My mother dreams the satan


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My mother dreams the satan

  1. 1. "MY MOTHER DREAMS THE SATANS DISCIPLES IN NEW YORK"FADE IN:EXT. SOUTH DAKOTAN FARM - DAYA lone farmhouse sits isolated against a prairie backdrop,silhouetted by a marbled dawn sky.INT. FARMHOUSE - DAYMARIAN PETERSON, a gray-haired woman in her late sixties,meticulously packs a suitcase. She picks up a small, framedPHOTO from a chest-of-drawers and holds it up to her.INSERT - PHOTOIts a picture of a man about Marians age. He has a sweetnatured smile on his face. Marian looks at it longingly,then packs it carefully in her suitcase between some sweatersand closes it up.EXT. FARMHOUSE - DAYA paint-chipped truck rounds the corner on a dirt roadleading into the farm.Marian, waiting on the porch, ready to go, rises and waves.A FEW MOMENTS LATER -Marians son, STEVE, dressed in jeans and flannel shirt,loads his mothers single piece of luggage into the bed ofthe truck, climbs back into the cab, where his mother issitting, and drives off.DISSOLVE TO:EXT. THE SKY - DAYA JETLINER descending in the hot, cerulean sky.DISSOLVE TO:EXT. KENNEDY INTERNATIONAL - AFTERNOONMarian, looking a little forlorn and out of sorts, stands outby the taxi area with her suitcase on a tote, looking aroundfor a cab, unsure what to do.CURBSIDE - A FEW MINUTES LATERMISCHA, a somewhat dissolute-looking Russian cabbie in histhirties, roughhouses Marians single piece of luggage intothe dirty, cluttered trunk of his cab.INT. TAXI - DAYMarian is sitting in the back of the cab as Mischa opens the
  2. 2. drivers side door and slams it shut, rattling Mariansnerves.MISCHA(brusquely)Where to?MARIANAre you sure you got my bag in?MISCHAWhat do you think? I left it on thecurb?MARIANIm sorry, Im a little nervous. Its myfirst time in New York. Just a minute.Marian fumbles with a piece of paper shes rooted out of herpurse.Mischa, annoyed, slams the shift lever into Drive and lurchesoff.Marian leans forward into the rectangular opening of thePlexiglas partition.MARIANI want to go to 526 East 5TH. Thats inthe East Village. My daughter said itwould cost thirty dollars.In the REAR-VIEW MIRROR we glimpse Mischa giving Marian a slylook.CUT TO:EXT. LOCATION - DAYThe TAXI passes on a turnpike, streaming with vehicles,headed toward Manhattan. DRIVE-BY TRANSITION.INT. TAXI - DAYHurtling along. Marian cranes her head through the partitionand attempts to strike up a conversation with the surlycabbie.MARIANI came to New York to visit my youngestdaughter.MISCHAAnd where is she?MARIANShe would have come to the airport tomeet me - she wanted to - but ... but,she just started a new job and, well, Iguess no one drives here.
  3. 3. MISCHASo, you come here all by yourself?MARIANUh, yes. My husband passed away recently...MISCHA... Oh ...MARIAN... And the children thought I shouldtake a trip.MISCHAYeah.MARIANIm from South Dakota. Where are youfrom?MISCHAMoscow.MARIANOhhh. Do you know the East Village?MISCHAOh, yeah ... yeah ... its a hellhole.MARIAN(disconcerted)You mean its dangerous?MISCHANah, not dangerous. Not that dangerous.(beat)Not during the day.Mischa chuckles as Marian sits back in the cab.ANGLE ON MARIAN -looking out the window, her face clouded with consternation.EXT. BRIDGE - DAYCars pouring into Manhattan over one of the many bridgesspanning the East River.CUT TO:EXT. EAST 5TH STREET AND 2ND AVENUE - DAYThe cab brakes to a halt, bringing Marian INTO THE FRAME, herface strickened with fear.Marian climbs out of the cab as Mischa, in the background,opens the trunk to retrieve her bag. Marian, taking in theforeign surroundings, seems confused about something.
  4. 4. MARIANPardon me, Mischa. Is this 526 East 5THStreet?Mischa closes the trunk and approaches Marian with her onepiece of luggage on a tote.MISCHANo, no. Sorry, I cant drive you todoor. Theres a roadblock on Avenue B...(he gestures down the street)right there ...MARIANS AND MISCHAS P.O.V. -At the far end of the block, we SEE a movable, blue NYPDroadblock.BACK -The two of them, Marian looking puzzled.MISCHAThis is one-way street. You go down theblock to the middle.MARIAN(pointing uncertainly)This way?MISCHAYeah. Not far. You will be fine.(beat)Its still day.He chuckles to himself, but Marian doesnt get the joke.MARIANI see. How much?MISCHAForty-five all total.MARIANForty-five? I thought it was onlysupposed to be thirty?MISCHAThirty is base price. Tolls, tax, tip... it all adds up.Marian unsnaps her wallet and grudgingly hands thedisreputable cabbie two twenties and a five.Mischa takes the money and starts away. Halfway back to hiscab, he turns around and calls out to Marian, who standsfrozen on the dilapidated street.MISCHAHey, lady.
  5. 5. (Marian turns)Hold purse like this.Mischa hugs an imaginary purse close to his side. Marianapes his advice in all seriousness.MISCHA(nodding approval)Good luck.Mischa climbs back into his cab and peels off.NEW ANGLE -HIGH DOWN WIDE of Marian standing forlornly at the end of thestreet, a Daytons shopping bag in one hand, her luggagestrapped to the tote in the other.TITLE IS SUPERIMPOSED:MY MOTHER DREAMS THE SATANS DISCIPLES IN NEW YORKCUT TO:EXT. EAST 5TH STREET - DAY - A FEW MINUTES LATERMarian pulling her luggage apprehensively down the street.She passes THE SQUATTERS, a motley group of homelessteenagers, pierced, tattooed, wild hairdos and even wilderattire.SQUATTER #1Hey, lady, can you help us out with somechange today?Marian, shocked by their circumstances, rolls her luggagepast them, smiling faintly.SQUATTER #2Come on. Every little bit helps. Alittle food, you know?MARIANMaybe some other time.SQUATTER #1Thanks a lot anyway.Marian continues on. Shes distracted by ...A WOMAN in her thirties, who looks like she hasnt slept in aweek, bent over the railing of a second-story fire escapebalcony, in the throes of a veritable rage.WOMAN IN A RAGEYou forgot your fucking plant, youfucking asshole!Marian stares up at her, even more disconcerted than ever.
  6. 6. The enraged woman continues her tirade at an unseen oldboyfriend below.WOMAN IN A RAGEAnd theres a lot of other shit in thereyou forgot. Just wait there, Im goingto go fucking get it for you, all right?No, just wait there! Do you want me to goget it for you? Well, why dont I justdo that, huh? Im going to do that rightnow!Marian looks away and, intrepid Midwesterner that she is,pushes on.A MAN, dressed strangely, stands surreally in the middle ofthe street, blowing huge clouds of cigarette smoke.A GAY COUPLE parade past, laughing hysterically.NEW ANGLE - AT THE END OF THE STREET -A PACK of unmufflered, chrome-coruscating HARLEYS round thecorner in a ear-shattering approach.MARIAN -stops dead in her tracks and stares in heartstopping terror.ACROSS THE STREET -The BIKERS, wearing their clubs colors embroidered on bluejeans, and leather, vests, back their motorcycles in auniform row against the curb, kill their engines, park themat an angle on their kickstands, and dismount.They high-five a biker known as the DISCIPLE PROSPECT, asmall, mean-looking man with a red bandana tied taut over hishead, and then disappear into the windowless clubhouse,passing through a large, forbidding, black door with theskeleton of Death riding a motorcycle painted on it.The Disciple Prospect tosses the butt of a cigarette into arusted steel drum and flames erupt.MARIAN -in horror, cannot pry her eyes away from them.NEW ANGLE -An upstairs window on a six-story, red-brick co-op building.PAULA, Marians daughter, a pretty woman with short darkhair, is leaning out the window, waving.PAULAMom! Hi! Ill be right down.EXT. THE FRONT SECURITY DOOR - A FEW MOMENTS LATERPaula emerges to greet her mother.
  7. 7. Marian glances one last time across the street and exchangesoblique looks with the Disciple Prospect, now parked on astool next to the burning drum. He seems to home in on her.INT. CO-OP - TWILIGHT - A FEW MOMENTS LATERA nice, one-bedroom co-op, tastefully furnished. Paula isunpacking Marians things. Marian stands in the middle ofthe apartment, feeling relaxed, if still a bit shaken, forthe first time since she arrived.PAULASo, what do you think?MARIANWell, once youre inside, its nice.PAULAYou dont like where I live?Marian walks over to the window and peers out.MARIANWell, when I walked up the block, I ...well, my word!PAULAThats New York. It looks rundown, butits safe during the day. Youll getused to it.Marian returns her gaze to the view out the window.EXT. STREET - TWILIGHT - MARIANS P.O.V. -Out the window. Two BIKERS stand with their armscrisscrossed against their leather-vested chests, framing theburning drum on the sidewalk, guarding the phalanx ofHarleys.CUT TO:INT. CO-OP - NIGHT - LATERPaula and Marian are sitting at the dining table. Theyrestudying one of those plastic laminated maps of New York thatyou can buy everywhere. Paula is attempting to acquaint hermother with Manhattans complex public transportation system.PAULAYou take the M-15 bus all the way to ...79TH Street. And then you take thecrosstown bus to 5TH Avenue, and theMetropolitan Museum of Art is rightthere. You cant miss it.Marian removes her glasses and fixes her gaze on herdaughter.MARIAN
  8. 8. I wanted to ask you something. Thosemotorcycles across the street ...?PAULAUh-huh?MARIAN... What are they all doing there?PAULAThats the Satans Disciples New Yorkheadquarters.MARIAN(alarmed)The motorcycle gang? Dont they dealdrugs and rape young girls?PAULAIve never had any problem with them.People say its the safest block in theEast Village.(lays a reassuring hand on hermothers arm)I just hope their motorcycles dont keepyou up at night.CUT TO:INT. CO-OP - NIGHTCRANE UP to Marian lying wide awake on a convertible sofanext to the street window. We (Marian!) hear VOICES,MOTORCYCLES REVVING, POLICE SIRENS, followed by what soundslike GUNFIRE, tires SCREECHING, a cacophony of sounds typicalof summer nights in the East Village.We go UP and OVER Marian toward the window as imaginaryvoices flood in and become intelligible.RANDOM VOICES (O.S.)Did that shipment of heroin come in?That old lady see them?We can kill her if we have to.RAUCOUS LAUGHTER erupts.EXT. STREET - NIGHT - MONTAGEA Kenneth Anger Scorpio Rising-like MONTAGE:A black-booted foot kick-starts a Harley.A gleaming chrome exhaust pipe vibrates and spits smoke.A black-gloved hand revs a handle-bar accelerator.A helmet is pulled down over a Hun-like face.Flames roar in the steel drum as though a signpost in Hell.One of the DISCIPLES, bare-chested, long-haired, sweating,swings a baseball bat and calls out to Marian in a singsongvoice:BIKER
  9. 9. Oh, Marian ...Another half-naked BIKER, arms tattooed up and down, hasMarians suitcase open and is scattering her belongings outinto the street. He finds the framed photo of her deceasedhusband and tosses it to the pavement. He raises his headslowly with a sneer and looks up at ...MARIAN -standing in the window in her nightgown, a hand covering hermouth, looking down in utter terror on the fire-lit tableauxof her nightmare.THE BIKER ON THE STREET -starts stomping on the photo with the heel of his boot,shattering the glass. Then he removes the photo from theframe and slowly drops it into the roaring conflagration inthe oil drum.The other dawdling Disciples guffaw loudly.SLAM CUT TO:INT. CO-OP - NIGHTMarian wakes with a start, consciousness giving way to a sighof relief.FADE TO:EXT. CO-OP BUILDING - DAYESTABLISHING SHOT of Paulas red-brick co-op, splashed withsunlight and framed by a bright blue sky.INT. CO-OP - DAYIts quiet in the co-op. Marian is dusting the bookshelvesand humming to herself.Behind a shelf of books she discovers a PHOTO ENVELOPE withsome snapshots in them. Curious, she has a look-see.SNAPSHOTS -flipping through Marians hands. They chronicle Paula and aBOYFRIEND on a recent vacation to a Caribbean island. Marianis amused by them ... until she comes to one showing Paulawith her bathing suit top off, arms raised giddily in theair.MARIAN -gasps, then blushes and quickly replaces the pictures.INT. CO-OP - DAY - LATERMarian is at the window, peering through the furlingcurtains.
  10. 10. EXT. STREET - DAY - MARIANS P.O.V. -Looking down on the Satans Disciples clubhouse. Two BIKERSand their GIRLFRIENDS swagger out of the clubhouse, don theirhelmets, mount their bikes, kick-start them to life and roaroff down the street.MARIAN -draws away from the window. She picks up her "StreetwiseManhattan" laminated map, puts her glasses on, looks at it,debating whether to tackle the streets of New York or not.A FEW MINUTES LATER -Marian, determined now to get out of the co-op, pulls herpurse over her shoulder and grips it like the cabbieinstructed. Then she moves to the front door, opens it, andsteps warily out into the hallway. She freezes when sheHEARS THUNDERING FOOTSTEPS.INT. HALLWAY - DAYMarian cowers against the half-open door as a young MAN,wearing faded jeans, black cowboy boots, and leather vestover a naked torso, comes charging down the stairs pulled bya frothing, pent-up BULLDOG on a leash.As he passes, Marian retreats quickly back into her unit,closes the door, and locks the locks from inside.CUT TO:INT. CO-OP - NIGHTPaula is hanging up her coat and setting down her briefcase,an incredulous expression on her face, looking at ...Marian, sitting in a chair by the window, leafing through amagazine.PAULA(mildly rebuking)You didnt leave the house all day?Marian shrugs.CUT TO:EXT. NEW YORK - DUSKManhattan skyscrapers framed against a twilit sky.INT. RESTAURANT/BAR - NIGHTMarian and Paula are sitting at the bar. They each have aglass of white wine in front of them. Paula is looking atsome PHOTOS of the farm that Marian has brought along.MARIAN
  11. 11. Would you look at those strawberries.They made the best jam.(passes Paula the photos)Here are some more pictures of the farm.Crops were unbelievable this year.Paula continues to browse through the snaps.MARIANPlenty of rain. Your dad would have beenhappy with that.Marian removes a pill from a small vial shes rummaged out ofher purse and slips it discreetly into her mouth.MARIANI just cant seem to focus on anythingthese days.PAULA(turning to her mother)Thats why its good you came to visitme.MARIAN(washing her pill down withsome wine)How are you doing sweetheart?PAULAIm good.MARIANDating anyone?PAULANo, Im working too much, I dont havetime.MARIANWhat about the fellow in those pictures?PAULAWhat pictures?MARIANYou know ...(raises both hands in the air)... whoops!PAULA(blushing)Mother!MARIANWell, they were right out in plain view.PAULABehind the books.MARIAN
  12. 12. But I was dusting.PAULA(reluctantly explaining)I was seeing Aaron and there were some... complications.MARIANHe seemed quite taken with you.PAULAI dont want to talk about it.MARIAN(hurt)You know, you never tell me anything.PAULAThats not true.(lays a placating hand on hermothers arm)Besides, I dont want you dusting. Iwant you to see New York.CUT TO:EXT. EAST 5TH STREET - NIGHTMarian and Paula, arm-in-arm, walk down the block back to herbuilding.A MOTORCYCLE rounds the corner, slows to a crawl, and one ofthe Satans Disciples stares over at the two of them as ifcasing them out. Paula wont look at him, but Marian cantavert her gaze.DISSOLVE TO:INT. CO-OP - NIGHTMarian lying awake in bed, the ENGINES of the DisciplesHarleys deafening ...DISSOLVE TO:EXT. SATANS DISCIPLES CLUBHOUSE - NIGHTDOLLY ACROSS a line of idling Harleys, the bikers, one at atime in succession, switching their single-beam headlightson.PAN ACROSS the FACES of the Disciples, mounted on theircycles, dark helmets, faded blue jeans jackets embroideredwith elaborate stitching of their clubs insignia, cigarettesdangling from their hirsute mouths, baleful-lookingcountenances, revving their engines loudly, tauntingly.NEW ANGLE -From across the street, Marian, appearing like an apparitionin her nightgown, surreally walks toward them, a beseeching
  13. 13. look on her face.MARIANExcuse me. Could you please turn yourmotorcycles off? Theyre so loud, Icant sleep.GO TO SLOW MOTION as the BIKERS, some ten in number, slowlyapproach the frail-looking Marian. Gently, they pick her upoff the ground and raise her aloft. Then, like some movinghuman bier, they carry her through the forbidding black doorinto their clubhouse.INT. CLUBHOUSE - NIGHTWe follow Marian down a dark corridor leading into the bowelsof the clubhouse.DISSOLVE TO:INT. DREAM CORRIDOR - NIGHTAt the end of another corridor, a MAN stands, silhouettedagainst an explosion of blue light. As we near the ghostlyfigure, we REALIZE its Marians deceased husband.Theres a GUN SHOT.SLAM CUT TO:INT. CO-OP - NIGHTMarian wakes with a start, clutching a hand to her breast.INT. KITCHEN - A FEW MOMENTS LATERMarian shakes a Valium out of a vial, puts it into her mouth,swallows it with a drink of orange juice.FADE TO:INT. PAULAS CO-OP - THE NEXT DAYMarian, not wanting to be a disappointment to her daughter,damn her fears, gathers her purse up and starts out the door.INT. HALLWAY - DAYMarian is again prevented from an easy exit when a young, hiplooking COUPLE come bounding down the stairs. As she standsat her open door to let them pass, they completely ignore heras if she didnt exist.EXT. EAST 5TH STREET - DAY - A FEW MOMENTS LATERSeen from Marians perspective across the street, the frontof the Satans Disciples headquarters is quiet. There areonly a couple Harleys parked out front.Marian, relieved that there are no bikers out, hurries off inthe direction of First Avenue, determined to see the sights
  14. 14. of the city.DISSOLVE TO:EXT. NEW YORK CITY - DAY - MONTAGEA giddy, almost dreamlike, MONTAGE of Marian touring NewYork. Shes SUPERIMPOSED over famous landmarks, as if shewere standing stationery and the city were in a dioramarotating all around her. The Empire State Building; CircleCruise Line; eating a hot dog from a street vendor; shoppingat Macys. Marian beams as she is magically whisked along,walking on air.DISSOLVE TO:EXT. EAST 5TH STREET - DAYMarian comes INTO THE FRAME around the corner. She has aspring in her step and a broad smile emblazoning her face.But her sanguine mood is quickly shattered when she HEARSshouting. She freezes in her tracks.ACROSS THE STREET - THE SATANS DISCIPLES HEADQUARTERS -The Disciple Prospect and another Biker are roughing up ateenage KID, wrestling him into submission.DISCIPLE PROSPECTYoure just chilling, huh? Not on thisblock, do you understand?MARIAN -at the security door of Paulas building. She rummagesanxiously through her purse, but she cant find her keys!MARIANOh, no.Marian glances across the street, her face tensed with fear.ACROSS THE STREET -The Bikers continue to roughhouse the Kid. The DiscipleProspect brandishes a plastic bag under his nose.DISCIPLE PROSPECTWhats this, huh?KIDI aint got shit on me.DISCIPLE PROSPECTWhat is that? Youre chilling, man?Well, then maybe we need to warm thingsup for you, man. How many times do wegot to tell you? You dont listen andyou dont learn and thats the problem.That is the problem.
  15. 15. MARIAN -turns away from the escalating violence across the street andpunches one of the buttons on the intercom. A WOMANS VOICEcrackles over it.WOMANS VOICE (O.S.)Hello?MARIANMy daughter lives here and Im her motherand Ive lost my keys.Theres no answer.MARIANHello? Hello?Marian returns her frightened gaze to the altercation acrossthe street.ACROSS THE STREET - MARIANS P.O.V.Two more DISCIPLES emerge from the clubhouse. One of themsquirts lighter fluid on the fire burning in the steel drumand the flames explode. Then KID is dragged over toward thefire. The Disciple Prospect drags him dangerously close tothe flames.DISCIPLERoast him!KID(screaming)All right all right all right.MARIAN -petrified, as if shed stepped into a re-enactment of apassage out of Revelations, walks briskly down to the middleof the block toward a pay phone.DISCIPLES CLUBHOUSE -The Disciples kick the drug-dealing Teenager a couple moretimes, then set him free, laughing as he flees down the blockin mortal fear.PAY PHONE -Marian drops the appropriate coins in the coin slot and dialsa number from memory.MARIAN(quavery voice)Yes, is Paula there? ... Could you leaveher a message, please? Tell her itsurgent.(gathers herself)Her mother has lost her keys and isstranded on the street with the Satans
  16. 16. Disciples ... When she comes back, wouldyou tell her to come home as quickly asshe can? ... Thank you.Marian hangs up the phone and turns, quails in terror.NEW ANGLE -The Disciple Prospect is towering over her, staring down ather with a scowl on his face.MARIANOh, please, dont hurt me.DISCIPLE PROSPECTI just need to use the phone, lady.MARIANOh, let me get out of your way then.DISCIPLE PROSPECTWhat happened? Did you lose your keys?MARIAN(withdrawing anxiously)Have a nice day.WIDE SHOT -Marian walks quickly ACROSS THE FRAME. As she EXITS RIGHT,the Disciple Prospect ENTERS LEFT and trails after her.EXT. PAULAS BUILDING - DAY - A FEW MOMENTS LATERMarian is at the front entrance, uncertain what to do. Shequailss when the Disciple Prospect approaches. Without aword, he reaches his arm over her and presses a buzzer to oneof the units.WOMANS VOICE (O.S.)Hello.DISCIPLE PROSPECTWashing machine repairman.The DOOR BUZZES almost at once, and the Disciple Prospectpushes it in and holds it open until Marian is safely inside.He looks at her a little annoyed. Marian is absolutelynonplussed.CUT TO:INT. CO-OP HALLWAY - LATER THAT DAYPaula comes running up the stairs. She stops when she SEES:MARIAN -sitting on the floor, propped against the door to their unit.Paula shakes her head reprovingly at her mother who just
  17. 17. shrugs, chagrined.INT. CO-OP - BATHROOM - NIGHT - LATERPaula is in the bathroom. She has her mothers vial ofValium in her hand.PAULAMaybe you should lay low tomorrow. Imgoing to see if I can get off early andmaybe we can take the ferry cruise.Okay?LIVING ROOM -Marian is standing at the window looking down on the street.EXT. STREET - NIGHT - MARIANS P.O.V.The Disciples are backing their bikes against the curb,parking them, and filing into the clubhouse.BATHROOM -Paula dispenses the remaining pills into the palm of herhand.PAULA(to herself)Three left.LIVING ROOM -Marian looking apprehensively down at the Disciplesheadquarters, stupefied.Paula emerges from the bathroom in the background. Mariandoesnt turn to acknowledge her. She continues to staretransfixed at the bikes and the fire-burning oil drum.PAULA(softer)Okay? Does that sound like a plan?Marian doesnt answer.Paula stands some distance from her distracted mother, aworried expression featured on her face.FADE TO:INT. CO-OP - DAYLooking through the security eyepiece, a FISH-EYE LENS SHOTof an attractive, but distraught woman in her twenties,puffing a cigarette, eyes red and swollen from crying.MARIANWho is it?MARIKA
  18. 18. Its Marika. Is Paula there?MARIANShes at work. Im her mother.MARIKAOh. I thought today was Saturday.Marian, seemingly reassured, opens the door for her. Shesees Marika, realizes shes upset about something, and feelsimmediately compassionate toward her.MARIKAIm sorry. I had a wretched night.MARIANOh. You need a cappuccino.And she lets Marika in.INT. CO-OP - DAY - A FEW MINUTES LATERTheyre sitting at the dining table, having coffee. Marianis listening sympathetically to Marikas tale of woe.MARIKAAnd there was this number on my phonebill that I didnt recognize. Calls madeat three and four in the morning. So, Icalled the number ... and a womananswered. And I ... I hung up.(leans forward)So, then I followed him. Just like inthe movies. And I found out that he hasa wife and a little girl living inBrooklyn. We had been going together foralmost a year.MARIAN(shaking her head in disgust)Men ... theyre all the same.(beat)Our pastor in Sioux Falls was caught withhis wifes sister.MARIKA(brightening)Really?MARIANOh, it was such a big scandal.MARIKAWhat happened?MARIANPoor man had to leave town.(Marika laughs)And I hear that other women came forward.This makes Marika laugh even harder. Marians story seems to
  19. 19. have assuaged her own grief in some parallel way.MARIANYou know, you ought to come out to SouthDakota some time and meet my son, Steve.Hes single.MARIKAWhat does he do?MARIANHes an organic farmer.MARIKA(chuckling)Oh. Well, that would be a ... change.(smiles warmly)Thank you, Mrs. Peterson. You have avery reassuring voice.The Disciples MOTORCYCLES GROWL OFF SCREEN, interruptingtheir tête-à-tête.Marian and Marika both rise simultaneously from the table andamble over to the window together.MARIKAI wish they wouldnt come and go inpacks, then they wouldnt be so loud.They reach the window.EXT. STREET - DAY - MARIANS AND MARIKAS P.O.V.The Disciples dismounting from their bikes below, shuttingdown their engines and removing their helmets.INT. CO-OP - DAYAt the window, Marian and Marika standing side by side.MARIANI wonder what they do in there? Dontthey frighten you? They all look so ...MARIKA... Manly?Marian does a double-take and throws a backward glance atMarika.MARIKAYou know, probably none of them had amother like you.Marian and Marika smile at each other.CUT TO:EXT. EAST 5TH STREET - DAY
  20. 20. Marians FOOT STEPS OFF THE CURB.WIDER ANGLE -Marian crosses the street headed in the direction of theSatans Disciples headquarters.The Disciple Prospect is sitting alone, guarding the line ofparked Harleys. Hes wearing dark aviator shades and histrademark red bandana tied over his head. Marian stepsbravely right up to him.MARIANExcuse me, sir.(the Disciple Prospect looksup, poker-faced)I just wanted to thank you for helping meget into my building yesterday.DISCIPLE PROSPECTYeah, sure, no problem, youre welcome.MARIANMy daughter lives across the street fromyou people and she tells me that you keepthis area safe. Is that true?DISCIPLE PROSPECTWe like to think so, yeah.MARIANAnd you dont deal drugs?The Disciple Prospect removes his sunglasses and looks at hermock reprovingly.DISCIPLE PROSPECTWho told you we deal drugs?MARIANIm just concerned about my daughter.DISCIPLE PROSPECTYou dont have to worry. Shes going tobe fine. Were law-abiding citizens justlike you.MARIANWhat about yesterday? Kicking that poorboy?DISCIPLE PROSPECT(mildly annoyed)That poor boys a crack dealer fromAlphabet City. We do not allow his kindon this block.Marian seems to accept the explanation. She glances up.THE CLUBHOUSE DOOR -
  21. 21. The black, forbidding door leading into the clubhouse withits painting of Death on a stylized Harley, grippinglightning bolts for handlebars.DISCIPLE PROSPECT -looking at Marian looking up at the door.DISCIPLE PROSPECTIs there something else I can do for you?MARIANWell, Id love to see inside your club.DISCIPLE PROSPECT(taken aback)You want to come inside?MARIANWell, if youre not holding a meeting oranything.EXT. CLUBHOUSE ENTRANCE - DAY - A FEW MOMENTS LATERThe Disciple Prospect emerges from the club with the HEADDISCIPLE, a gentle giant of a man with a long, flowing wispybeard and an old mans paunch. Theyre muttering aboutsomething.DISCIPLE PROSPECTHer daughter lives across the street andshe was wondering ...HEAD DISCIPLEWhat?DISCIPLE PROSPECTShes curious ...The Head Disciple glances over at Marian standing curbside,expectantly awaiting approval. He sees that shes ingenuous.HEAD DISCIPLEWhat the hell ...(calling out to Marian)Come on in.Marian, smiling, comes forward.HEAD DISCIPLE(pointing to the steps leadingup to the door)You watch your step here.And the three disappear inside.INT. SATANS DISCIPLES CLUBHOUSE - DAYThe hallway leading into the clubhouse is dark and gloomy.ROCK MUSIC assails them as they make their passage into themain room.
  22. 22. CLUBHOUSE MAIN ROOM -They reach the main room where about ten or so DISCIPLES arelounging about. One has his nose in a book, The Road LessTraveled. Another reads the Wall Street Journal. Two othersare seated at a card table, playing a game of poker. Stillanother is sprawled on a couch, smoking a cigarette. Thewalls are festooned with biker posters. The place is a bitof a mess, but innocuous.The Head Disciple stands in the center of the room andaddresses his clan.HEAD DISCIPLEHey, guys. This here is, uh ...He turns to Marian, realizing he doesnt know her name.MARIAN(meekly)Marian.HEAD DISCIPLE(booming voice)Marian!A CHORUS OF VOICESHi, Marian.Hey, Marian.Yo, Marian.Marian blushes at their warm response to her unexpectedappearance.HEAD DISCIPLE(explaining her visit)Marians daughter lives across the streetand she was a little worried about her.DISCIPLE #1Swear to God, lady, shes not here.Laughter erupts. Marian smiles.DISCIPLE #2Hey, is she cute?DISCIPLE #3Does she like motorcycles?DISCIPLE #4Can she cook?Amiable laughter fills the room. Marian laughs with them.She glances all around her, fascinated by this dungeon shehad dreamed and fantasized about since she first arrived inNew York.MARIANYou know, this isnt so bad. It looks
  23. 23. like our kids rooms when they weregrowing up.INSERT SHOTS -of overflowing ashtrays, crushed beer cans, fast foodwrappers balled up and strewn on tables.BACK -to Marian, her brow knitted thoughtfully in a schoolmarmishexpression.MARIANCould use some cleaning.INSERT SHOTS -of several of the Disciples FACES, turning to her in SLOWMOTION with mock baleful looks of disapprobation.THERES A BEAT, then ...CUT TO:INT. CLUBHOUSE - DAY - MONTAGEA MONTAGE, with abbreviated SCENES DISSOLVING one intoanother of Marian supervising a thorough, top-to-bottomcleaning of the clubhouse:One Disciple sprays Easy-Off in a blackened oven.Another empties ashtrays.Yet Another vacuums.Still others pick up wrappers from under the couch, whileMarian wags a reproving finger at them.One Disciple tosses the contents of an ashtray under thecouch while Marian isnt looking.DISSOLVE TO:INT. CLUBHOUSE - DAY - MONTAGE CONTINUING - LATERMarian in the kitchen, wearing the cut-off blue jeansinsignia jacket of the Satans Disciples, their colorsemblazoned on the back. She pops the top on a can of beerand pours some of it into a huge pot of chili shes stirringover a stove, while the Disciples sit patiently in thebackground at a bar awaiting the food.Marian tries a sip of the beer and some of the Disciplessmile approvingly.A FEW MOMENTS LATER -Marian ladles chili into all of their bowls in a series ofJUMP CUTS.DISSOLVE TO:INT. CLUBHOUSE - DAY - STILL LATER
  24. 24. All the Disciples are huddled around Marian in the middle ofthe clubhouse, as if she were the mother hen, arms foldedacross their chests, smiles creasing their faces, sated.MARIANWell, Id better be going. It was nicemeeting all of you.DISCIPLE #1Thanks, Marian.CHORUS OF OTHER DISCIPLESThanks, Marian.DISCIPLE #2The food was outstanding.Marian starts off.HEAD DISCIPLEYou know, if we can do anything for you,Marian, you just let us know.MARIAN(turns, considers for a moment)Well, there is one thing.(beat, mildly scolding)At night, your motorcycles are so darnloud, Im not getting much sleep. Now,Im going home in a few days, so ...could I ask you to keep them quiet?Some of the Disciples exchange petulant looks, rolling theireyes at the request.HEAD DISCIPLE(mollifying)Well, well, uh, see what we can do,Marian.All the Disciples break into laughter.MARIANThank you.CUT TO:EXT. BUILDING - DAYA narrow, stand-alone ten-story isosceles-shaped officebuilding, on an island of land in downtown Manhattan.ESTABLISHING SHOT.INT. OFFICE - DAYPaula, with her mother in tow, knocks on an open office door.PAULAHello.
  25. 25. NEW ANGLE -DON PALMER, an avuncular-looking man in his mid-forties risesfrom his desk.MR. PALMERCome in.Paula and Marian enter the office and halt mid-room acrossfrom his desk.PAULADon, this is my mother.(turns to Marian)Mom, this is my boss, Don Palmer.MARIAN(enthusiastically)Oh, its so nice to meet you.MR. PALMERWere very glad to have your daughterworking for us.MARIAN(blurting out)I met the Satans Disciples today.MR. PALMER(chuckling nervously)Really?PAULAMother, I ...MARIAN(waving her daughter off)My daughter lives right across the streetfrom the Satans Disciples clubhouse,and I was so worried about her, I went over and introduced myself.And they were the nicest people.Paula and Mr. Palmer exchange disquieting glances.MR. PALMER(playing along)Well, thats a very unusual New Yorkexperience.MARIANI had a wonderful time.Paula is in a mild state of shock hearing her mothersfantastical anecdote.CUT TO:INT. CO-OP - NIGHTPaula is sitting at the dining table with a plate piled with
  26. 26. roast chicken, potatoes, and broccoli in front of her. Shehas a worried look etched on her face.Marian is in the kitchen in the background, feeling light andhappy, a singsong quality to her voice. She brings a plateof food for herself to the table.MARIANAnd they were so friendly those youngmen. Though I do think they should shavetheir beards and ... and get some nicerclothes.Marian sits down at the table and takes a sip of her wine,picks up her utensils and gets ready to dig in. She turns toPaula who isnt touching her food, her head in her hands.Marian, seemingly oblivious of her daughters feelings,prattles on.MARIANWhat do you say ... we take a subwayuptown and see a play tonight?Marian finally notices that Paula isnt listening.MARIANWhats wrong?PAULAMom ... I mean, its amusing to imaginesuch a thing, but ... how many of thosepills have you been taking?MARIAN(stung, taken aback)Oh, that has nothing to do with it.PAULANo, no, its my fault. Ive been pushingyou too hard to do things on your own.Marian retreats into herself, sips her wine - as if she,herself, now wonders if shes lost her mind - and her buoyantmood deflates almost at once.PAULAThe, um, other night, I got up to get aglass of water and you were standing bythe window talking to daddy. I calledout to you, but you didnt answer. Youremember?Marian doesnt remember, and her daughters words pierce her.Shes afraid to object.PAULANew York is a ... its a strange place inthe summertime. The noise, the warm air,its ... easy to imagine things.Paula lays a reassuring hand on Marians arm, talks to her
  27. 27. condescendingly, as if she were a child.PAULANow, you know you didnt go into theclubhouse, did you?Marian doesnt bother to argue, fearing anything she mightsay would compromise her.PAULA (CONTD)Its okay. Dads dying put a lot ofstress on you. But youre going to beall right. Were all going to be allright. Where did you get this vividimagination, huh?Paula grips Marians arm a little tighter and shakes itgently as if snapping her back to reality. Marian returnsher a tight-lipped smile.FADE OUT.INT. CO-OP - NIGHTMarian, lying supine on the convertible sofa bed by the openwindow, snoring peacefully.EXT. EAST 5TH STREET - NIGHTOn the sidewalk, the Disciple Prospect sits next to the firebreathing oil drum, standing sentry over the Harleys.One of the Disciples comes out of the clubhouse and they highfive. The Disciple mounts his Harley and is about to kickstart it to life, when the Disciple Prospect rises from hisstool.DISCIPLE PROSPECTYo, man!The Disciple about to start his bike, turns.The Disciple Prospect raises two fingers to his lips in akind of warning, then gestures up to Paulas co-op whereMarian is sleeping.The Disciple, remembering the new rule, nods assent with aslightly annoyed expression.Then, he puts his Harley into neutral, dismounts, and startsslowly walking it down the quiet, ill-lit street.INT. CO-OP - NIGHTThe room is cast in soft ambient light from the street.Paula comes into the living room and lies down next to hermother on the sofa bed and rouses her awake. Marian swimsleadenly back to consciousness.PAULAMom, I need to talk to you.
  28. 28. MARIAN(still drowsy)If its about the bikers, dear, I dontwant to talk about it.PAULANo, I had a dream about daddy. Do youthink Ill ever meet anyone like him?MARIANOh, I hope so, dear.PAULAYou know that guy in the pictures yousaw?MARIANAaron?PAULAYeah ... turned out to be a real jerk.MARIANIm sorry.Marian pats her daughter on the arm. Paula pricks up herears for a minute.PAULAIts unusually quiet tonight, isnt it?MARIANMm hmm.FADE TO:EXT. CENTRAL PARK - DAYA lovely, sun-drenched day. Shadows dapple a promenade alongone of the parks many ponds. Paula and Marian walk arm-inarm.PAULAI think you should consider coming outand staying with me longer.MARIANOh, I dont want to be in the way.Youve got your career and everything.PAULAYou wouldnt be in the way. I likehaving you around.MARIANDear, I was thinking. Why dont we go toParis next year? Ive never been. Yourfather, God bless him, wasnt much fortraveling.
  29. 29. PAULAId love to.They walk off into the golden light.CUT TO:INT. CO-OP - DAYMarian is finishing up her packing. Paula comes from thekitchen, bearing a gift for her mother to take home with her.PAULAHere you go.(Marian accepts the gift)I think you should talk to Dr. Byrne whenyou get back about how much Valium hesprescribing. Okay?MARIANAt my age, Im going to take any pillthat makes me feel better.PAULAMother!MARIANI can make my own decisions.Paula extends her arms and embraces her mother.PAULAI love you, Mom.(turns to leave)I have to run. You remembered to callthe limousine service, right?MARIANMm hmm.PAULA(pulling on her backpack)Well, bye. And have a safe trip ... and... Paris in the spring!MARIAN(pensive)Goodbye, sweetheart.Paula blows her mother a kiss and Marian throws her daughtera little wave.CUT TO:EXT. EAST 5TH STREET - DAYMarian steps down the stairs of her daughters building. Asmile breaks out on her face when she SEES:A MOTORCADE -
  30. 30. of idling Harleys in the middle of the street, waiting forher.MARIAN -turns to the Head Disciple, materializing behind her,carrying her luggage. He gestures with his head toward themotorcycles.THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET -The Disciple Prospect takes Marians luggage from the HeadDisciple and hauls it over to one of the waiting Harleys andstraps it on to the carrying rack.Then, he helps Marian onto the back of the Harley shes goingto be riding to the airport. Gently, he places a helmet -festooned with decals of fire-breathing reptiles - over herhead and affixes the chin-strap.DISCIPLE PROSPECTAll right?Marian nods and beams at the same time.The other Harleys form a circle around Marians motorcycle.The Disciple Prospect gives them a signal and they start off,one by one, forming a V-shaped procession.Marian, completely comfortable on her motorcycle, her armsaround her Disciple escort, her fever dream now manifest.CRANE UP as the procession heads down East 5TH.WHITE OUT -CREDITS