Warning Signs You've Outgrown Your CMS


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Has your CMS kept up with your changing audience and evolving business needs? In this presentation, Paul McKibben will describe several warning signs that you have outgrown your CMS.
-Are you jumping through hoops because your CMS editorial workflow has not changed with your business?
-Can your site adequately serve your increasing mobile audience?
From poor end user experience to lack of digital marketing support, understanding your current issues and knowing the capabilities of today’s CMSes will help you make a case for updating your CMS. And if you aren’t encountering issues now, this presentation will also offer strategies for keeping your CMS current so you do not prematurely face a major upgrade.

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Warning Signs You've Outgrown Your CMS

  1. 1. Top warning signs you are OUTGROWING your CMS By: Paul McKibben May 22, 2014
  2. 2. Paul McKibben Solutions Architect @paulmckibben paul.mckibben@mediacurrent.com
  3. 3. Design/Theming ● Usability Testing ● Responsive Design ● Drupal Theming ● Annotated Wireframes @Mediacurrent Development ● Drupal Support ● Custom Module Development ● Large Scale Systems Integration ● Security & Performance Expertise We help organizations build highly impactful, elegantly designed Drupal websites that achieve the strategic results you need. Digital Strategy ● Content Strategy ● Content Generation ● Result Metrics ● Marketing Automation Integration
  4. 4. Is this your relationship with your CMS? @Mediacurrent It’s not me, it’s YOU!!!
  5. 5. Top Warning Signs You Are OUTGROWING Your CMS Should your CMS stay, or should it go? @Mediacurrent Let the CMS Relationship Doctor help.
  6. 6. ● Editorial Experience ● User Experience ● Digital & Social Marketing ● Performance & Scalability ● Cost ● Keeping Up @Mediacurrent Agenda
  7. 7. Editorial Experience @Mediacurrent This just isn’t working for me.
  8. 8. Editorial Experience Issues Stumbling blocks to publishing new content @Mediacurrent ● Outdated/restrictive/complicated workflows ● Publish to two different sites for desktop and mobile ● Difficult to control presentation ● No or poor media integration
  9. 9. Fixing Editorial Issues @Mediacurrent ● Simplify content entry: limit number of content types and fields, have good default values, provide help text. ● Single content source for everything: responsive design, COPE architecture. ● Make it easy to specify presentation and add media, without compromising design and architecture. ● If you must have an approval workflow, keep it simple: ○ Keep review/approval steps to minimum (just one if possible). ○ CMS approval roles should be generic, not tied to org chart.
  10. 10. User Experience @Mediacurrent I just can’t figure you out!
  11. 11. User Experience @Mediacurrent ● Poor mobile experience. ○ Slow page loading. ○ Not touch-friendly. ○ Reliance on Flash. ● Can’t find anything! ○ Content poorly placed/organized. ○ Site search returns irrelevant results.
  12. 12. Fixing UX Issues @Mediacurrent ● Fixing mobile: ○ Responsive design ○ Page loading: limit extras ○ Large, touch-friendly links and buttons ○ Stash Flash ○ Consider “Mobile First” approach ● Find the content you’re looking for: ○ Organize with taxonomy ○ Site search: good indexing = good results
  13. 13. Digital & Social Marketing @Mediacurrent You’re such a wallflower!
  14. 14. Digital & Social Marketing Does your CMS facilitate your marketing goals? Potential issues: @Mediacurrent ● Can’t measure effectiveness of content campaigns. ● Unable to capture, track, and nurture leads. ● No support for dynamic content. ● Unable to customize social sharing messages and images. ● Poor search engine optimization.
  15. 15. Fixing Digital & Social Marketing Issues @Mediacurrent ● Content Marketing & Lead Nurturing: ○ Marketing Automation Platforms. ○ CRM. ● Dynamic Content: couple Marketing Automation with Content Strategy. ● Social Sharing: edit sharing widgets and meta tags to control presentation on social network feeds. ● SEO: well-structured HTML markup; editable meta tags.
  16. 16. Performance & Scalability @Mediacurrent You’re not growing with me.
  17. 17. Performance & Scalability @Mediacurrent ● Symptoms: ○ Excessive page load times ○ Deteriorating database performance ● Triggering factors: ○ Increasing site traffic ○ Increasing amount of content/database size ● Possible causes: ○ Architectural capacity limits ○ Poor coding/site building practices
  18. 18. Fixing Performance & Scalability Issues @Mediacurrent ● Compression & Optimization ● Separation ● Caching ● Horizontal Scaling ● Offloading Functionality ● Fix Bad Code
  19. 19. Cost @Mediacurrent I spend too much on you!
  20. 20. Elements of Cost @Mediacurrent ● Software license fees. ● Implementation. ● Maintenance. ● Hosting/infrastructure.
  21. 21. Reining in Costs @Mediacurrent ● Software license fees: go open source. ● Implementation and maintenance: ○ Hire staff, consultants, and service providers who know your chosen CMS platform well and understand your needs. ○ Don’t judge purely on hourly rate. ● Hosting/Infrastructure: ○ DIY will cost you more in time, effort, and headaches. ○ Look at SaaS/PaaS offerings.
  22. 22. Keeping Up @Mediacurrent Wait, don’t leave! I can change!
  23. 23. Keeping Up @Mediacurrent ● Never assume your CMS is “done.” ● Use a platform that keeps up with the times. ○ Modular Architecture ○ Room to Evolve ● Open source advantages: ○ Features ○ Security ○ Interoperability https://www.flickr.com/photos/pkub/10522926704
  24. 24. ? So: should your CMS stay, or should it go? @Mediacurrent ● Editorial Experience ● User Experience ● Digital & Social Marketing ● Performance & Scalability ● Cost Make sure your CMS can keep up.
  25. 25. Thank You! Questions? @Mediacurrent Mediacurrent.com slideshare.net/mediacurrent