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Remix My Mind

  1. 1. Remix My MindOnline Meditation and Mindfulness Intervention Course Learning Development Supplement.
  2. 2. Remix My Mind is an onlinemeditation based interventioncourse, designed for 10-12 yearold students in underservedcommunities.
  3. 3. The purpose of meditation is tobecome peaceful, clear, and morefocused, attributes desperatelyneeded for the many uniquechallenges facing today’s youth.
  4. 4. There are studies that demonstrate the positive(prosocial) impact of mindfulness basedactivities for stress reduction and promotion ofpositive emotional, behavioral, and educationaldevelopment for at risk students (Dariotis, 2010).
  5. 5. Course activities organized andstructured, necessary componentsof an asynchronous learningenvironment. (EDU 2.0 LearningManagement System).
  6. 6. Vygotsky MetacognitionMeditation and Mental Awareness Activitiesallows students to become aware of their ownthinking, and create strategies to helpthem improve it (Crain, 2005).
  7. 7. Discussionof thoughts
  8. 8. A Narrative for Self-Affirmation Taken from Storytime Yoga: The Treasure in Your Heart by Sydney Solis.
  9. 9. Piaget Cognitive DevelopmentChildren in Operational Stage (6-11)are calm, self-composed, and intellectuallymotivated to build new structures (Crain, 2005).
  10. 10. Da Daily hints for relaxation activities.Daily Mediation used from Jaganath Carrera of Yoga Life Society.
  11. 11. Use of fun, self-directedactivities for visualizationand introspection.Taken from
  12. 12. Vygotsky ScaffoldingMeditation Mentors will provide a goodamount of initial assistance, for students tounderstand technique and maintain ameditation practice(Crain, 2005).
  13. 13. Guided practicethrough video Screenshot taken from inner Kids mindful awareness class YouTube clip
  14. 14. Live interactivechat to solicit personalexperiences and discussdistracting thoughts.
  15. 15. Meditation can mitigate the transition of students fromErikson’s Latency to Puberty Stages (Crain, 2005). Latency Puberty Ego-Growth Establishment of Danger of Identity in Inadequacy higher order
  16. 16. Mediation/Mindful Awareness Activities Facilitate Kohlberg Stage 4 of Moral Development Concern for society as a whole • Obeying Laws • Respecting Authority• Performing duties so social order is maintained (Crain, 2005)
  17. 17. Use of narratives for anger management. Taken from Storytime Yoga: The Treasure in Your Heart by Sidney Solis.
  18. 18. Using video to reinforce good citizenship.Screenshot taken from Community Mediation Center, Kansas City – Stop BullyingYouTube clip
  19. 19. Vygotsky Zone of Proximinal DevelopmentAssess each child’s potential for learning.Instructors and Meditation Mentors offerguidance and assistance to help students solveproblems (Crain, 2005).
  20. 20. Open-ended quiz questions to assess studentsvarious learning styles and proficiencies.
  21. 21. Reciprocal TeachingMeditation Mentors begin facilitatingthe shifting of responsibilitiesto the students (Crain, 2005).
  22. 22. Self-organized group activities
  23. 23. Instructors, meditation mentors, and studentscan track individual progress.
  24. 24. References Crain, W. C. (2005). Theories of development: concepts and applications - 5th ed. Upper Saddle River: Pearson EducationInc.Dariotis, J. K., et al. (2010). Feasibility and Preliminary Outcomes of a School-Based Mindfulness Intervention for UrbanYouth. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 985–994.NotesNote: This power point is presented as an academic project only. Some of the images used without rights are forillustration purposes only, and are not intended to reflect any original content of Remix My Mind.Slide 1 images used from iStickphoto and Meditation Music YouTube Clip
  25. 25. The EndThanks!