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Broken rules gamesday small

  1. 1. And Yet It Moved
  2. 2. • Timeline • History • Distribution • Make Money • ? - show ayim over time - what i think is necessary to build a good game - how to deal with partners and try to get fair partnership - ways to get the game known - yes, we all need to. how and where - what we did wrong, right and why it still is great to have your own indie studio
  3. 3. And Yet It Moves over time Licensed Nintendo Developer Greenhouse Launch IGF 2007 Gamersgate IGF 2007 Deadline Steam Broken Rules founded Pitching to online distributors Nintendo Contact Impulse Direct2Drive, MacGameStore Deliver2Mac Business Expert (through subsidy) Zoo WiiWare Version Prototype Talk with a 1st Party Support & Update Game Design Course Full Version Part Time Full Version Full Time 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 1.0.2 1.0.5 1.0.1 1.0.4 1.0 1.0.3 1.0.6 NationsOfVideogames WiiLoveIt Subsidy 2nd Payment Subsidy 3rd Payment GeneralGames Subsidy Entry Subsidy 1st Payment Garagegames GamerLimit Bytejacker Lords of Zock PR Mail to everyone Rock, Paper, Shotgun 3:40 quick rundown of the projects development:i know it’s really small, ill be showing more details over the presentation, this is just meant as an overview we started in 2006 at Vienna University of Technology, made a two level protoype there in 5 month goal of prototype was just to graduate NOT to be developed into a full version which was part of igf student showcase 2007,after that we started to develop the full version: 15 month part time, 8 month full time money came from subsidy for creative industry startups partnered with Steam and Greenhouse first for PC/Mac release and later own website, Impulse, Direct2Drive and others were part of IndieCade 2008 where Nintendo saw us -> authorized nintendo developer currently supporting ayim pc/mac release and developing a wiiware version
  4. 4. History the history of our prototype
  5. 5. And Yet It Moves over time IGF 2007 Deadline IGF 2007 Prototype Game Design Course Full Vers 2006 2007 we build our team through the game design course and tested it through the devel. of the prototype only after being part of igf 2007 we started to think about making a full version and being at gdc 2007 was so motivating that we started building the full version Subsidy E
  6. 6. erzählen über uns
  7. 7. igw peter, doris, martin (+wilfried) die erste ernsthafte auseinadersetzung mit games vorträge + workshops analoge prototypen konzept + gruppenbildung -> 2 level prototyp
  8. 8. plan für erstes prototyp level
  9. 9. user test: zuerst challenges einzeln immer als collision objekte gebaut und selbst probiert und getuned, -> dann simpel ausgekleidet, also nur die basics und diese dann nacheinander getestet (noch nicht in levels zusammengefügt) -> herausgefunden wie schwierig sind die einzelnenchallenges -> challenges aufgrund der schwierigkeit auf level aufgeteilt -> nochmals getestet
  10. 10. 1. user test
  11. 11. frustration! mouse control -> kicked: kill your darlings!
  12. 12. Once you have a prototype use festivals/competitions to test how good your idea/prototype is igf, igf student showcase, indiecade tigsource competitions if it fails at one fo them it doesn’t necessary mean it’s bad but if it’s passes chances are very high that it’s actually good and worth the time and effort to make a real product out of it
  13. 13. online distributors Nintendo Contact Impulse Business Expert (through subsidy) Talk with a 1st Party Suppor Full Version Part Time Full Version Full Time 2008 2009 Subsidy 2nd Payment Subsidy 3rd Payment Subsidy Entry Subsidy 1st Payment
  14. 14. Distribution the decision is made: the game concept is good enough and the team starts working on it. now is the time to start lookign for distribution partners
  15. 15. 14 Go international, digital distribution means no more limits especially true for non americans once you have a prototype and some press, write to distributors online distributors are more and more focused on indie games and have indie sections but don’t wait for starting to work on your game until there is a contract, do these things in parallel because vene if you don’t find a prtner as a last resort there’s always self publishing via ones own website talk to distributors directly, we had the feeling that they like if they are approached by developers, rather than a publisher
  16. 16. approximat e units sold we started with Steam and shortly after that Greenhouse (and our own site) we only actively asked for at steam and greenhouse. the others approached us after we launched on these two services Steam has most attention, but Greenhouse has a good foothold in indie market despite their obvious DRM later on: impulse, D2D, MacGameStore, GamersGate, Deliver2Mac, etc.
  17. 17. sales per distributor 7% 13% 16% 64% Steam Ayim Site Greenhouse Others roughly october 2009
  18. 18. sales per distributor 4% 5% 47% 44% Steam Ayim Site Greenhouse Others april 2010 after steam holiday sale & the indie love bundle (part of ayim site sales)
  19. 19. points to look out for in a contract example contract that kind of shows a common denominator of a fair deal meant for a simple online distribution deal
  20. 20. • Royality Rate in the developers favor • of net receipts = ( revenues • – costs of returns, refunds, fraud, charge-backs • – sale processing fees • – applicable sales taxes ) 21: that means > 50 for you up to 70 we foudn royality rates to be fair and consistent throughout but still: watch out what the source of your royalitie rates are from (lets call it the net receipts)
  21. 21. • at least quarterly payment, reports monthly • NONexclusive • duration: 1 - 3 years • fair termination you should also have audit rights, although usually these are quite risky because exepnsive if no fraud has been found -> you’ll have to trust your partner check that most of the stuff is nonexclusive especially IP, but also game, marketing material, etc., except of course if you want exclusivity duration usually has an automatic renewal process termination should be possible for both parties und equal circumstances (look for the word MUTUAL)
  22. 22. Make Money :) Although I believe in Purrhos statement: “When making the game is more important than selling it, then you know you're actually creating an indie game. Which is one of the reasons why indies are such horrible business people” it is something all indies need to think about as well, because otherwise we soon wont be able to develop more games.
  23. 23. Get Professional Help! Get a business expert Trust him/her Dont be afraid to go mass market use non standard distribution channels white labels we are trying to go more for the casual market now as well
  24. 24. 60 000 € 7500 € if you are in europe: check out state fundings, subsidies, etc. don’t know about the US we received a subsidy for the creative industry that supports startups and innovative projects, called impulse: 60.000 € and a subsidy that paid half the payment for an expert: 7500 € for martin sirlinger
  25. 25. 20.000 € payment / 7400 manhours 2.7 € / hour 37 we got a subsidy which fulfilled most of our money needs and during the development of ayim we have paid eah one of us roughly 5000 euros of actual payment how did we live? off our parents and the republic of austria (study funds): remember we were still students
  26. 26. 1000 € / month = ~ 600 € / month into our pocket We haven’t though that much about money during the development... but after founding a company we have realized how much money actual is necessary to pay a decent living to each one of us we have stopped studying and went full time so the company needs to support our living: that is our pay for now.... without the starting money, that is only through sales, we could not even afford to pay us these sums other costs: office: 300 euros, tax-expert: ~2500/year
  27. 27. Support & Update Full Version Full Time 08 2009 201 1.0.2 1.0.5 1.0.1 1.0.4 1.0 1.0.3 1.0.6 NationsOfVideogames WiiLoveIt GeneralGames Garagegames GamerLimit Bytejacker Lords of Zock PR Mail to everyone Rock, Paper, Shotgun 33: Plan your release date watch out for conferences, other games (we originally had same release date like braid pc and change it because of that Contact the Press prior to release date plan ahead, talking to the media takes a lot of time write to everyone you know or trust first (exclusivity) then mass mail to everyone else on the planet who writes about games we didn’t talk to anyone before the launch -> few people knew the game -> had to build interest AFTER the launch -> BAD
  28. 28. eh klar man braucht öffentlichkeit: twitter, facebook, blog und journalisten...wegen kurzer zeit jetzt lieber zu etwas anderem.
  29. 29. competitions: not many users who play them, roughly 5 unique users, BUT links from the other developers blogs bring new users: yeah! still i’m actually not sure how much the online leaderboards where of help for ayim: hard to develop, not that many use it.
  30. 30. Sales & Bundles
  31. 31. the indie love bundle
  32. 32. 31 the graph shows units sold, not profit go for special deals and bundles. especially on steam many people are waiting for bundles! wheter this is good or not remains for a talk on its own :) bundles even better you get bonus users that buy bundles for other games than your own
  33. 33. 31 the graph shows units sold, not profit go for special deals and bundles. especially on steam many people are waiting for bundles! wheter this is good or not remains for a talk on its own :) bundles even better you get bonus users that buy bundles for other games than your own
  34. 34. sales per distributor 1% 2% 13% 85% Steam Ayim Site Greenhouse Others May 2010 after steam mac launch and steam indie pack
  35. 35. Steam Holiday Sale: ~1500 units The Indie Love Bundle: 2734 units SteamPlay Indie Pack: 15882 units
  36. 36. 1 273 613 $
  37. 37. Wolfire has one full time PR & Marketing guy great idea: make people feel more like they donate than buy. CHARITY for Indies: ties in to new ideas like Community Funding, Kickstarter, etc.
  38. 38. • facebook: 4956 fans • twitter: 1523 followers • youtube: 2496 subscribers; 811 000 views • mod db: 1570 members Wolfire games community stats
  39. 39. 5 after that what is important I think is that one dares to go for it. Of course one needs a good game concept at hand but if that’s there: dare to do it! And yes, it’s not going to be as easy as working for a bigger company but at the end more (that does not includ money) can come out of it for the daring ones. if one is afraid of risks, going indie is not the right thing to do
  40. 40. ?