish I had Written ÖsterCity ServiceFuente Interactive Lab AB mm3 Mobile Channel AB Sonic Branding
  3. 3. Media industriesBusiness models Social media Crowdsourcing Visualization Mobile Gamification
  4. 4. AgendaWhat is crowdfunding?Why should we care?Advice on how to do itGood examples
  5. 5. Definition Crowdsourcing
  6. 6. ”model for distributedproblem solving” Crowdsourcing
  7. 7. ”model for distributedproblem solving” Crowdsourcingcreation, voting, wisdom, funding
  8. 8. ”cooperation by agroup of people tomontery support a project” Crowdfunding
  9. 9. Why?Part of your business model
  10. 10. Jill Sobule
  11. 11. $100 - Copper Level: T-shirt saying youre ajunior executive producer on the album.
  12. 12. $500 - Gold Level: This is where it gets good!At the end of my CD, Ill do a fun instrumental track where Ill mention your name
  13. 13. $10 000 - Weapons-Grade Plutonium Level:You get to come and sing on my CD. Dont worry if you cant sing - we can fix that on our end.
  14. 14. 89 000 dollar 53 days 638 people
  15. 15. Platformsto launch your project 1. How much money 2. How many days 3. What the rewards are 4. A selling text
  16. 16. Platformsto launch your project
  17. 17. to launch your project 1. How much money 2. How many days 3. What the rewards are 4. A selling text
  18. 18. to launch your project 1. How much money 2. How many days 3. What the rewards are 4. A selling text
  19. 19. 8 advicefor a successful crowdfunding project
  20. 20. Good idea As always
  21. 21. Emphasize yourself People like people
  22. 22. Tell your storyCreate bond and understanding
  23. 23. Spend time on a video Straight to people’s heart
  24. 24. SpecifyMake your world easy to understand
  25. 25. Creative rewards ”(no art critics please)”
  26. 26. Don’t leave anymoney on the table $100 adds most
  27. 27. Create amodular story 30 % = tipping point
  28. 28. Don’t forget tospread the word15% on Kickstarter doesn’t earn a dollar 1. Recruit ambassadors 2. Plant your idea 3. Bloggers are your best friends 4. Spread to thousand networkds
  29. 29. Any interest? The numbers 3900 successful projects 386 373 pledges 27,638,318 dollars
  30. 30. = Summary Not just selling Create engagemangBe creative all the way
  31. 31. @thornkvist