Vetting Digital Media Technologies - Background


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Panel presentation from ad:tech NY: Digital Media Technologies: How Do I Vet Them?

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  • Black Boxes are becoming White Elephants
  • There are a number of companies that have cropped up that arguably could have been introduced as features of the 3PAS had they innovated. Most notable is the DSP. For many agencies, the DSP has 10x or more of the spend of the ad server.
  • Vetting Digital Media Technologies - Background

    1. 1. Media Tech Planning:Agency function oroutsource? ©
    2. 2. HypeMedia planning & buyingwill be automated!We will need fewer peopleas a result of this!
    3. 3. CorollaryThe algorithm trumps all!Machine learning willeliminate the need for mediaplanning and buying!
    4. 4. Some TruthsThere is no panacea mediatechnologyGoogle, Microsoft, WPP,MediaOcean & others have beentrying for yearsMost “proprietary” tech are whitelabeled solutions (e.g., DSP’s usedby holding companies)It takes a lot of work to sort throughthe various tech options
    5. 5. Where Agencies StandTen years ago, adservingcompanies were either theexclusive or vast majority ofagency tech budgetsInnovation came slowly tothis category while pricingdroppedStandalone companiesbegan to crop up thatshould have been adserving features
    6. 6. “Features” That Became Companies Rich media Targeting/Data Aggregators Attribution Retargeting Tag Management R/F and GRP metrics Optimization RFP/workflow Verification Content DSP
    7. 7. Pain Points• RFP’s• Lack of inventory hold mechanism• Manual and fax handling of Orders• Ts & Cs negotiations• Production QA by media• Rekeying of info all through the process• Discrepancies• Reporting not automated• Optimization constant• Two sets of numbers• Billing late, inconsistent, under detailed
    8. 8. Marketing Tech Complexity“By 2017, a CMO willspend more on IT thanthe CIO.” -
    9. 9. Enter a New Job: Media Tech PlannerEvaluates new media tech forinclusion in agency Tech StackConsiders various options from theTech Stack for campaignsDrives integration of variouscomponents to create a bespoketech stack for each campaign
    10. 10. Job DescriptionThe Media Tech Planner:Identifies pain pointsEvaluates potential solutionsUnderstands what solutions tointegrate to provide the right techstack for the clientTalks to engineers and direct themin tweaking their developmentMotivates the disparate solutioncompanies to work together
    11. 11. Buy or Build?It is better to buy than buildInvesting in infrastructure thatcontinues to change is a waste oftime & resourcesAs new media are introduced, wewill need new media metrics andsolutionsThere must be fluidity in thisprocess - ability to add newtechnologies to the stack withouttearing everything down
    12. 12. What’s Next?Will the DSP take over as the primaryagency tech partner?Will the need for ad serving disappear & iscookie management and trafficking theironly function today?What will a roll up of services look like &Who will drive it?When should you handle in house?When should you outsource?DSP? DMP? Park money with Google forall in one solution?
    13. 13. David L.