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Transform Your Drupal Site from Static to Engaging
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Transform Your Drupal Site from Static to Engaging


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Website visitors and customers no longer have the patience for “on size fits all” content and interaction. Context, timing, and relevancy are all critical success factors for delivering the ultimate …

Website visitors and customers no longer have the patience for “on size fits all” content and interaction. Context, timing, and relevancy are all critical success factors for delivering the ultimate web experience and converting visitors to leads, leads to prospects, and prospects to happy customers. You have seconds to captivate, engage and convert.

Join Adam Waid, Mediacurrent and Karl Wirth, Evergage for an interactive session featuring some proven tips for turbo charging engagement for each stage of the customer lifecycle: acquisition, education, adoption, and advocacy.

Specific topics they will cover:
· How to optimize your content strategy and radically improve results with real-time web personalization
· How to turn community lurkers into participants with behavior-based web personalization
· The 3 easy steps website managers and marketers can take today to start driving conversion and engagement improvements by 300+%.

The end result for you? Learn how to lower cost of sale, reduce marketing costs, raise net promoter scores, and reduce churn by delivering a more responsive and personalized Web experience.

If you are responsible for maximizing conversions or optimizing customer experience on your site, you will not want to miss this session.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Transforming Drupal Sites from Static to Engaging
  • 2. Adam Waid ● ● ● ● Marketing Director at Mediacurrent 5 years of Drupal experience 200% increase in leads in 2012 Expert in lead management/grading with marketing automation software Karl Wirth ● ● ● ● ● CEO/co-founder of Evergage 2.5 years Drupal experience Dedicated to improving online conversion Led product and marketing at Red Hat, Sentillion, and RSA Security. Physics degree from Harvard
  • 3. Mediacurrent We build highly impactful open-source technology-based websites that help organizations with their online presence. Design Development Support
  • 4. Real-time web personalization Increase conversion rates at each stage of the customer lifecycle Respond to behavior in real-time during the digital experience. All without IT or development resources
  • 5. Agenda ● ● ● ● ● Optimizing your content strategy What is content personalization? Lead Nurturing Web Conversion Playbook How to do this in Drupal without Development
  • 6. Content Strategy
  • 7. Increasing online competition Growing complexity from a myriad of devices
  • 8. One Size Does not Fit All
  • 9. Buyer Personas
  • 10. Buyer Personas
  • 11. ● What are their demographics? ● What are their interests? ● Who influences their product choices? ● What are their goals or problems to be solved? ● Where do they look for information about your product category? ● What type of information do they want?
  • 12. Buyer Personas
  • 13. Content Audit
  • 14. Low Conversions? One or more of the following: ● Not finding what they're looking for. ● You haven't given users a “next step.” ● Your message isn't compelling.
  • 15. Lurkers? Personalize content even for unknown visitors.
  • 16. Real-time Personalization Secrets
  • 19. 3x increase in revenue from the Pinterest channel. B
  • 20. Carting rate has increased 162% since launching this modal.
  • 21. Right in your backyard today. Come on by! Get driving directions here @evergage
  • 23. 10x increase in time on the site over the control group B
  • 24. 2x increase over the control group ultimate capture of email
  • 25. This is what you’ll be missing: @evergage
  • 26. BUILD TRUST OVER TIME @evergage
  • 27. … increased leads generated by 7%.
  • 28. Welcome back. Enter your email to hear the latest from DrupalCamp: @evergage
  • 29. @evergage
  • 30. “I’ve never seen a conference attended by such intelligent and powerful people. Your best leads are here.” - Karl Wirth, Evergage, Sponsor 2013 @evergage
  • 31. CLOSE THE DEAL @evergage
  • 32. Static CTA Wasted Real-Estate
  • 33. 333% increase in conversions to demo request compared to not switching out the CTA
  • 34. IN-CONTEXT UPSELL 3% of people shown this message signed up as leads for the upsell. “This is a game-changer for the hosting business” - EIG
  • 35. SELL SPONSOR Only 1 Sponsor Slot Left And 300 people registered Call Julie now to secure it! (800)452-1244 x207
  • 36. SELL ATTENDEE WHO HAS VISITED THREE TIMES 300 people registered Don’t miss out! Email us here
  • 37. MAKE SUCCESSFUL @evergage
  • 38. HELP A LOGGED-IN USER 300 people registered Don’t miss out! Email: You haven’t proposed a session. Click here to propose.
  • 39. How to Do This (Easily & w/o Dev)
  • 40. Personalize Drupal Evergage Drupal Module
  • 41. Personalize Drupal In less than 30 minutes First 30 minutes ● Drop in Javascript (like Google Analytics) ● Create first set of messages from templates ○ Based on geo, search term, referrer, ○ Based on time on site, time on page, # visits Next few hours ● Track clicks and behavior ● Make CTAs behavior-based
  • 42. Personalize Drupal Without a developer
  • 43. Thank You! Questions? @Mediacurrent @Evergage