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Doing more with features, tip for feature-driven development

Doing more with features, tip for feature-driven development

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  • 1. http://tiny.cc/9r0s3 Features++ Doing more with features, tips for feature-driven development By Jay Callicott Mediacurrent Consultant Drupalcamp Atlanta 2010 Oct 2, 2010
  • 2. Features++ Outline Features Extra Strongarm settings Context & Features Panels & Features Adding stuff that isn't exportable Real World Examples!
  • 3. Features Extra Module http://drupal.org/project/features_extra Export items that the features module does support Adds 'machine_name' option to taxonomy, nodequeue, etc Still in development =( Exportables Taxonomy (vocab & terms) Blocks Nodequeue
  • 4. Features Extra Nodequeue Adds a machine name field
  • 5. Stongarm settings http://drupal.org/project/strongarm Strongarm lets you override settings A must-have module! Allows you to export more settings Anything in variable table When exporting a content type, strongarm will automatically export many node type settings
  • 6. Stongarm settings this can be overwhelming...
  • 7. Stongarm + content type Auto-adding node type settings
  • 8. Context & Features http://drupal.org/project/context Context is used primarily for block placement (admin/build/block replacement) Exports to features out of the box (Screenshots next)
  • 9. Context Example Screenshot
  • 10. Adding Context to a Feature
  • 11. Panels & Features Panels export to features easily Falls under 'Panels' or 'Page Manager' in dropdown in components I like panels for node layouts! (screenshots next)
  • 12. Panels Feature Example context placed blocks panel regions & views
  • 13. Panels Feature Underneath...
  • 14. Panel Feature Underneath Using CCK, views, panel, strongarm
  • 15. Adding a Panel to a Feature under "Panels" or "Page Manager"
  • 16. How to export non-exportables Features doesn't export everything, but it's still a module! Next: simple example, creating a vocabulary with a feature If you don't trust features_extra this could be helpful...
  • 17. How to export non-exportables Using hook_install() & hook_uninstall() (Remember features_extra can export taxonomy) Could export nodes (node_export) & use node_save to create on install Anything you can do in a module you can do in a feature
  • 18. Real World Examples! Seeing is believing, some (more) real world screenshots of feature lists
  • 19. Real World List Screenshots
  • 20. Real World List Screenshots
  • 21. Real World List Screenshots
  • 22. Real World Screenshots The trend is I always have at least 1 feature for each content type
  • 23. The End Resources http://tiny.cc/9r0s3 DevSeed Blog http://developmentseed.org/blog Features Project Page http://drupal.org/project/features Strongarm Project Page http://drupal.org/project/strongarm Features Extra Project Page http://drupal.org/project/features_extra My DrupalDojo Presentation http://drupaldojo.com/session/features-everywhere- feature-driven-development Hit me up on twitter: http://twitter.com/drupalninja/ Questions??